The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  View video of Elias introducing himself at,



RON: I have a question. I’m awake! (Laughter) I know that you have ... through all of the sessions you have mentioned certain truths, and I would just like to hear sort of a run-down of the truths that have come up in our sessions, as opposed to belief systems. I’m aware of some, but I don’t know if there’s ... I know I’ve missed some as well. You could give me some that you haven’t talked about too, if you want! (Laughing)


ELIAS: Some truths. (Pause) Truths are constants that may not be eliminated or annihilated. Energy is a truth. Color is a truth. Vibration is a truth. Reality is a truth. You creating your reality is a truth. Consciousness and its different areas of awareness are truths. You are a truth. Belief systems incorporate a much wider area, for they incorporate much imagination, but even within this, you incorporate truth; for all thought becomes imagination, and all thought is energy, which is truth, which is also reality. Therefore, all imagination is a reality, which is also a truth! (Smiling)


RON: I guess I didn’t want to be that confused! (Laughter)


ELIAS: Belief systems are those inventions that you create to explain what you do not understand. Truths are unchanging. Reality is a truth, but your viewing of reality is a belief system. #45


….I am sure this was not much helpfulness to you, but if you are wishing to be spending a few eons with me, I may explain to you truths. Amazing, how one small word within your language incorporates such vast amounts of knowledge. I will say to you that all of the truths are within you and accessible to you, and that you may find these truths yourselves. Do not take what another essence expresses to you unquestioningly as truth. You possess the truths already. Do not be misled by belief systems, which are incorporated by others to be misleading. I do not ask that you believe me. I instruct that you believe you. This will lead you to your truths and you will not let you down, so to speak. (Pause)  ELIAS: #?


ELIAS: “It matters not what each individual believes within their religious belief systems, or their political belief systems, or their social belief systems. They shall know truth. It matters not the intensity of their belief systems. The truth will ring within them. They may incorporate difficulty in reconciling themselves to a cooperation of some information as opposed to their belief systems, but they shall develop a ‘method’ to incorporate the truth into their accepted belief systems. They may rearrange the concepts, they may change the words; but the truth shall be at its base.” session 139

ELIAS: “You shall become aware that I speak of truths seldom, for truths are constants and absolutes throughout all of consciousness, which within any particular dimension, they are not recognized. They are distorted and not completely understood, and the importance placed on them is little. You search for truths within your beliefs and you look to philosophical areas or religious areas. Truths, within consciousness, are those elements of consciousness that are within ALL dimensions and that hold an element of significance within ALL areas of consciousness, physical and nonphysical. Their translation may be different, but they are constants. Color is one. Tone is another.” [session 275

ELIAS: “A truth, as I have expressed, may be defined as an expression that holds throughout all dimensions and throughout all aspects of consciousness.

“Many of the expressions that you create within this particular physical dimension are relative to this dimension and NOT applicable within other dimensions or other areas of consciousness, even mathematics. (Laughing) This is not the universal language! Ha ha ha ha ha!” [session 800

ELIAS: “Love is a truth, and the translation within your physical dimension of love is not attraction. It is that of knowing and appreciation, genuine appreciation, which appreciation is expressed in acceptance. In this, the knowing is also significant, actual knowing of yourself and knowing of another individual and expressing an acceptance which generates an appreciation. This is the genuine expression of love.

“This is not to discount your feelings and your expression in relation to another individual, for you do express affection and attraction, but there are also other expressions which are generated in association with beliefs: expectations upon yourself, expectations concerning the other individual, expectations concerning relationships and how they should be generated and expressed, how you should be expressing within a relationship, and also underlyingly what you genuinely desire in your own expression, without expectations and without anticipation of the other individual’s perception or what they generate, but genuinely focusing upon yourself and allowing yourself to express your genuine offering of energy and not denying that expression within yourself.

“A genuine expression of love between individuals objectively is the expression of allowance of yourself to generate what you want without restriction...” [session 997

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