The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities)  And who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  

A short video of Elias introducing himself (via Mary) can be seen on the following link:

Introduction to the 'Shift In Consciousness' - 'You Are Not Going Mad' - 

"Presently, in our world today, an event is taking place that is quite unlike any we have previously experienced. To many, this event might be compared to that which seers and prophets have long been predicting – a new age, a golden age that will arise out of much conflict and devastation. However, according to Elias, we are creating this event, and therefore have the choice to create it with ease and harmony. Elias calls it the shift in consciousness – a global change affecting every one of us. Elias says we are creating this shift in consciousness because we, as a species, have become bored. We have exhausted our creativity in our present state and now wish to explore new areas of consciousness. We have spent the last two millennia creating a reality based upon religious beliefs, which have been purposeful and have served us well. But now we desire to move in different directions, and we are beginning to “ remember ’’ our deeper connections to the vastness of our own consciousness.


“Within this present now, you are experiencing what I have termed to be a shift in consciousness. You are moving out of your religious era and moving into a new reality which you are creating. You do not need to be creating floods, famines, earthquakes, holocausts to be gaining your attention and initiating movement into what you view to be a new era. You may easily move into your new awareness without all of your fireworks! #270  Elias:

This session was held in Room 106 at the Holiday Inn in Elmira, New York. It was initiated at the request of a few people that had seen videotapes of Elias at SethNet ’96 in New Haven, Connecticut. What actually occurred this Saturday evening was incredible. As Elias began speaking, people started arriving. To our amazement, this continued throughout the evening and until the wee hours of the morning. It was an experience we’ll never forget! We met many wonderful people that night, and would like to extend our gratitude and love to you all for your support and energy, and most especially for your continued friendship. We would also like to extend a special thanks to Bob Terrio and James Bramley for sharing their recordings with us, as we lost audio on some of our tapes.

It will be difficult to identify everybody asking questions by name, as there were many folks coming in and out throughout the evening.

Elias arrives at 5:24 PM EST. (Time was twenty seconds)


ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) I am welcoming you all to our interaction. I shall not be delivering a text this evening, as I shall be offering you the opportunity to be inquiring with your questions, which is acceptable. Therefore, you may be asking all questions that you are wishing information of. Be not intimidated, for this essence holds tremendous affection for you all, and we have been within communication always. Therefore, there are no strangers.


VICKI: I’d like to ask a question for everybody here. There’s a lot of people here that I don’t even know, that are unaware of what these sessions are all about and of your intent within the interaction. It might be helpful I think, for the people that are here that are brand-new, if you could explain that a little bit.


ELIAS: Very well. This essence is that of Elias, within the family of Sumafi. Within your dimension presently you engage a collective event, which is translated into a global event, which you recognize as a shift in consciousness. Individuals holding no knowledge of information that you have availed yourselves of recognize also this shift. They do not hold an understanding objectively of the workings, so to speak, of this shift in consciousness, but they are aware, as they feel a shifting within themselves and as they notice changes moving throughout your objective creations -- a new allowance of subjective information that you have chosen to allow to bleed through into your awareness objectively. It is reflected in all of your creations -- all of your arts, all of your sciences, even your religions. There is a growing awareness. This has been presented to you individuals previously by another. (see footnote 1.) Now this family of Sumafi continues the information, to be detailing to you helpfulness within understanding of this shift in consciousness and the role objectively that you have chosen to engage within helpfulness in preventing trauma; for you move from your religious era into a new creation of consciousness within your dimension, within this planet. In this, the belief systems are strong. Therefore, as individuals begin to experience what you have all agreed upon within the action of this shift, many will not be understanding what they objectify. Many will experience conflict, as they do not understand within their officially accepted belief systems.


You have been offered the opportunity to recognize the existence of belief systems. Now you offer yourselves more information to be accepting belief systems -- not eliminating, not changing, but accepting -- and in this recognizing that your creations are all filtered through your belief systems. This is your creation. This is a magnificent invention of creativity within your dimension, but your creativity now becomes limited. Therefore, in a recognition of this limitation, you offer yourselves new horizons in objective awareness.


The action of your shift in consciousness encompasses the entirety of your globe. It is not limited to any group, any family, any selectivity of consciousness within this dimension. It is all-encompassing. It is agreed, but you have also previously, in your terms, agreed within your religious focuses (see footnote 2.) to be creating of prophecies and ideas of future events, also in your terms, which are probabilities. They are not actual realities that are unchangeable. Within the action of your shift, you have chosen to alter these probabilities, within a recognition that all that you hold to be negative within destruction within your belief systems is unnecessary. Therefore, you offer yourselves the opportunity to exercise your creativity and your understanding of consciousness and no separation within consciousness, and that you all are one. You only appear separately within your disguise. In this, you also offer your assistance to all other individuals. Within an action of acceptance of belief systems, you may offer helpfulness to those other individuals that do not objectively avail themselves of information concerning this shift in consciousness.


Many of you experience new elements of yourselves, new elements of your reality. You recognize the bleed-through of subjective information. Your dream activity accelerates. Your objective awareness changes. You visualize exciting but odd new occurrences. Objects that you are familiar with alter their form before your eyes temporarily. Every individual within this company has availed themselves of some form of new, expanded, subjective bleed-through. Individuals, you shall recognize, allow more connection with their inner senses. You are more connected with yourselves presently than you have allowed within your history. For you which hold some understanding, you may also feel some elements of frightenedness, some elements of confusion, some elements that you do not understand, but you also hold an acceptance of this change. There are many individuals that you encounter always that do not avail themselves of this information presently. They shall experience the same bleed-throughs as do you, but within a lack of understanding they may interpret these bleed-throughs as insanity. They may not be as accepting of their objectifying of this subjective information. In this, you may be very instrumental in helpfulness, in acknowledging that this has been agreed. They hold nothing "wrong" with them, as you hold no thing wrong with you.


You move into magnificent creativity! This allow yourselves to recognize and embrace and share with other individuals, knowing that each focus which is manifest is an ultimate creation of essence. This dimension and this physical focus is exceedingly complex. You have created a magnificent intricacy of creativity within this dimension. Many belief systems presently express to you that others in other dimensions are more magnificent than you. I express to you all, and hear this: There is no dimension more than you, for you are all. Therefore, all of these dimensions which are spoken of are you! There is no separation. Therefore, how may you be less? (Pause)


There is no differentiation within consciousness. There are only different expressions of creativity, but all is the same. In this, recognize your own creativity and magnificence. Understand your language to yourselves, which is that subjective bleed-through information. As you witness a dropping of a veil of time frameworks, recognize that this is you. There is no division. Within the action of this shift, you shall become aware of the creation of physical time frameworks. Therefore, you shall hold the ability to access intentionally, consciously, other focuses that you hold within this dimension. You may also, within other areas of consciousness, access other essences and all other aspects of your essence. Your essence is so very vast that within this present now, it is incomprehensible to you. You occupy all of consciousness. Therefore, within this shift, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view what you are. (Pause, and to Vic) Is this acceptable? (Much laughter)


VICKI: Quite!


LEO: Elias, when you talk about a shift in consciousness, it makes me want to hear something I can grasp in terms of understanding the essence of consciousness. Is there some essence of consciousness, or is it something that changes as it shifts? In some ways, what you just said answered this question for me, but I really want to see if there’s some essential thing about consciousness.


ELIAS: These are complicated areas for understanding presently. As you move into the action of your shift, you shall be allowing yourself more of a comprehensive understanding of these issues. For your understanding, I express to you a distinction of essence, for this holds tone. This holds direction. Within reality, there is no separation. All is consciousness. There is no differentiation of one entity as opposed to another entity, although within consciousness there are personality tones. These are not images or entities that you may create small images for. They are tones within the whole of consciousness, which is the direction of consciousness which creates you.


You are a focus of essence. You contain all aspects of essence. You focus your attention in one direction, this being a focus, that which you recognize as you; but within an expansion of this recognition and within an allowance to be engaging your periphery and allowing yourself to view more of essence, you shall begin to allow yourself an understanding of consciousness and the lack of separation.


I have offered, at one time period, an analogy of your physically focused apparatus of cameras. You may focus a camera in many different areas, and as you focus this camera, you view through a lens. You do not view the entirety of the surroundings, but you focus upon specific areas within space arrangements. In this, you may acquire hundreds of cameras and you may view through hundreds of lenses, all viewing the same space arrangement but all viewing through a different attention and focus. This is how you focus through essence. You direct energy to manifest creatively into focuses to be experiencing.

As to the all of essence, this would be the all of consciousness. In this, its purpose, so to speak, or its movement, is merely becoming; a continuous emergence and investigation of self, which is all.


LEO: Unbelievable! You just summarized what I studied ten years of phenomenological philosophy trying to grasp.


ELIAS: You offer yourselves presently this information and the opportunity for an understanding of this information. Therefore, this essence presents itself to you to be helpful also in acknowledgment, and also within information to be clarifying.


CAROL: Elias, do you stay in that consciousness all the time, of recognizing what you just described?


ELIAS: As you are also! (Laughter)


CAROL: But I only have tiny seconds of it, and then it makes me feel so lonely.


ELIAS: Within this dimension, your attention is focused through this lens that you recognize. You have created this dimension for the experience physically of this invention of emotion. In this, you translate through emotion. Therefore, within your directed attention and recognizing that you have intentionally forgotten for the purity of your experience the entirety of essence, you have also forgotten for the purity of your experience the absence, in your terms -- for it is not absent -- of emotion. This is not negative. It is only an element within the all of consciousness that exists, but within consciousness this element of emotion is highly specified and specialized.


In this, if you are visualizing, it is one molecule of air within your atmosphere. Therefore, as you focus within this dimension and this creation, you intensely allow yourself the purity of the experience; this air molecule. You interpret, within an attempt of understanding of this essence, that there is sadness for a lack of this experience, but it is incorporated. It is only not focused upon individually. The entirety of this known attention is not focused singularly within that direction. Therefore, it encompasses the all. I have expressed to you, that which you view within this energy exchange is one -- ONE -- underline -- aspect of this essence; one aspect that you may understand and identify with.


CAROL: Thank you.


NORM: Will it be helpful, in the event of the trauma, to be able to have a specialized trauma hospital for people that have various experiences that.... (Elias starts laughing)


ELIAS: You may choose this singularity of motion if you are wishing, although it is unnecessary, for the interaction that you shall be engaging is subjective within consciousness. As you are approaching another individual, you may express through your language whichever you choose. The interaction will occur subjectively, in a knowing of acceptance and a knowing of no separation. You may term this to be in your language a "universal support system," although it is applied only to this universe within this space arrangement within this dimension and this reality! (Laughter)


FRANK: Elias, you referred before to accepting beliefs as opposed to changing them.


ELIAS: Absolutely!


FRANK: Were you referring to beliefs of others in mass when you’re looking at them, or individually?


ELIAS: Both.


FRANK: Can you elaborate on the individual? When you’re dealing with your beliefs, you accept them, but how do you make them better? Because we’ve been going on a premise where we’re changing our beliefs or reconstructing them to improve ourselves. (Talk about zoning in on one of Elias’ bottom-line concepts, and also one of the basic differences in direction between Seth and Elias ... this still blows me away, Frank! Love, Vic)


ELIAS: Quite! You may not "make them better," (grinning) for they are your creation and they are ultimately the "best" already! Therefore, you may not improve on your creation!


You have been offered information in an overview to be preparing you for what you now avail yourselves of in this recognition. Prior to this time period of your teacher, individuals were not holding a recognition of belief systems. Reality is reality. Truth is truth. These are not belief systems. You have been offered information of this teacher to instruct you in the concept of belief systems and their existence; altering, within the intent of this family of Sumari, perceptions. They are the changers. Therefore, within the action and intent of this teacher, it has been offered to you new information of the existence of belief systems, and that all of your reality -- ALL -- is filtered through these belief systems.

In this, as you have been offered an overview, awaiting not coincidentally or accidentally the continuation of information which you now present yourself with with this essence, you developed ideas within your understanding of how to be interacting with these belief systems efficiently. This has served its purpose. The intent was the recognition of the existence of your creation of belief systems. This, in your physical time framework, has taken this amount of time to be accepted as reality. Now you stand ready to continue.


In this, I offer you information that your belief systems are not inefficient. They are not bad. They are not wrong. They are you! They are an intricate part of your reality. They are your reality! Therefore, you may exchange belief systems, but you have not accomplished a new creation. You have accomplished repeating what you already are familiar with ... creating belief systems! It is natural to you, in your terms.


I suggest to you that the objective, so to speak, is to be accepting of these belief systems within self, not berating self that you hold a belief system that is bad, not expressing to self right and wrong. This in itself is a belief system! There is no right or wrong. You are here for experience. In this, as you become aware of your belief systems, which you have offered yourself this information through your teacher, now you may step forward in your terms and accept these belief systems, in which you are also automatically accepting self and trusting self. In this action, as you accept self and the belief systems that you hold, acknowledge that these are belief systems -- a creation which is an element of this focus, of this dimension, this physical reality -- and that there is no existence within this physical reality without belief systems. As you acknowledge this to yourself and you recognize the lack of correctness or incorrectness, of rightness, of wrongness, of ANY -- underline once again -- belief systems, you become accepting of self; and as you are presented with the belief systems of other individuals which differ from your own, you also become aware that they do not differ from your own. They are merely a construction of creativity, in explanation to yourself of those elements that you have forgotten within essence. This, be understanding I am quite aware, is sounding quite simplistic! I am also quite understanding of the difficulty within accomplishment of this act, for these belief systems are very strong; but as you accept these belief systems, you also neutralize their hold. You are not subject to them. Within an acceptance of these belief systems, they are neutral. In this, you may also better understand the action of your shift; for those elements that you view as negative, that you disdain -- your wars, your disease, your intolerance -- those are belief systems also, and they hold power and activity only for the reason that you do not accept them. Once you are accepting of these belief systems and recognizing the lack of rightness or wrongness of them, it is unnecessary to be objectifying them.


Individuals express to this essence questioning of why you are hurtful to each other: "Why must individuals be engaging murderous acts? Why must individuals be hurtful to small children? Why do we create these elements?" For you hold belief systems that you do not accept. You view right and wrong. You express wrongness for these acts. Therefore they are expressed, for you add energy to the actions within a holding of belief systems. As you believe these acts are wrong, they are a reality which is unacceptable, which you feed much energy, which lends energy to the accomplishment of the enactment.


FRANK: Is it the fear that creates the energy?


ELIAS: At times. Not always, for within certain situations, essences may be choosing within any dimension to be experiencing outside of the accepted official reality. In this, it is not always prompted by fearfulness, and your response is not always prompted by fearfulness. At times, this is correct. At times, you inundate yourselves with your belief systems and are forgetful that they are merely belief systems. Therefore, you allow them the power in energy with your vehemence, and in this you lend to those very actions that you disdain ... but all hopefulness is not lost! (Much laughter) For you now create your shift in consciousness. You have exhausted your era of religious belief systems. You have become, essentially, bored!


FRANK: Can you give us a preview? We’ve gotten used to the belief system. We’ve assimilated that concept. You’re talking about the next age of information coming in. What will that be like? What will we aspire to? How will we handle it? What mechanisms are we going to click into to change, to go beyond the belief system?


ELIAS: As I have expressed earlier, you already are engaging this action with your subjective bleed-through. In this, you recognize the belief systems. As you move into an allowance of more subjective mergence objectively, you shall be altering your behavior. You shall also offer yourself much stimulation and interest within areas of consciousness and creativity, which you have not allowed yourself to this present moment within your history. You shall be preoccupied with investigation of your new creation. Therefore, it shall be unnecessary to be occupying yourselves with your attention within your belief systems; this neutralizing their power.


FRANK: Giving us more control?


ELIAS: Allowing you more creativity. You hold all control, in your terms, already; but allowing you more understanding of yourselves, and your creative nature, and your continuous movement in becoming.


FRANK: Thank you very much for a magnificent answer! (Laughter)


ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall request for Michael [Mary] a break, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so disposed. #185

Elias ...... As you approach your shift in consciousness, many more subjective elements shall become obvious to you. You shall be incorporating many more subjective bleed-throughs. Therefore, it is valuable to you to be holding an understanding of your other focuses, for they are influencing of this focus. They are not only influencing of this focus physically, but they are also influencing of this focus emotionally. This dimension of physical focus which you have chosen to manifest into is based in emotional experience. Therefore, this is an extreme element in importance, for your experience.

Your emotional state within this particular focus holds influences from your other focuses also. In this, your fears within this particular dimension and within this particular focus are also influenced by fears within other focuses of this dimension. I specify this, for you hold focuses of essence within many dimensions. You are not only manifest within this particular dimension and physical focus. There are numberless physical focuses occupying the same space arrangement. The focuses which are influencing of this focus, to which you recognize as you, are those which are also within this dimension. This is not to say that some of your other focuses within other dimensions do not bleed through or influence you, for they do; but for the most part, your encoding limits itself to one dimension. Therefore, you hold a framework of reference subjectively to be functioning efficiently within this dimension.

You may be choosing many manifestations within this dimension, and you may be allowing recently some bleed-through information into your objective awareness. This occurrence is a natural action which is happening presently as you are approaching your shift within consciousness. This shift shall allow you more of an awareness than you have incorporated within the entirety of your history upon this planet. We have spoken of lessening or eliminating the trauma that may be incorporated within this shift in consciousness. Many individuals do not understand what may possibly be creating of trauma with regard to this shift. I express to you that as you allow more subjective information to become objectively known, this becomes very confusing; for this subjective information does not fit within the framework of your accepted reality. You are not only changing small elements of your reality within the action of this shift. You are changing essentially the entirety of your manifest reality within this dimension; for you shall approach all of this reality differently as you incorporate much more subjective activity. It is quite obvious to you all that the movement within what you classify as psychic activity is growing tremendously. This continues upon a daily basis, and you all lend energy to the continuation of this movement which is altering and shifting the consciousness of your globe. This is not limited to a small area. This encompasses the entirety of your planet.

Were you not to allow yourselves the information of subjective activity and the understanding that this is also an element of yourselves and that you are much more than what you view within your mirrors as one physical entity, you would be experiencing much conflict within the confusion of information which shall be bleeding through. You have chosen this action collectively. Therefore, the information shall bleed through. You shall incorporate experiences of interaction with individuals within transition. You shall connect with information of your own focuses of essence. You shall recognize that all about you is your own creation, and also is not quite as solid as you view it to be! You also may surprise yourselves at your own abilities to manipulate energies in ways that previously may have seemed impossible.

Other focuses are lending energy to you presently within the movement and accomplishment of this shift; this being why, futurely and presently, you shall be encountering more of your own belief systems. They shall be becoming more obvious to you; for within the action of this shift you have chosen to be accepting of belief systems and acknowledging that they exist within physical focuses, but also that they are nothing more than belief systems. These hold no power unless you allow them. In this, as you move into the accomplishment of your shift you shall experience much less conflict and what you view to be tension, for you shall understand that these belief systems that you hold are not truths. They are belief systems. They may serve you, or they may not. They are not dictating to you. #174

footnote 1. The previous teacher Elias is referring to is that of the personality essence known to many as 'SETH' who spoke via a woman named Jane Roberts back in the late 1960s.

 Seth offered us the opportunity in recognizing the existence of belief systems. Now Elias offers information to be accepting of belief systems. 

footnote 2. When Elias uses the term, focuses, or, a focus, he is referring to 'Life times' as in Other life times, or, 'This focus' being 'this lifetime'.  

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