The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  To read many other interesting Topics/Transcripts click on the 'Elias Sessions/Transcripts' link at the top of this page. 


LETTY: Well, I have an impossible question, but I'm still going to ask it. Part of making our focuses here easier, to me it seems like, is the part of accepting or understanding. Is there kind of like a short cut? (Both Letty and Elias start laughing) I mean, a lot of times intellectually I understand where I'm wrong and why, but getting down to actually living it makes it....

ELIAS: First of all, you are not wrong!

LETTY: Okay.

ELIAS: For there is no wrong! You merely choose differently. Each of you chooses to objectify your reality differently. You align with the mass belief system that certain actions or elements of your being are wrong, which they are not. Therefore, you may be initiating by attempting to be accepting of this. You may attempt an exercise, if you are so choosing, to be recognizing each moment throughout your day, that you may "catch yourself" within your belief systems and within the action of non-acceptance of your expression and actualizing the lending in energy to the belief system of right and wrong. In this, you may offer yourself information, which you may recognize how very many times within one of your daytime periods you are invalidating of self, you are not accepting of self, you are expressing non-acceptance of self. You are all quite accomplished at these actions, but if you are recognizing of these actions you may allow yourself the ability, in your terms more quickly, to be engaging your periphery and altering your perception, which shall be influencing of creating more effortlessness within your focus.

Within the beginnings, so to speak, of our sessions, I was offering to the individuals within that forum an exercise, to be not only noting but to physically be writing down every moment that they were invalidating of self or responding within a belief system. You may be responding in what you term to be positive or negative. It matters not. But as you recognize each response, you also may offer yourself information in how you align with belief systems; for you may be responding to an individual which may comment to you that their parent has disengaged physical focus. Their parent has died, and your immediate response within your belief systems may be to be expressing, "Oh, I am so very sorry." Why??? (Laughter) No negativity has occurred with this individual. This individual has chosen intentionally to be disengaging physical focus. This individual moves to the area of transition and offers themselves more choices. Therefore, why shall you be sorry?

This is a belief system. It is an automatic response, which you do continuously! You may recognize in your response, which you do not view to be negative ... you are being consoling and concerned! But you may recognize in this response that you are also aligning with a mass belief system, and in this you are lending energy to the perpetuation of this mass belief system. You are also reinforcing your own belief system of negative elements attached to the action of death and lending energy to your own belief systems of fearfulness, within one consoling statement.

NORMA: But then you're talking about denying feeling, about not accepting feelings, because that's part of the feeling! Like someone leaves this focus, and then you miss that person. It's not like, "Well, I understand that he went because he wanted to." But I miss him anyway! So what about that?

ELIAS: This is quite real! I am not ... NOT ... expressing to you to be denying of any of your feelings, any of your emotions, any of your thoughts! I am merely expressing to you to be recognizing the framework which those thoughts and feelings are being expressed within. This is not to say that these are wrong expressions, for there is no wrong. This is not to express to you to deny yourself, for this is your reality! This is not to express to you that you may not offer consolation, within genuine reality in feelings, to another individual. Merely recognize that this expression stems from a belief system.

NORMA: The expression of feelings? The expression of what?

MARCOS: When you say, "I'm sorry." You know, the first thing you say when somebody is dead is, "Oh, I'm so sorry."

NORMA: But because you feel it! I'm not talking about you telling me about what I feel. Even if I don't express "I'm sorry," I feel that! It's not like I want you to know that I'm sorry. No. It's like something internal, you know? I don't carry the people's beliefs in my sadness or being nice, but I feel internally, you know? And even though I understand and accept that this person decided to leave because they've seen a better world or whatever, I still feel sorry about it. And it's not a question of saying it. I don't care if the people believe it or not. I don't care if they come and tell me, "Oh, poor little Norma." No. It's what I feel, and that's something that even though I can accept it because I see that these people are very well in some other place, I still feel sorry for myself, you know?

ELIAS: Quite.

NORMA: And that's not something which was expressed to me or that they said, "If a person dies, you should feel sorry," because maybe my husband dies and I don't feel sorry about that, you know? They say, "You should feel sorry because your husband died or because your mother died." Even when people say, "When the mother dies, the daughter must feel sorry," I don't feel sorry, maybe. I don't know.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding of your expression. Attempt to be understanding of what I am offering to you. The entirety of your reality is filtered through belief systems. It matters not that it has been objectively expressed to you. You may not experience, throughout the entirety of one focus, the actual verbal words telling you that you "should" feel this way or that way. You automatically, within your choices of alignment of belief systems, do feel. This particular dimension is quite focused within the experiencing of emotion. Therefore, it is intimately involved in all that you create. In this, your emotions are also influenced by your belief systems. These belief systems, as I have stated, may be also bleed-throughs of your other focuses. You may not have been objectively taught ... although I express to you that you have been ... that you must be expressing within certain manners. You may still express within this framework, for you align with the mass belief systems. Let me express to you that many individuals do not hold objectively what they term to be any religious involvement throughout the entirety of their focus. They may express to you that they have never, in their terms, been to a religious establishment, and that their parents have never discussed religion of any type with them. You shall still hold religious belief systems, for your culture is based upon religious belief systems. Therefore, it bleeds through into your consciousness, and you are accepting of this. Your culture expresses to you, "You may not murder another individual. This is wrong." This is a direct response to religious belief systems.

You may not interact with another individual expressing to you that when your mother disengages physical focus, you must be sad. You may automatically, genuinely feel sad. This is a reality. This is also a filtering through belief systems. You do not always hold objective awareness or identification of what these belief systems are, but they exist for they are your reality. You may respond quite differently and your husband may expire and you may not be sad, which shall also be influenced by a belief system; for if you are not sad at the disengagement of an individual, you must have been not very pleased with this individual! (Laughter) And if you are sad, you must be quite attached to this individual and missing them, for you believe--key word!--that you have disengaged interaction with them. If you understood that there is no separation, your emotion would not be affected; but this also is for your experience, for this dimension incorporates emotional experiences. Therefore, it is not wrong or right within your response. It merely is your response, and it is valid, and it is reality.

(Firmly) I do not express to you to be denying of this reality but to be accepting of this reality, only noticing the belief systems which are influencing of these expressions; not holding judgment upon the belief systems, but allowing yourself the opportunity to identify the affectingness of the belief systems. For within the action of your shift, you shall not be accomplishing your shift in consciousness if you are not identifying belief systems initially and accepting their existence. You may not accept a belief system if you do not identify that it exists! The object of the shift is to be accepting of belief systems. (Turning and staring directly at Vic) I am understanding you are quite enjoying of this action! (Laughter)

This action of acceptance of belief systems you shall be finding very difficult, but you may not engage the action of acceptance at all if you have not allowed yourself the awareness that belief systems exist, and that they are influencing of every aspect of your reality, and all of your reality is filtered through your belief systems. This is not to say you may not experience at times--not often-- actions or responses that are outside of your belief systems, for you may. You may experience infrequently the objectification of certain actions which are subjective bleed-throughs which are not directly influenced or filtered through your belief systems, although within another respect they are influenced by the belief systems of the mass consciousness; for if the mass consciousness in its entirety does not hold a belief system of the possibility to be accomplishing an action, it shall not be accomplished. It shall be blocked.

If the mass, entirely, of consciousness is not accepting of the possibility of the materialization of extra-terrestrials, you shall not, any of you, materialize an extra-terrestrial! You may not hold a belief system which acknowledges this extra-terrestrial and you may encounter this action, for energy is lent to its objectification through the mass. Therefore, within your particular creation of this action, you may not necessarily be objectifying filtering through your own belief systems within that particular focus. You may pulling an experience to be speaking to you which is outside of the confines of your own belief systems, but it is filtered through the belief systems of the mass which you are also connected to.

Therefore, I express to you that although you may pull experiences to you which reach outside of your individual belief systems, no thing is objectified within your reality which is not within the confines of belief systems, for they are influenced also by the mass.

MARCOS: Elias, I understand that the essence chooses three or thousands of focuses. At some point, the essence chooses not to have another focus, and what happens then? The way I see it is, perhaps once that need of the essence or that choosing of the essence is complete in this particular dimension, there are other dimensions that the essence then focuses on? And is there a purpose to all this other than having experiences?

ELIAS: The purpose within consciousness is quite simple. Within essence and within consciousness, you are within a continuous state of becoming. This is a continuous state of exploration of self, of consciousness, expanding continuously, never ending. You may be choosing many actions within the disengagement of any particular physical cycle within any particular dimension. You may not hold focuses within all dimensions within this present now, and you may choose to be disengaging from those dimensions in which you are focused and you may choose to be experiencing other cycles of physical manifestation within other dimensions if you wish, for your experience and your exploration; or you may be choosing to not remanifest within any physical dimension. In respect to this action, you shall move into areas of non-physical focus and be experiencing within the actions of these areas of consciousness, which are endless. (Pause)

MARCOS: Okay....

ELIAS: This would merely be your choice of your own exploration and your own becoming, which is also not separated from the all of consciousness and its state of becoming, for you are not "sections." You only camouflage within your perception into physical focuses which may lend the appearance of separation, but you are not separated.  #187

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