The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  View video of Elias introducing himself at,

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ELIAS: “I shall state to you this evening another boat-rocking concept, in that there was no original God. There is no God, per se. There is what we have discussed previously as The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is named many different names by different essences and by different focuses. This term, as I have stated previously, is an action. This is not a being. In this, I wish you to understand that this action is all of consciousness. It is everything.

“You have been familiarized with the term All-That-Is. This also is correct in terminology, as to consciousness. There is no singularity of consciousness that may be separated out to be designated as God. Therefore, God did not create your planet, or you. You created you, and you also created your planet and your universe. If you wish to place the terminology of God upon any separate entity, you may apply this term to yourselves, for you are!”


ELIAS: “Religions and cultures imaginatively create Gods in your own images, for your comfort. This helps you to feel less separation from your essence. God has never created man in its image. Physical manifestations always create God in their image, or their imagination. In cultures such as Indians or gypsies, which identify with Earth magic, these are closer to a true connection. There is no ‘middle man!’ There is no God creating nature, and creating man, and creating everything else, and man creating what he imagines, and nature creating what it imagines. This is incorrect. You have created all!” #20

RON: My personal question would be, I would like to know where the concept of God came from.

ELIAS: You are wondering where your word of god came from. This word was in existence long before Jesus was ever physically manifest. This word of god was created as a symbol of something that man viewed as beyond his own physical focus. In actuality, this word of god, or gods, was developed by you as the complete opposite of what you believe now. In opposition to present belief systems in religious areas, which state that man has been created in the image of god, man created the word god as a symbol of an expression that he himself created, as a mirror image of himself. This will bring us into several areas. Thank you very much for opening this door, for Michael would not have opened this area.


We will use your ancient Greeks and Romans to begin with, for theirs was and is a truer perception of essence; not of your idea of God, but of essence and its lack of separation. I use these ancient Greeks and Romans as an example, for they are easily viewed and understood, and if you are unfamiliar with their belief systems, you may easily find information to be studying them. In these cultures and civilizations they incorporated many gods, all being focused with different elements, all essentially possessing equal power, but also possessing somewhat the structure of hierarchy to them. These gods are quite symbolic of your original state of physical focus. They epitomize the ending of that period of awareness, and the beginning of further separation in essence and physical focus. From what you view of your beginning of physical manifestation within this dimension, your species incorporated many gods. They created, or you created, these gods as reflections of yourself, incorporating all parts and functions of essence, these incorporating hundreds of gods with strange abilities.


These gods incorporated no sexual orientation per se, for they did not incorporate right or wrong for any preference. There was no stigma attached if a male god was mating with a male mortal. A male god possessed the ability to give birth. A male or female god may give birth from other parts of their being besides a womb. You will read in one account of the god of Zeus, which sprung forth a child from his head.


Also, these gods possessed the ability to interchange form. They did not always incorporate human form. They may, if they choose, change. They may incorporate the form of an animal, or a tree, or a pool of water, or an ocean, or raging fire. They possess the ability to focus in whatever manner they choose, this being the reflection of the knowing of yourselves, a knowing that your essence, including physical focus, possessed the ability to accomplish whatever it imagined.


As you moved into a farther separation, you eliminated more and more of your gods. You became singularly focused. You viewed yourselves more separated from each other, and from essence. Therefore, the reflection of yourself became singular to one god, and separated from everything else. You created the design of a special place for this one god to inhabit, for you now inhabited one vessel, one body, separated from all others, physically “walling in” your own energies, therefore housing these energies within one space. As a result, your god must inhabit one space and be singularly focused. As you continued with this separation and this creation of this singular god, you began to view the expressions of this singular mirror image being not only loving, but more often warring, and fearsome, and vengeful, and jealous; these all being reflections of your own separated consciousness.


As your time, so to speak, progressed, in noticing this destructive god, your collective consciousness agreed to a representative to incorporate a new connection; in this, incorporating what you view to be a godhead, for only pagans believe in more than one god. Therefore, you believe in three gods, in one god. Very clever! One god was not quite large enough to mirror a new awakening in consciousness, in an attempt to be reconnecting. Therefore, you incorporated three, this being the beginning of your magic number of three; for all of your Christian religious numerology centers on three; three personalities of god, three incarnations of essence in Jesus. In this, the task for this new focus was also too large for one physical focus, but also realizing the physical manifestation, separated too far, would lose its power; therefore, the essence incorporated simultaneously. All three incarnations overlapped and transcended each other. They were all personality aspects of one essence, physically focusing.


This would be the same in comparison to you feeling a great desire to be initiating this new movement in consciousness, and physically manifesting this Ron, not complete essence but this Ron, (see footnote) into three individuals, separating aspects of personality and incorporating those separated personality aspects into three individuals; first being a burning, crusading earth man of John, this being what the people, even within his own time, would be calling the wild man with a quite hot temper, and very expressive; then the manifestation of Jesus, being the quiet, passive aspect of the personality, this delivering the bulk of being and focus and message, so to speak, this center aspect of personality being the most connected with essence in the delivery of this message; third being that of Saul, which was initiated by the incorporated spark of the two previous personality aspects, which were absorbed, so to speak, into the final manifestation.


This final manifestation deviated from its course, this being where your religious focus within Christianity was needing to incorporate and “add on,” so to speak, of what you call a “second coming.” If this third personality of essence had not deviated from its purpose, so to speak, the incorporation of your second coming would not have been necessary, but individuals who were quite connected with essence during this time period were noticing of this deviation, and in this noticing, added to your message; this being what you think of as your revelation to your Saint John, who is not a saint, for there are no saints, but you view him to be this.

    This essence is aware of the deviation of message. This essence will not be incorporated within the idea of a second coming, but will be incorporated within your shift in helpfulness, as it is incorporating a need to refocus, in continuing in a wider awareness message. Therefore, this essence will be instrumental and incorporate again, within your new shift.


I will also express to you that there were many individuals within this time period, connected with this creation of this new religious focus, who were keeping records of all that transpired, and those records are still physically with you. They are just not uncovered. Your archeologists have not quite discovered these yet, but they physically exist, just as well as your dinosaur bones.


RON: Aren’t these records just interpretations, just like the Bible? I mean, isn’t the Bible just an interpretation of what was said?


ELIAS: No! These records, unlike your Bible, were transcribed at the times and the scenes, as historical records of the actual events that were occurring, and the actual words and speech that was being delivered at that time. Just as you transcribe Elias’ words, word for word, so also were there scribes, within this time, who were equally as diligent in their focus in these records.


As these records were dangerous to be in possession of, they were quite inventive in their disposal of them, but keeping them quite intact. They are hidden within cave walls that may be discovered, and they have been preserved quite well throughout your time. They also bear a mark for identification, for many of these records were also transcribed falsely, to be confusing to those who might use these records incorrectly, or dispose of them permanently. Most of these records will be discovered as you begin your actual initiation into your shift, and after your shift occurs, they will be entered into your focus for historical purposes. You are nearing the end of your religious focus. Therefore, it is not necessary to be rekindling old concepts, but they will serve for interesting history of your species and belief systems, once you have accomplished your shift. (Pause) Is this helpful?


RON: Uh huh. I’d like to know more later.


ELIAS: Very well. I may be helpful in this area, as I also possess a manifestation within this time period, that I may draw from.


RON: Thank you.


ELIAS: You are welcome. Are you wishing of more questions?


RON 2: What is it like at the end of the tunnel, when people have near death experiences?


ELIAS: This being a belief system. Individuals experience many different elements of belief systems in what you call “near death” experiences. In actuality, these are not near death experiences, for your term of death is an ending of life, and if they were choosing to be ending of this focus, they would not be returning. They are, in actuality, allowing themselves a separation of physical, waking consciousness, to view a more connected consciousness, and allow themselves to view belief systems. Many times, in one respect, this serves to only reinforce their religious belief systems and ideas, but in another aspect of this experience, they do allow themselves to become more connected in other areas. (Pause) This also is a development of your physical focus, which has increased within your recent years, as a preparation of your shift. (Long pause)


Well, since we are all so contemplative, I shall leave you, and you may think of these things, and maybe you will be connecting with your purple, and you will be allowing yourself your own peripheral vision, and I will be anticipating connecting with you later. (Looking directly at Ron) So, I will say to you, good evening.  [session #38]


Elias departs at 9:58 PM.

footnote: Here Elias was giving Ron, the person who asked the original question, an example of how three focuses of the christ essence one being Jesus, one being John the baptist. and one being Saul.

"You have designated the manifestation of one of these essences as those biblical characters that you identify as John your Baptist, Saul of Tarsus, which is Paul, and that manifestation which you term to be Jesus the carpenter.  All three of these manifestations are manifestations of one essence." Elias:


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