The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities)  And who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  To read many other interesting Topics/Transcripts click on the 'Elias Sessions/Transcripts' link at the top of this page. 




2000-2  Participants:  Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Q.   

Elias arrives at 7:06 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening.  Welcome! (Smiling, and a pause)  And you have questions this evening?

Q:  Rather than ask another question right now, there’s a lot of your teaching that I’m not yet familiar with, and I wonder if you could tell me a little bit about where I fit.  I understand there are families and so on.  I’d just like to hear from you, what am I doing here? (Laughing, Elias chuckles)  I’m interested in how our universe is unfolding, and I am a part of it....

ELIAS:  And so you are!

Q:  I’d like to be more aware of my part.

ELIAS:  You are an aspect of consciousness.  You term that the universe is unfolding, and your desire [is] to be understanding or knowing of this unfoldingness of this universe.

Let me express to you, the universe, so to speak — in what you view as the universe — is the expression of YOU.  YOU are what is unfolding, and this is reflected in all that is outwardly projected, which manifests in physical exhibitions of matter and solidity and configurations of time frameworks and expressions, all that occur within the movements of all that you have created within this universe, so to speak.  It is not directing you.  You are directing it, for you ARE it.  It IS you.

As to what is your part, so to speak, in all of this glorious magic of movement, you are exploring.  You are a great sojourner, investigating and discovering aspects of reality within a physical manifestation, within a physical reality.

This projection of essence that you recognize as yourself in this particular focus is what may be termed as a focus of attention.  You are one focus of attention, but you are also all that is, in like manner to your physical body, your objective physical awareness, and all that surrounds you, which is not separated from you, but [is] all YOU.

Essence has many, many, many focuses of attention.  You may focus your attention within this physical reality in many directions simultaneously.  Many of your attentions require little objective concentration, or even awareness, so to speak, but your attention is focused in many areas simultaneously.

You focus attention upon the physical functioning of your physical body, movements of your physical body.  You focus attention upon all of your outer senses.  Your inner senses are moving and processing information continuously, therefore your attention is held in them also, and you also express a tremendous direction of attention outwardly in your objective awareness.  That attention is directed to your world, so to speak, and all of the interaction that you engage with it.

Therefore, you may view physically, in this one focus, how very many expressions of attention you may hold simultaneously.  You within this physical focus are a type of mirror projection of essence, of consciousness, and in this, essence projects myriads of attentions throughout all of consciousness.

Within this physical dimension, you term many of the manifestations of those attentions as lifetimes.  I term them to be focuses, for they are focuses of attention.  You hold focuses of attention within other physical dimensions also, simultaneously.  You focus your attention in other areas of consciousness non-physically.

But as to this one focus of attention that you identify as yourself, you have manifest within this physical dimension to be experiencing and exploring all of your abilities and expressions that you may be creating — and all of the aspects of perception — within a physical dimension, a physical expression.

In this particular physical dimension, you choose to be interactive within the guidelines, so to speak — or the direction — of this particular reality, which concerns itself with the exploration and expressions of sexuality and emotion within a physical design.  All that you exhibit within this physical dimension is related to these two core, baseline creations of physical identification.

In this, you may view your participation within this physical dimension as movement through an enormous labyrinth.  You are choosing to be challenging yourself to be discovering all of the avenues that lie within this labyrinth, and how you may be manipulating your energy to be navigating through this labyrinth.

And as you travel, so to speak, through this physical dimension, through all of your experiences, you also are interactive with many other focuses of essences, which are individuals that occupy this reality with you, and in that interaction, you create many expressions together.  You create many expressions individually.  You explore all of this reality in relation to each other, for in actuality, there is no separation.  There is merely the illusion of separation.

For you create a physical reality which exhibits a singularity of forms, which presents the illusion of separation, to offer you an identity in singularity, and the movement to be identifying physical expressions, physical objects, physical manifestations as individual and singular.

This creates a type of slowness within consciousness, and in that slowness and that solidity of consciousness in this reality, you offer yourselves an intimately detailed journey, through physical experiences, of discovery of self.

For this is the action of consciousness — a continuous, ongoing, never-beginning and never-ending becoming, and this becoming is the exploration of itself.  Therefore, you also, as consciousness, are exploring an avenue of self in this physical manifestation.

In your particular manifestation within this focus, you have chosen to be exploring your manipulation of energy — and your abilities in that manipulation physically — in relation to other individuals and other aspects of consciousness, that you may allow yourself to be viewing and experimenting with your own expressions, and how they may be affecting of other individuals in relation to their energy.

It is what you may term to be a glorious game, to be played in fun and wonderment, to be explored and discovered, moment by moment.  It is merely the insertion of belief systems in this particular physical dimension that complicate your journey, but you have inserted these beliefs quite purposefully, to be challenging yourselves.

For you DO complicate your reality quite extensively, and you create an even more challenging belief system, which couples itself with all other belief systems, which is expressed in duplicity, which creates a type of added dimension to your challenge within your movement in relation to belief systems in this physical reality.  For you do not merely interact with and create as influenced by all of your beliefs, but you also assess all that you create or all of your movement through the filter of right and wrong and good and bad and better and worse.  You gauge accomplishments and failures.

This is the added dimensional aspect of beliefs, which is expressed in duplicity, which complicates your reality even more, but in a manner of speaking, creates the game to be more challenging and the labyrinth to be more extensive! (Chuckling)

Q:  Yes!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  And now, in this labyrinth of complication, as you move more fully into the expression and the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, you widen your awareness and you begin to seek out the remembrance.

The remembrance is not the expression of memory, but the expression of being, in the knowing of simplicity.  And even this creates a tremendous challenge, once again, within this physical reality, for now you have become so very accustomed and familiar to the expression of complication that the simplicity appears difficult!

Q:  Yes!  That’s right!

ELIAS:  HA HA!  And you have created quite a number of twists and turns within this reality!

Q:  Yes, I have!

ELIAS:  Which offers you great fun and adventure in your exploration!

Q:  I think I don’t have enough emphasis on the fun.  I think I get very serious about it.

ELIAS:  And I shall suggest to you, set your sights to be discovering your fun! (Chuckling)  Seek out pleasure!

Q:  That’s what I have difficulty with.  In some ways, my ... this is very fresh for me, and wonderful, what you’re saying, because I’ve just returned — you probably know this scenario, I think — last night from my spiritual school/path.  I do this work to reconnect to my true nature, to who I really am, not this self-image that I think I am, and that is the longing that I’ve had since I can remember, is to peel away the veils and just live in this physical body, in this ordinary life, to live it from essence, that everything comes out of.  That’s who I am, and it’s painful to look at the obstructions that I have created since I was a child.

ELIAS:  Now offer yourself what we may term to be a fresh perspective in turning your perception ever so slightly, for it is not requiring of much turning to be altering the entirety of your reality, for your perception is extremely powerful!

And in turning your perception so very slightly and offering yourself a freshness in perspective, allow yourself to view what you have seen previously as obstacles, and view them as wondrous opportunities, not in the expression of negativity and blocking, but in the viewing of tremendous openings of opportunities, for they have offered you valuable information.

Therefore, in THIS now, you may continue to be creating your movement, paying attention to that voice — which is you expressing your desire in relation to your value fulfillment — not bending to the doubt, which is the expression of fear, and looking to the identification of the obstacles as wondrous opportunities to widen your awareness even more, and incorporate this perspective in the avenue of fun!

All of your reality is not so very serious.  There are no dire consequences that accompany all of your movement.  Therefore, what be the caution?  What shall you carry with you?  Merely your experiences!

There is no karma.  There are no debts to be repaid, even to yourself.  There are no wrong choices.  There are merely choices.

Therefore, within the grand scheme of your universe, as you term it to be — which is YOU — what shall create this caution within you?  For all that you create is an opportunity, and may be viewed through the lens of fun!

There is no judgment awaiting you, in any area of consciousness, to strike you down and express to you that you have not accomplished well enough or that you have created wrong choices or even mistakes, for none of what you have created is a mistake.  It is all purposeful and has all contributed to the expression of your being.  In lacking ONE of those experiences, you would not be what you are!

Q:  Yes.  What a much more loving way to look at choices, the way you’ve just described it.  I see that.  Hmm. (22-second pause)

ELIAS:  As you go forth — as you term it to be within your linear time framework — remember this moment, and draw upon the energy that you express now, for it is wondrous!  You are expressing presently an allowance of self.  Accept from myself the freedom of acceptance, and offer this expression to yourself.  In this, allow yourself laughter!

Q:  May I ask you one more question?

ELIAS:  You may.

Q:  I am so aware that everything is one, and that in my physical form, I make separations.  I say I’m here and you’re there, and all these things are separate.  I have a very strong sense of there being particular spirits who guide me, and I do turn to them, and I listen.  I try to really open myself to guidance.  I find it a tremendous help in my life, and I’m wondering ... see again, I guess it’s the doubt.  I say, “Am I just making more duality?  Of course, I’m really one.”  What is this need to have this presence that I look to and listen to and feel the strength coming from, the love and the compassion?  Is this my mind wanting to make more duality, like I’m here and the guide is there?  All I know is my experience, which is, it helps me very much in my life.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, first of all, the experience is not what you term to be, in your definition and your objective understanding, as imagination.  It is quite real.

Essences are interactive continuously.  I have expressed previously with other individuals ... although I do not designate any essences as guides, in your terms, for this implies that there may be some status of essences that may be above others, and this is incorrect, for there is no stratification within consciousness.  There is no higher or lower.  All is equal.  Therefore, I may express to you, there are essences that are interactive, and many individuals within physical focus in this dimension hold an awareness and interact with other essences.     ​​​

What you experience also, in tremendous strength, is communication with YOUR essence.

Within this physical dimension, as you DO create this veil of separation ... you ALL create this veil of separation.  It is in actuality an element of the design of this particular physical dimension.  And as you create that veil of separation objectively, you translate your experience into the identification that there exists some expression of consciousness or energy that is outside of yourself, that is a higher power or a guiding force, that offers you guidance and information.  In actuality, this is YOU.

Q:  It’s my own essence?

ELIAS:  Yes.

Q:  That I’m hearing?

ELIAS:  Yes.

Q:  I never saw it like that.

ELIAS:  Which offers you a tremendous expression of acceptance, which you translate into what you know and identify objectively as an expression of love.  It also offers to you information that you translate as guidance.

Q:  So it’s me.

ELIAS:  Yes, and this is the wondrousness of you!

Q:  I was giving it to someone else, but it’s mine.

ELIAS:  Yes.

In this, let me also express to you that this is quite common within physical reality, to be identifying that type of experience through the veil of separation as some other force, for you have created an expression of your individual oubliette, which you place yourself within — in this area of forgetting, this area in which you are not remembering of all that you are.

This is the wondrousness of your choice to be creating this shift in consciousness within your physical dimension, for you offer yourself the expression of the remembrance, the being of essence, and the knowing of self — the knowing of consciousness, the knowing of all of your abilities, the knowing that all of these expressions are YOU, and the knowing of the vastness of you.

You are a multi-dimensional being.  You are an expression of consciousness, which is literally limitless!  You merely create the illusion, in a singular body, of separation and of smallness.

Q:  Yes, smallness.

ELIAS:  And you are extremely vast!

Q:  I can already feel a new angle, a shift in my perception, right now.

ELIAS:  Therefore, incorporate this, and as you go forth, allow yourself to move in this direction, in the glorious discovery of yourself and all that you are!

Q:  Yeah.  Somewhere I have an internal message that says, this self-remembering, this reconnection to who I really am, happens to some other special individuals, but it’s too difficult for me.  I can’t do it.  I’m too blocked, or this or that.  It really is like a ... it’s like something I really need, to just watch how that plays.

ELIAS:  It is not reserved for certain individuals! (Grinning)

Q:  I’m sure it’s not! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  For you ARE special, and you are unique, and it is your gift to yourself, as you participate in this shift in consciousness.

Q:  Yes, it’s a magic gift.

ELIAS:  Is it not?

Q:  The best!

ELIAS:  Quite grand!

Q:  The only one I want, the only gift! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha HA! (Pause)

Q:  (Sighing)  I feel contented, and excited, and open, in this moment.

ELIAS:  Hold to this, and hold to the awareness of the now.

Q:  Yes.  When I leave now, I go into the labyrinth and get lost.  Yeah, it’s staying right here, now.

ELIAS:  Within every moment.

Q:  Yes.  Thank you for the reminder.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome. (16-second pause)

Q:  I feel replete for now.  We’ve talked about the thing that is most important to me, and all the other things I could ask you are just extensions of this root.  This is what I wanted to hear.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome. (16-second pause)

I shall offer my expression of energy to you, that you may receive and you may carry with you, and I shall anticipate our next meeting. (Pause)  Trust within yourself.

Q:  Yes, I will. (Whispering)

ELIAS:  I express to you tremendous affection, and an encouragement in energy, and to you this evening, a loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 7:54 PM.


One last thing!!!

View your world very carefully. View its colors and its magnificence, and then view yourself as its creator. I will express to you that you hold within your grasp an ultimate magnificence. In this particular physical focus, your essences have created one of your most magnificent creations, this being singularly the most diverse and beautiful creation physically of essence. This particular focus and planet and universe that you have created in this particular dimension possesses the MOST diversity and the MOST incorporation of beauty of ALL dimensions. In this you have much to appreciate, not only for what you have created, which is quite enough to appreciate, but also in recognition of your own creativity and imagination, which is far vaster than you perceive. (Pause)

In this, I will add a small footnote: that in your great imaginations in physical focus, not in essence, you will notice that when you are dreaming - not in sleep state -- of creating or visualizing other worlds, you do not visualize them as magnificently as you have created this world. Ask yourself if you can possibly, within your physical focus, imagine another planet or dimension more diverse or beautiful than this creation. I will wager you will not accomplish this, for you have created your ultimate expression of beauty already from essence; this being also why I have expressed to you in past sessions that you are your highest expression. You are your ultimate self. There is nothing higher or more wondrous or more creating than yourselves. (Ron was snoring quite loudly throughout this exchange)

I will also now direct to Sophia in the expression of demons and wondering if Elias is a devil in disguise! (Laughter) I will explain to you that you are correct that there is no proof. I may express to you that there are no devils or demons or evil spirits, but then I will also express to you that there are no gods other than yourselves. Therefore, within religious belief systems, another individual may very well call Elias a demon or an evil spirit! I will express to you though that you will know with a resoundingness within your own spirit, as you call it, the truthfulness of which I speak. You will know within you, and I will express that if there were a devil, you would not have returned this evening to have audience with me! (Grinning)

Many individuals, as I have said openly, would take issue with me, for I do not incorporate religious belief systems and also I do not encourage these belief systems. I speak to you of truths that do not incorporate negativity. Belief systems many times, not always but many times, incorporate negativity and duplicity. I express information of truth to you which resounds within you positive. I will not express to you anything that would be less than a loving expression of helpfulness and information, for this is my focus. There may be individuals who may not accept what I offer and this is their choice, and I express in loving acceptance of this choice anyway.

GUIN: Thank you for clarifying that.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Unfortunately, your technology has not developed a “demon detector” yet! (We all crack up) 



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