The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  View video of Elias introducing himself, and the Shift In Consciousness at,


ELIAS: We welcome new essences this evening: (pause) one old friend. Greetings! (Smiling at Charles Sr., who nods in acknowledgment)

This evening, we shall engage in a discussion of consciousness. This will also involve subject matter with reference to the Creating Universal One and Whole, for this is consciousness. Think of your present belief systems, which greatly incorporate your scientific technology, and ask yourselves with your rational, logical intellect, how you may arrive at conclusions of an impersonal universe, and elements possessing consciousness, extending from non-conscious matter. Within your present belief systems, you accept that a cosmic explosion occurred and created your universe; this being completely random and possessing no consciousness. Your world began as gases, rock, elements not possessing life, to your estimation; and from this, through your belief systems of evolution, you believe that miraculously, somehow, consciousness was incorporated into matter accidentally. If you inquire to me, I will express to you, this possesses no logic. Matter did not appear "cosmically" within this explosion, and then create consciousness. Consciousness was; is.

I will express to you that in your terms of viewing in time elements, for you are focused within time, we shall use terminology of "before", which is also now, (smiling) but we shall be indulging of terminology that you may relate to.

Therefore, before the organization and orchestration of your universe, as you view it, was consciousness. Before essence, as you interpret it, was the whole. You may use any term you are wishing for this ... action. I do not use the term "being" purposely, for your term of God, or All That Is, or The Creating Universal One and Whole, whatever you choose to call it, is not a being. It is all consciousness. It is an action. It incorporates all. Within this experience, of what you term to be god, are many, many elements. Before the incorporation of essence, so to speak, there were elements of consciousness. You may also term these to be "units", which others have expressed previously. These elements of consciousness know no limits of time or space. You may think of these as very tiny, black holes. You may think of them, if you will, in physical terms, as elements smaller than your smallest physical particles; but these elements are that which creates all physical expression. Everything, within every universe, within every dimension, is created by these elements of consciousness; and they are everything. They are not only the driving force behind matter and action, but are matter and action also; this being the basis of what you term to be "god".

I will also express to you, as I have many times previously, you incorporate all the same as this action of god. You are the same; but it is more. It is more than the sum of all of the dimensions, of all of the universes, of all of the parts; but without you, it would not be either. Therefore, no separation; for you also are intimately a part. You incorporate your own individuality, your own intent, your own desires and focus; but you also incorporate all of it, and it possesses, so to speak, all of you. No one element, to the most minute unit of consciousness, is any less than another. Therefore, there is no contradiction in expressing to you that you each, within your individuality, are the center of the universe; for this is true.

Essence is what we will term a portion of this encompassing whole, although not a portion! (Smiling) Within your limitations of language, it is impossible to express to you the lack of division and separation; this being why I express to you to conceptualize these concepts that I offer to you, for within your thought patterns within physical focus, it is not possible for you to completely eliminate all separation and be understanding of these concepts. When I express to you that essence incorporates all systems, that all systems are open and available to you, this is what is incorporated by consciousness. You possess this. Every element of consciousness possesses all elements of the whole.

Each element chooses to manifest according to its desire and function. A flower manifests to the fullest of its ability. The units of consciousness that make up this flower are the same as that which you possess also. The flower's intent and function is to be a flower. Your intent and function is to incorporate intellect and intuition, to be directing of your universe as you have created it. Therefore, make no mistake; you direct all of your physical manifestation, in every area. We have discussed this many times within previous sessions. You create your individual reality, and collectively, you create the reality en masse. Therefore, you are the creators of all that you perceive ... and far beyond. (Pause) Consciousness seems to you to be a very ... "tricky business"; (grinning) elusive; an element to be pondered, but never quite to be understood. I say to you, it is not quite so difficult to be understanding of consciousness and its action if you are only viewing; if you are shifting your focus; which we have spoken of from the "time" of our first encounter, physically, within this developmental focus. Qualification! (Grinning) Many times, we have incorporated the elements of consciousness, and your ability to be noticing. It is amusing that you incorporate, still, very much difficulty with these connections. Shifting perception is much easier than you create it to be! When I express to you that you need only shift your perception, I am not expressing that you turn completely around and be facing in another direction! Think only of using your peripheral vision.

We shall express the example of an archer, (smiling at Charles Sr.) and his target. If the archer is focusing upon the target, the arrow will fly straight. If the archer is expressing to himself a noticing "off" the direction and the target, the arrow will "most probably" not engage the target efficiently. If he is viewing the wind velocity, the temperature, the angle of his bow, his footing, his balance, he is not concentrating upon the mark. Therefore, the arrow is not directed. He may stand in one position; and dependent upon his perception, the arrow will fly differently.

If you are viewing straight forward continuously, and never noticing elements that are "slightly off" of your immediate perception, you deny yourself many choices and many knowings of reality. It is only dependent upon your perception, and shifting of your perception; noticing that you have been indoctrinated in one area of thinking. When you are noticing that your thinking continually "pulls back" to one focus, you may lean to the side and notice another perception.

All things are not always what they appear to be, but you possess the ability to be viewing reality in many different directions; this being also your "method", so to speak, if you must incorporate a method, (smiling) for changing your reality. The action of shifting your perception, within consciousness, may offer you information without physical movement at all, for your understanding of situations may change. Your vision of probabilities may widen simply by shifting your perception. Therefore, I say to you, consciousness is not an elusive, mystical concept that you may not grasp, but it is a magical element that you possess. (Long pause) Very quiet! (Chuckling) And we have no questions? Obviously not, for we are all so very connected and understanding of these concepts! (Grinning, and another long pause) #79

(End of sample chapter from the Elias book 1. 'The Shift In Consciousness. A Time of Change')

* * * * *


ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essence this evening! (Smiling)

Timing is everything! (Laughter) Is this not what "they" say? (Grinning) We shall focus this evening's discussion around your time element, as promised. To begin with, think to yourselves of your Einstein and his equation involving energy mass and light speed, which his incorporation was directly and also indirectly connected with time. In this, insert the element of time. Think to yourselves, in opposition of energy equals(=), think of this concept in reverse; for if you are thinking of your light speed and incorporating your time element in relation to this, if you slow time, it creates mass and matter; this being why you have created a time element for physical focus.

There are many things that seem to be beyond your perception, therefore seem invisible or non-existent for you may not visually perceive them. This is because of their relationship to your time element. Events appear within your focus dependent upon their "closeness", within time, to you. All physical focus is perceived through the present, the now; therefore all time intersects with the given present moment now, this allowing you your perception of events. If events do not enter your time element, they will not be perceived. There are many events outside, so to speak, of your time element. These, to you, are non-existent; for all that exists is within your time element, within your reality.

The time element, in cooperation with the force of gravity, creates space arrangements. (Jim arrives) Welcome, Yarr.

JIM: Good evening Elias, everyone.

ELIAS: What is meant by this statement of space arrangements? These are the elements that allow matter or mass to materialize. Your perception is the adhesive that holds together the elements which create manifestation. Manifestation and materialization are not bound only to physical form; for your thoughts, emotions, concepts, psychological activity, are all within this realm also, intersecting within your present time element, allowing perception. As I have stated, if an event is not perceived, it will not be within your reality. Time is an interesting creation. It holds vast flexibility. This may be illustrated with a small experiment that I believe each of you has encountered throughout your focus. Holding an object such as a pencil immobile, this object appears rigid and solid. As you involve motion, a slow vibration to this object, it appears elastic and bendable; still holding its solidity within your perception, but incorporating a difference in your reality. In this same manner, events are perceived. The personality focus perceives events. This is translated to the intellect, which interprets certain events based on its direction of attention as base or "real". Within your perception, you perceive this one direction to be "real"; this being your primary perception. All other perceptions then become secondary or periphery. They incorporate an elasticity, and seem to be bendable. You interpret this many times as a distorted perception. It is not distorted. It has only not intersected completely into the present time "thickness".

Within your present now, the time element holds a thickness which allows formation to appear; formation of objects, of thought, of emotion, of physical feeling, of sense data. Outside, in a manner of speaking, of this present now, or your perception of this present now, you may draw other events; but as they are being drawn as periphery, they are not perceived to be quite so "real". This creates confusion when you begin to encounter simultaneous time. When the intellect begins to attempt to interpret events which are not within its "real" focus, it becomes confused. Therefore, it automatically attaches a secondary perception, which it incorporates a belief of "non-real" to. This you encounter in many areas of your focus.

Presently, within your intent of widening your awareness, this becomes a focal point of importance, for you begin to incorporate other events which lie outside of your baseline or "real" interpretation. Elements of consciousness cross over each other. Events begin to be perceived differently. States of consciousness, such as your dream state or other altered states, begin to filter into your objective awareness, which may be confusing to the intellect which is accustomed to interpreting events in one direction. This you have created purposefully; for holding a base or "real", as you interpret it, perception allows you less confusion, and an intensity of experience. This is not to suggest that you will experience no intensity within the periphery; although as you incorporate an acceptance of "side perceptions", the experience seems not to hold such intensity for you have allowed a wider awareness, incorporating more experiences in a greater variety, accepting more of your own subjective expressions. Therefore, objective incorporation seems less intensified; this being also the effort, so to speak, in avoiding trauma within your shift; for this lessening of intensity is a natural byproduct of widening of awareness. There is more trust and acceptance of what you view to be "unusual". This also may be distracting! It is difficult to incorporate trauma if you are very distracted! (Grinning) If you are pursuing many avenues of consciousness, you are quite occupied; therefore you allow yourself no "time" to experience fear and trauma.

You incorporate confusion with your past, future, present ideas; viewing the present as now and all others to be almost irrelevant, for they have either not occurred yet or have already occurred, and nothing may be done about these events. As there is no separation of time dimensions, only different areas of time "thickness", this is a limited perception. Each event that you choose alters the present, the past, the future.

I shall give a small example. You incorporate your new game. You investigate other focuses. You interrupt, so to speak, the natural occurrences or events presently simultaneously occurring, thereby changing them. You do this, at times, without incorporating your new game. You may accomplish this within your dream state. Within the symbolism and the layers of your dream state, in consciousness, you affect other focuses. As they are occurring simultaneously, there is no one event which is "permanent".

I have been involved in many physical focuses in relation to Michael.(1) Michael's experience may not appear in my memory, for within my memory, it did not occur, for he may change what you view to have already occurred; therefore eliminating my previous experience and subsequent memory of an event. You, within what you term to be future probabilities, which are no different than past probabilities, may likewise alter an action. In this, you affect and change the perception of those also involved with that action. Another may change their action, eliminating your memory of an event, for it no longer exists.

In this, when I speak to you that it no longer exists, understand that the reason you perceive an event to no longer exist is that it has been removed from the time element. Therefore, it loses its thickness and relation to you within physical focus. This is not to say that an event changed "poofs away" and is non-existent within any probability or actuality anywhere. It is to say that you may rearrange events, pulling or pushing into or out of your time element, which changes events.

Even within subjective expression, an intersection must be accomplished for the expression to be manifest; for all areas connected with physical focus incorporate time elements. Where you may view events to be elastic or bendable is within other states of consciousness. You may access other states of consciousness, and what you perceive within them may be confusing or seem not quite real, or it may seem very real, but rearranged. You may encounter an event within a room and perceive the room almost identical to what you perceive in your real perception, but small elements may appear different. A lamp may look different. A chair may be out of place. An individual may be displaying unusual behavior. These are not distortions of perception. They are encounters with your periphery; just as if you engage visually straight forward and notice, continuing to view straight forward, your peripheral vision, physically the edges shall appear blurred. This does not make the elements any less real or solid within your reality. You only view them to be slightly out of focus.

Symbolism also is not necessarily a distortion in perception. All things, as your Einstein stated, are relative. You view anything which is not within your primary "real" view and perception to be distorted. This is not necessarily the case! You may pull events from other areas of consciousness within the mass, or individually. In this, it is not an element of your personal directed attention. Therefore, it seems distorted to you, for you view the elasticity and the bendable qualities of events that have not quite formed within the thickness of your present moment. You may engage in an action and choices within one moment. You may rearrange this action and these choices within a limited time period, changing the initial action and choices; for they all intersect within the now. (Pause, looking around at everybody. Those of us who are not asleep are really "spacing out"!)

Was I not warning you "ahead of time" to be prepared for these concepts? I am losing the focus of the individuals as they drift into other areas of consciousness! (Chuckling) Very well. You may "still" with these perceptions presently within this moment, and allow yourselves a time element to assimilate this information. Make no mistake, these concepts affect you daily; for they are involved with every encounter and choice that you make. We shall briefly break, and we shall return for our game; and I shall then leave you for your interaction.



footnote: (1) From the onset of these sessions Elias prefered to address all individuals by their essence names which, as Elias here will explain, is a translation of a tone of one's entire essence. For example, Elias refers to Mary (Mary Ennis) as 'Michael', to Vicki (Vicky Pendley) as 'Lawrence'. 


ELIAS: An essence name is not a name. It is merely a vibrational tone quality that identifies the whole of your essence and all of its focuses. It translates into your language within this dimension as a word; this being designated merely in your language. Therefore, it needs only one word, for it is a tone. It is not in actuality a name. Essence names are unimportant. They are merely a designation within your language as a symbol of a tone which is held in vibrational quality within non-physical areas of consciousness, which identifies you as the whole of essence. You presently, as you view yourself to be, are merely one focus of the essence. You are one focus of attention within the vastness of essence."

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