The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’. For a more in depth explanation please return to my home page by clicking on the HOME button at top of this page​

 Who Am I And What Is Essence?

“Within reality, there is no separation. All is consciousness. There is no differentiation of one entity as opposed to another entity, although within consciousness there are personality tones. These are not images or entities that you may create small images for. They are tones within the whole of consciousness, which is the direction of consciousness, which creates you.”  (#185)


ELIAS: When you think of yourself, who do you think of? Do you think of yourself as your body? No. But, you also do not think of yourself in terms of your essence. You think of what you have termed your soul, or your mind, or your self, or your psyche. All are terms for your physically focused consciousness, that part of your essence which you have divorced for the purpose of experience.

You only think of yourself as this you. You may believe in an immortal and ever creating soul, but somehow you even disconnect with that until you believe yourself to be...dead! (Laughter) Then, somehow, your immortal creating soul becomes you, miraculously! (Laughter, and then, very dramatically...) This shadowy cloud that is you, in your soul, “flies away” and becomes part of the universal consciousness, which we do not understand what this is. But, in returning to the “real world”, in your waking alive state, you do not view yourselves as your soul. You view yourselves as yourselves!

This physical focus, although only a part, is not an only. It is equal in importance and focus, as any or all other parts of your essence, just as each of you belongs to an essence, but is also part of the Creating Universal One and Whole. Energy is not separated. There is no division in any form. It may take on form if it chooses, but energy is energy. It is not something that can be divided. You cannot cut it into pieces. You cannot separate it, ever. It is not separable. This is how you are all connected. This is how we are all connected. Energy is everything universally, in every dimension. It only manifests in different forms or frequencies, but there is no difference, and it cannot be divided. It is not an entity. It is nothing you may hold. Therefore, you cannot separate it. (#11)


I shall express to you that you are a manifestation, a focus of essence. You manifest within this particular dimension as a focus of essence which holds its attention in one area, which is you. You are also all of essence. Essence is much greater than the one manifestation within a physical focus, although each physical focus holds all of essence within it. (#285)

Essence is a term that is used for your benefit, for your understanding of identification of a tone of consciousness which holds a certain direction, a certain intent for its creation of manifestation. All consciousness holds intent within its own value fulfilment. Essence is that tone which chooses manifestation within personality for certain experiences. This is you. (#147)

Essence is what we will term a portion of this encompassing whole, although not a portion! (Smiling) Within your limitations of language, it is impossible to express to you the lack of division and separation; this being why I express to you to conceptualize these concepts that I offer to you, for within your thought patterns within physical focus, it is not possible for you to completely eliminate all separation and be understanding of these concepts. When I express to you that essence incorporates all systems, that all systems are open and available to you, this is what is incorporated by consciousness. You possess this. Every element of consciousness possesses all elements of the whole.

Each element chooses to manifest according to its desire and function. A flower manifests to the fullest of its ability. The units of consciousness that make up this flower are the same as that which you possess also. The flower’s intent and function is to be a flower. Your intent and function is to incorporate intellect and intuition, to be directing of your universe as you have created it. Therefore, make no mistake; you direct all of your physical manifestation, in every area. We have discussed this many times within previous sessions. You create your individual reality, and collectively, you create the reality en masse. Therefore, you are the creators of all that you perceive ... and far beyond. (#79)

Within physical focus, your attention is directed very precisely. You are a lens. Visualize a camera with hundreds of lenses. This camera shall be essence. You are a lens of this camera. All of these lenses are occurring simultaneously, and are also all influencing and lending energy to you within the action of the accomplishment of this shift presently. You are also influencing of all of these other lenses, or focuses. 


I define what you term to be a lifetime as a focus, for lifetime is encompassing. In this, your lifetime is the sum of all of your focuses within this particular physical dimension. Each segment is a focus. They do not occur linearly. You do not move into birth, move through a focus, die, and remanifest into another focus. This is your perception of your linear time framework, but it is relative only to physical focus. It is how you have designed this particular reality. It is not reality in other areas of consciousness or other physical dimensions beyond this particular dimension. It is a perception, although the element of time holds its own integrity. Therefore, I shall not express to you that time itself is not an entity, for it is in a manner of speaking, but it does not appear in the same manner that you view it within this particular dimension. Therefore, when you view other focuses of yourself, they are occurring presently. They are not past; they are not future. We may be referring to other focuses for your understanding as future or past, merely for the reason that this is how your thought processes operate within physical focus, but be remembering that all of your focuses are simultaneous.

  You may access ANY of these focuses at will. You hold the ability. This also is an element of the action of this shift. More easily and more effortlessly presently may individuals access ANY of their focuses, merely through the desire and concentration upon another focus. You may access this through meditation. You may access this through what you term to be altered states of consciousness. You may engage your action of hypnosis and this shall allow you to facilitate the action. These are all merely different actions that allow you a relaxing of your attention, which is extremely focused in this particular physical focus. This is not a negative! Although you hold the desire to be accessing many different experiences, you have purposefully created this reality that each developmental focus, which is in your terms a lifetime, focuses its attention so singularly that it affords you the purity of experience.


The reason you are manifest within this dimension -- your purpose, your mission, your reason -- is to experience. You are NOT manifest within this dimension in a school. You are NOT manifest in this dimension to be accomplishing of great deeds, although you may be choosing to be experiencing this. You ARE manifest within this dimension, and ANY physical dimension, merely to experience the purity and qualities of physical action.

  Within this particular dimension, you have created this reality based upon the exploration of two basic elements of physical focus; sexuality and emotion. You experience both of these elements intensely. All of your creations within this particular dimension reflect these basic elements. You may even look to a rock, and this stone shall invoke within you a feeling of male or female and an emotion if you are so tuning into it, for ALL of your reality reflects these elements in this particular dimension. (#270)

Q: …there’s a lot of your teaching that I’m not yet familiar with, and I wonder if you could tell me a little bit about where I fit. I understand there are families and so on. I’d just like to hear from you, what am I doing here? (Laughing, Elias chuckles) I’m interested in how our universe is unfolding, and I am a part of it.

ELIAS: And so you are.

Q: I’d like to be more aware of my part.

ELIAS: You are an aspect of consciousness. You term that the universe is unfolding, and your desire [is] to be understanding or knowing of this unfoldingness of this universe.


Let me express to you, the universe, so to speak — in what you view as the universe — is the expression of YOU. YOU are what is unfolding, and this is reflected in all that is outwardly projected, which manifests in physical exhibitions of matter and solidity and configurations of time frameworks and expressions, all that occur within the movements of all that you have created within this universe, so to speak.  It is not directing you. You are directing it, for you ARE it. It IS you.


As to what is your part, so to speak, in all of this glorious magic of movement, you are exploring. You are a great sojourner, investigating and discovering aspects of reality within a physical manifestation, within a physical reality.


This projection of essence that you recognize as yourself in this particular focus is what may be termed as a focus of attention. You are one focus of attention, but you are also all that is, in like manner to your physical body, your objective physical awareness, and all that surrounds you, which is not separated from you, but [is] all YOU.


Essence has many, many, many focuses of attention. You may focus your attention within this physical reality in many directions simultaneously. Many of your attentions require little objective concentration, or even awareness, so to speak, but your attention is focused in many areas simultaneously.


 You focus attention upon the physical functioning of your physical body, movements of your physical body. You focus attention upon all of your outer senses. Your inner senses are moving and processing information continuously, therefore your attention is held in them also, and you also express a tremendous direction of attention outwardly in your objective awareness. That attention is directed to your world, so to speak, and all of the interaction that you engage with it.


Therefore, you may view physically, in this one focus, how very many expressions of attention you may hold simultaneously. You within this physical focus are a type of mirror projection of essence, of consciousness, and in this, essence projects myriads of attentions throughout all of consciousness.


   Within this physical dimension, you term many of the manifestations of those attentions as lifetimes. I term them to be focuses, for they are focuses of attention. You hold focuses of attention within other physical dimensions also, simultaneously. You focus your attention in other areas of consciousness non-physically.


But as to this one focus of attention that you identify as yourself, you have manifest within this physical dimension to be experiencing and exploring all of your abilities and expressions that you may be creating — and all of the aspects of perception — within a physical dimension, a physical expression.


   In this particular physical dimension, you choose to be interactive within the guidelines, so to speak — or the direction — of this particular reality, which concerns itself with the exploration and expressions of sexuality and emotion within a physical design. All that you exhibit within this physical dimension is related to these two core, baseline creations of physical identification. 


In this, you may view your participation within this physical dimension as movement through an enormous labyrinth. You are choosing to be challenging yourself to be discovering all of the avenues that lie within this labyrinth, and how you may be manipulating your energy to be navigating through this labyrinth. 


And as you travel, so to speak, through this physical dimension, through all of your experiences, you also are interactive with many other focuses of essences, which are individuals that occupy this reality with you, and in that interaction, you create many expressions together. You create many expressions individually. You explore all of this reality in relation to each other, for in actuality, there is no separation. There is merely the illusion of separation.


  For you create a physical reality which exhibits a singularity of forms, which presents the illusion of separation, to offer you an identity in singularity, and the movement to be identifying physical expressions, physical objects, physical manifestations as individual and singular.


This creates a type of slowness within consciousness, and in that slowness and that solidity of consciousness in this reality, you offer yourselves an intimately detailed journey, through physical experiences, of discovery of self. For this is the action of consciousness — a continuous, ongoing, never-beginning and never-ending becoming, and this becoming is the exploration of itself. Therefore, you also, as consciousness, are exploring an avenue of self in this physical manifestation.


 In your particular manifestation within this focus, you have chosen to be exploring your manipulation of energy — and your abilities in that manipulation physically — in relation to other individuals and other aspects of consciousness, that you may allow yourself to be viewing and experimenting with your own expressions, and how they may be affecting of other individuals in relation to their energy.


It is what you may term to be a glorious game, to be played in fun and wonderment, to be explored and discovered, moment by moment.  It is merely the insertion of belief systems in this particular physical dimension that complicate your journey, but you have inserted these beliefs quite purposefully, to be challenging yourselves.


For you DO complicate your reality quite extensively, and you create an even more challenging belief system, which couples itself with all other belief systems, which is expressed in duplicity, which creates a type of added dimension to your challenge within your movement in relation to belief systems in this physical reality. For you do not merely interact with and create as influenced by all of your beliefs, but you also assess all that you create or all of your movement through the filter of right and wrong and good and bad and better and worse. You gauge accomplishments and failures.


This is the added dimensional aspect of beliefs, which is expressed in duplicity, which complicates your reality even more, but in a manner of speaking, creates the game to be more challenging and the labyrinth to be more extensive! (Chuckling)


Q: Yes!


ELIAS: Ha ha!  And now, in this labyrinth of complication, as you move more fully into the expression and the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, you widen your awareness and you begin to seek out the remembrance.   


The remembrance is not the expression of memory, but the expression of being, in the knowing of simplicity. And even this creates a tremendous challenge, once again, within this physical reality, for now you have become so very accustomed and familiar to the expression of complication that the simplicity appears difficult!


Q: Yes! That’s right!


ELIAS: HA HA!  And you have created quite a number of twists and turns within this reality!


Q: Yes, I have!


ELIAS: Which offers you great fun and adventure in your exploration!


Q: I think I don’t have enough emphasis on the fun. I think I get very serious about it.

ELIAS: And I shall suggest to you, set your sights to be discovering your fun! (Chuckling)  Seek out pleasure!


The following link will present to you a visual that I believe gives a good presentation as to what is essence.

In this visual the giant circle of light representing the whole of your essence self, which is vast, and each one of the sparks being a focus, a life time of yours all happening all at the same time. Therefore your essence is having multiple experiences as consciousness within consciousness. :)

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