Session 646: 
“This Room is Quite Crowded!”
“You Create ALL of Your Reality!”
“The Shift: An EXPLOSION of Freedom!”

Saturday, June 17, 2000-2
© 2001 (Group/London)

Participants:  Mary (Michael), Bonnie (Acacia), Chrissy (Hesper), David (Mylo), John, and eight new participants: Barbara, Carole, Christine, Denny, Karen, Lulu, Regina, and Videna.

Elias arrives at 7:03 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds)

Vic’s note:  Twelve seconds into the arrival time, a huge window next to Mary slammed shut, which I guess made everybody jump, LOL!


Note from David Tate (Mylo) On this day, evening of July in London town, It was unusually warm and there was no breeze what so ever.  Just as Mary closed her eyes preparing for Elias to come through a very large and opened glass window in the room suddenly slammed shut causing everyone in attendance to almost jump out of their skins :) I believe it was caused by Elias as a way to break the tension of energy that everyone was projecting at the time. You could feel how apprehensive everyone was as they had no idea what to expect. :) 

* * * * *

ELIAS:  Good evening! (Grinning)

GROUP:  Good evening!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Welcome this evening!  We shall discuss, this evening, perception, and how you create your reality, and what you create within your reality, and that you DO create your reality.

I am aware that many of you are familiar with these types of terms, but I am also understanding that YOUR understanding of these terms is limited.

First of all, let me present to you the inquiry of, what is your definition of the terms, that you create your reality?  How do you define this statement, that you create your reality?  And do you create ALL of your reality?

FEMALE:  I believe that we create our experience of reality.

ELIAS:  And do you create ALL of your reality?

FEMALE:  Yes.  That is my belief.

ELIAS:  Regardless of your experience?

JOHN:  That’s what we’re told.  You channeled beings tell us that all the time.

ELIAS:  I am not expressing the inquiry of what you are told.  I am expressing the inquiry of what you BELIEVE. (Pause)  I shall express to you what you believe! (Grinning)

You believe that you create your reality at times.  You believe that as your reality is moving in a favorable manner, you are creating it.

You also believe that there are certain situations or circumstances that you do NOT create.  You believe accidents are elements of your reality that you experience, but that you do not necessarily create.

You believe that there are certain experiences within your reality that are uncomfortable or distressful or what you deem to be negative that you do not create.  Some of your negative or uncomfortable experiences you may attribute to yourselves, and you may express that you are creating those experiences, but others you express are not of your creation.

If you are interacting with another individual, and you are experiencing conflict and you are experiencing what you identify as hurtfulness, you are not expressing to yourself that you are creating that within yourself.  You are expressing to yourself that the other individual is creating an action which is thusly hurtful TO you.

If you are experiencing a dis-ease, you do not express to yourselves that you are creating this dis-ease.  You express to yourself that you are being attacked by some element of physical origin that is creating the dis-ease.  The dis-ease is creating itself, and it is “infecting” you.

If you are participating in what you term to be an accident and you are severing your leg, you express that this is an accident and that some physical object has severed your leg.  You have not created that action, but it has occurred TO you.

You also believe that other individuals hold the power to be creating certain elements of your reality for you.  This creates your perception of victim.  You may be experiencing this role of victim in many, many different types of expressions.

Now; I express to you, you create ALL of your reality.  You create every moment of your reality — every breath, every thought, every emotion, every feeling, every action, every encounter.  Every interaction of your reality — every circumstance and every “thing” within your reality — is created by yourself.

No other individual, no circumstance, no essence, no element of consciousness may be creating any aspect of your reality for you.  This is an intrusive action, and consciousness and essences are not intrusive.  This is an intrinsic quality of consciousness, to not be intrusive.  Therefore, NO element of your reality may be created by any other expression outside of yourself.

Now; you create the illusion within your beliefs that outside influences create aspects of your reality, but in actuality, you ALWAYS hold choices.

This is our point this evening, is to be discussing perception as the instrument that you incorporate within this physical reality to be creating all of your reality, and that instrument is moved through the wondrous expression of choice.

You have created many beliefs within this physical dimension.  I shall express to you that your belief systems are, in a manner of speaking, a type of heartbeat to this physical dimension.  They are a moving, working part of this physical dimension.  You have chosen to incorporate them in this physical reality in its design.

There are many, many, many other physical realities within consciousness that you are also experiencing now, simultaneous to this experience that you identify, and within those dimensions, you may not be creating belief systems in this fashion.  But in this one particular physical dimension, this is the design of this experience and this exploration.

Therefore, understand, belief systems are not right or wrong.  They merely are.  They are a facet of this particular physical experience.  They are also extremely influencing of your perception.

Your perception is NOT belief systems.  As I have stated, your perception is an instrument.  It is a tool.

Let us engage an example or an analogy to illustrate this tool, and what it is and how it functions.

You incorporate physical vision as an outer sense within this physical manifestation.  You may identify your physical vision as a figurative display of perception.  Your physical vision allows you to input information concerning your environment, concerning all that is about you that you have created.

Now; in this, you each also manifest within this particular dimension holding an individual orientation, of which there are three associated with this particular physical reality.  Each of these three orientations may be likened to spectacles that you place before your physical eyes, and each of these three types of spectacles incorporate a different colored lens.

Therefore, you view all of your reality through the lens of your orientation in this particular reality, through the hue or the tint of that particular color, figuratively speaking, but you view the reality through the vision.

Therefore, the reality that you view is quite similar.  Each of you view a table, and your viewing of the table is quite similar, but your viewing is the action of your perception.

Each of you — every individual that is manifest within this dimension upon your planet — holds a unique perception, in like manner to your fingerprints.  Perception is so very highly unique that no two individuals throughout the entirety of your history create the same perception.  It is HIGHLY individualized.  Therefore, if perception is the instrument which creates your reality — and it is — and it is highly unique and individualized through your individual creation, all of your reality is also highly individualized and unique.

Now; in this, I shall express to you a different manner in which you may allow yourself to incorporate a thought process, in association with perception and the uniqueness of each individual’s perception, associated with what and how you create your reality in every moment.

In this present now, you all sit with myself within a room.  There are many objects within this room.  There are many individuals within this room.  EACH one of you — each individual present within this room — is creating every object within this room, and creating the room, and creating the building, and creating the street upon which the building sits, and creating all of the action that is occurring presently in this now.  EACH of you is creating your OWN reality.

You are not all creating your IDEA of a reality that already exists.  You are each simultaneously creating the actual reality.  Therefore, the viewing of any object or any individual within this present room shall be different as perceived by each individual, for each individual is creating all of the other individuals. (Grinning)

And you may be expressing to yourselves, “How may this be?  I am not creating all of these other individuals that sit within this room.”  And I express to you, yes, you are!  They also are creating all of the individuals sitting within this room.  This room presently is quite crowded with many, many, many, many, many individuals!

You are all creating your individual groups of individuals beside the individuals that are creating themselves, and you are each creating yourselves also.  Therefore, you (looking at one person) are creating yourself presently, and you are creating another physical, solid matter, moving, breathing projection of every other individual within this room, and so are you, and so are you, and so are ALL of you.

Each of you allows yourself to be subjectively interactive with the other essences that are participating in this physical manifestation, and therefore, you allow yourselves a type of blueprint, so to speak, of the manifestation of each focus of each other essence presence, and from that blueprint, you create your own design of each individual present within this room, and as you interact with each other, each of you interacts with the individual that you have created through your perception.

It matters not that you do not know, in your terms objectively, the other individuals present or that you have not physically met the other individuals present, for you DO know them, for there is no separation.  You merely create the illusion of separation, that you may be experiencing the purity of physical exploration.

But you already know all of the individuals present this evening in consciousness and in essence.  You merely may be unfamiliar with their physical, objective projection of themselves, but you are not entirely unfamiliar, for you create your physical manifestation of them, which is actual, physical matter — atoms and molecules, flesh and blood — and you do not allow yourselves with your physical eyes to see the other individual which stands or sits beside the one that you have created, for you only allow yourselves to view through your individual perception.

Now; this holds significance, for you are all participating in a movement of consciousness that we identify as this shift, and in this shift in consciousness, you are all — regardless of your beliefs — widening your awareness, and what you are engaging in widening your awareness is opening your objective awareness to your periphery.

And as we return to your physical vision, what you have created — in like manner to your outer sense of vision — throughout your history in this physical dimension is to be perceiving narrowly before you and not engaging your periphery.

If you are viewing with your physical vision singularly before you and not engaging your peripheral vision, you are not viewing all that is occurring within your reality about you and all that you are creating in it, with the exception of this narrow field.

In the action of this shift, you are opening to your periphery and you are allowing yourself to view all of what you are creating, and allowing yourself the recognition that you ARE creating all that is within your reality.

Individuals within recent time framework have expressed inquiries of myself concerning interactions that they engage with other individuals or with situations that they wish to be creating or want to be creating within their reality, and feel or perceive that they do not hold the ability to be creating of these actions or that they are stifled or that they are “stuck” in interactions with other individuals, in creations within their reality, in movement.  Some individuals may even be expressing that they feel themselves to be moving backward rather than forward, and this creates confusion, or if they are creating movement at all, in their perception, they are moving in circles, and they are frustrated that they are not accomplishing in the manner that they wish to be accomplishing.

And these expressions have been offered in the cries of consciousness recently by very many individuals in many, many, many different types of expressions, from individual exploration of self or what you deem to be spirituality, to interactions in relationships, to curiosities and wonderings of your employment, your jobs, your physical health, your weather — ANY element that you may choose as subject matter has been risen in consciousness recently, in the chaos of confusion of individuals within this dimension expressing within consciousness, “What are we creating?  What am I creating?  Why am I NOT creating?”

I express to you, first of all, you are participating within a wave in consciousness presently, which addresses to the belief system of duplicity, which is quite influencing, for our affection for this particular belief system is boundless!

This particular belief system, which expresses the identification of right and wrong and good and bad and better and worse, is coupled with every other belief system that you have created and enters into every movement, every action, every thought, every motion that you create within this reality.  You deem them to be either good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, comfortable or uncomfortable.

There is a tremendous struggle which is occurring in the recognition of this belief system, for this belief system holds great strength.  What you identify to be wrong, you identify in absolutes as wrong, and what you identify as right, you identify as absolutely right.

But let us return to perception.  Each individual’s perception is unique.  Therefore, their definition of right and wrong and good and bad and better and worse is different.

You may think to yourselves that there are absolutes.  You may delude yourselves in the definitions of absolutes, as to the rights and wrongs and betters and worse, and you may reinforce these delusions of absolutes by interacting with other individuals that hold similar perceptions to yourselves or similar definitions to yourselves, but they are not exact and they are not entirely the same.  They are different, for YOU are different.

This belief system is important in its presentment that you allow yourself to view, for a very base expression of this shift in consciousness, in allowing you to widen your awareness and to engage your periphery, is to be neutralizing your belief systems and accepting those belief systems — not eliminating them, but accepting them, viewing them as they are and accepting their existence — and to be accepting your beliefs, you need be creating the prerequisite of acceptance of YOU, acceptance of self, and this presents an enormous challenge within this physical reality, for the expression of duplicity is immense.

But all hope is not lost, for YOU are immense, and you hold tremendous power!  You have merely forgotten how to be empowering yourselves by recognizing, through an acceptance of yourselves, who and what you ARE.

And this is the point of this shift in consciousness, to be incorporating the remembrance, and I shall express once again, the remembrance is not memory.  I am not speaking of incorporating a memory of past events, but of a remembrance, a state of being of self, an acceptance of self — the knowing and the acknowledgment of the gloriousness of yourselves, and the incredible exhibition of wonderment and energy expression that you hold.

There is no action that you may not be creating!  It is merely the obstacle of your beliefs that prevent you from creating ANY element within your reality.  But before you may be realizing that you hold the ability to be creating any expression and offering yourself this wondrous freedom of your reality, you must be acknowledging to yourself that you ARE creating your reality, and that no other expression within consciousness is creating it FOR you.

For each time you express to yourselves that any other aspect of reality is creating for you, you diminish your power.  You deny and discount your abilities and you narrow your expression of your own freedom, and in this shift, you are creating an EXPLOSION in freedom!  And how very wondrous is this as a direction to be choosing within a physical expression, that you may be limitless in what you create and what you explore!  And THIS is what you present to yourselves now, in widening your awareness and engaging your periphery.

We shall break, and as we return, you may offer your questions, if you are so choosing.

BREAK:   7:41 PM
RESUME:  8:17 PM (Arrival time is 12 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing!  And you may be incorporating your questions, if you are so choosing.

FEMALE:  I have a question.  You were talking about choices that we create ourselves.  I want to understand from you, do we make these choices previous to them occurring, or are they concentric with each other?  Do we make one choice, and when that choice happens, we make another choice?  Or do we make all the choices from way back?

ELIAS:  Choices create the enactment of probabilities.  Probabilities are created in the moment.  They are not created in what you view as the past or the future.  All probabilities are actualized in the moment.

Now: let me express to you, you occupy your thoughts at times with the question of imagination, and you express to yourselves wonderings of what is imagination and what is not imagination.

You view different experiences within your focus, and you attribute them to imagination.  You may encounter another focus of your essence.  You may experience differences within your reality.  You may allow yourself to be projecting within consciousness.  You may be creating of many different types of actions, experiences, and subsequent to the experience, you shall question yourself in that action, as to whether that be your imagination or whether it be reality.

I shall express to you that your inventions, so to speak, of your dragons and fairies and leprechauns and angels and nymphs and ANY expression that you deem to be imagination is in actuality a memory of an expression that you have encountered or that you are knowing of within consciousness, and is not in actuality what you define as imagination.

Or, as you view within your physical vision some object to appear differently to you within a moment, and you are blinking of your eyes and expressing to yourself, “This must be my imagination that has created this illusion within my vision,” I express to you, in conjunction with what we have been discussing this evening, no, this is not the identification, in your definition, of imagination.  This is reality.  You have created it.  It has actually occurred.

What IS imagination is your identification of past and future, for these are illusions.  There is no past and there is no future.  All that exists is now, a continuous movement of now, and each now creates a past and a future.

Therefore, in the illusion of your perception, you project your attention into these elusive expressions of past and future, and you reinforce your association with them, as you have designed a physical reality that moves in the fashion of a linear time framework.  But even within that linear time framework, all that you create is created NOW.

In relation to your question — do you create simultaneously in some expression of “before,” so to speak, and does that materialize subsequently in what you view as future events — it APPEARS to you in this manner, but in actuality, you are creating your reality of the past and of the future within the now.

The reason that you may be confounded by what you create within what appears to be future is that you are not paying attention to what you are creating in the now.

And as the moments of the now continue in their motion within your linear time framework design, behold, it becomes the future, and the future is suddenly the now, and your choice has materialized or come to fruition, but the choice has already been created in the previous now, which is now the past!  Ha ha ha!

For you are creating in each moment, and you create what you concentrate upon.  Concentration is not the expression of thought.  You may think and think and think.  You may incorporate your thought process over and over, and you may express to yourselves mantras of your thoughts, and this may not necessarily be what shall actualize your reality.

For your reality, once again, is created through your perception, and your perception is influenced by your beliefs, and your attention and your concentration is held in your beliefs.

Therefore, you may express to yourself, quite simply, “I shall win the lottery, I shall win the lottery, I shall win the lottery,” and you may concentrate within your thought process continuously, “I shall win the lottery,” and you shall not win the lottery, and the reason you shall not win the lottery is that your belief is the center of your concentration, and your belief expresses to you, “I shall not win the lottery, for I am not lucky.”

THIS is what shall dictate what you create through your perception.  This be the reason that there is importance and significance in allowing yourselves to be holding your attention within the now, to be allowing yourself an awareness of your beliefs in all of their expressions, and to be accepting of self in all of your abilities.

For if you are not allowing yourself to hold your attention within the now, you are not paying attention to what you are creating, and this sets into motion a reinforcement of the beliefs that you hold that you do not create your reality, for your reality surprises you, and it presents to you elements that you wish not to be engaging.  Therefore, it is outside of your control — which is another belief, of control.

In this, you also reinforce your discounting of self in your discounting of your ability, that you do not hold the ability to be creating your reality in the manner that you wish to be creating, and you reinforce the role of victim, which renders you powerless.

Now; as you allow yourselves to be aware of what you are concentrating upon within your beliefs in the now ... which IS available to you!  It is not hidden.  There is no UN-consciousness.  There is no sub-consciousness which hides things from your viewing.  You merely do not pay attention to yourselves!

You do not pay attention to what you are creating and what you are concentrating upon.  You do not even allow yourselves the recognition of the beliefs that you hold.  You express quite openly that you do not hold beliefs, and you do!

As you allow yourself the awareness of the now, knowing that you are creating the future in the now and recognizing WHAT you are creating, you offer yourself more of an awareness of YOU.

Now; let me also be clear, that you not misunderstand.

In creating within the now — and as I express to you that you are creating the future within the now — as you may identify any particular, specific event or action or movement that you wish to be creating within the illusion of the future, you are moment by moment creating it in the now.

We shall discontinue....  (Here, Elias coughs for 20 seconds, and there is a 10-second pause)  Michael is experiencing difficulty.

In continuing, you create a potentiality for what you express as future.

In this, you continue to hold the choice in every moment as to what you shall actualize, but many times within your reality, you continue to be creating a particular line of probabilities moment by moment, and in that action, as what you identify as the future approaches, you are continuing to be creating what you have been creating in each moment of the present.

Allow yourself to hold your attention within the now.  Allow yourself the recognition of what motivates your movements.  Allow yourself the recognition of the influence of your beliefs.

In this, also allow yourself the acknowledgment that you hold choice, for this is the expression of freedom and allows you to not be locked into any expression as an absolute, for within every moment, you hold the ability to alter your expression and your choice.

Is this clearer?

FEMALE:  This is much clearer.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  Ha ha!

DAVID:  But if we have somebody else that we feel is opposing our movement, like a producer or a director, and they have the power because they ARE the director and they’re paying us, so therefore they call the shots, so to speak, how can we influence that?

ELIAS:  Examine what you have offered, Mylo — a wondrous example and exhibition of the strength of your beliefs — that another individual holds power, that another individual is paying you, offering you an exchange of monetary gain.  Therefore, you allow that individual to dictate to you.

YOU are creating the choice.  YOU are creating the reality.

In the situation of employ, I may express to you quite literally, no employer may be discharging you without your permission, for that is creating your reality FOR you.  YOU create those choices.

DAVID:  Subjectively.

ELIAS:  And objectively!  YOU create the choice to be compliant.  YOU create the choice to set another individual in authority.  You create the choice quite objectively to allow another individual to dictate to you your reality!

DAVID:  I guess, though, it’s because of fear.  If we stand up for ourselves, then our fear is that they’ll say, you’re fired.

ELIAS:  You think in terms of absolutes and you think in terms of black and white, that if you are asserting yourself, you are opposing another individual.  You need not be opposing another individual to be not allowing yourself to be dictated to.

JOHN:  Elias, can you give me an example?  I share David’s view that the appearance is always that authority figures have control over us.  In order to have results which are pleasing to us, would you say that we have to firmly believe or gradually build up beliefs whereby we’re convinced or we believe that pleasant results will happen, no matter who our employer is?

ELIAS:  The key is not to be replacing one belief with another expression of a belief, or even to be changing your beliefs, but to be accepting of yourself, accepting of the beliefs that you hold and that you recognize are held in mass expression, and to not be railing against them and assessing any of them as good and bad or right and wrong or more or less.

In this, as I have expressed, this particular belief system of duplicity shows itself in every aspect of your reality that you create.

In the situation of employ, you have created systems, so to speak, in which you set before you certain individuals that you identify or deem to be authorities, but let me be reminding you of our discussion this evening.  This is all an involvement of perception.

You hold the ability to continue to participate in your employ and to be allowing yourself much more of an expression of freedom, in the recognition that YOU are creating that reality and therefore hold the ability to manipulate it.

YOU are creating all of the actions.  You ARE the actions.  You ARE the manifestation of the job, so to speak.  It is not a projection outside of you; it is an element OF you.  It is an expression of you.  Therefore, you also hold the ability and the power to manipulate that energy in any manner that you are so choosing, and in the expression of what you WANT.

You deny yourself these expressions, for you hold your attention outside of self, and you focus your objective attention on ALL that is about you and ALL the other individuals that are participating in your reality, and you identify certain individuals as figures of authority that hold more power than do you, and they do not!

JOHN:  If we create all of our reality, can we decide not to participate in the shift, create a different reality for ourselves?

ELIAS:  You may, and in such situation, you shall merely disengage participation in this physical dimension.

JOHN:  Why can’t I create a reality where I stay in this physical dimension, do not disengage, and do not participate in the shift?

ELIAS:  For this is the agreement of this particular physical dimension within this time framework.

JOHN:  So there are secret agreements that we don’t know about, but which have an effect on us.

ELIAS:  This is not secret. (Grinning)

JOHN:  I don’t know about it!

ELIAS:  Ah, but you do, for you are participating and you are moving within it, and you are present here! (Grinning)

JOHN:  In my present consciousness in this focus, I don’t have a memory of everything I agreed to before I came to this dimension.

ELIAS:  It matters not.  This is merely a veil that you have placed before yourself, but this is not to say that this information is not available to you within every moment, if you are choosing to avail yourself of it.

JOHN:  You make it sound so easy!

ELIAS:  And it is!  YOU complicate your reality.  It is QUITE simple, but you are fascinated in this physical reality with complications!  You are fascinated with intricacies and analyzation and games!  You create extensive, immense labyrinths within your realities that you may explore!

These are your own design of your own complications, and you express outwardly that you are the victims of “subconscious” or some unknown element of your reality, or of higher powers of the universe, or of other dimensions, or of authority figures!

There are numberless expressions that you may attribute to justify your confinement in your victimhood, and in your expression of NOT widening your awareness and holding to the familiar.

You may choose not to be participating in the action of this shift.  There is limitless areas of consciousness to be explored, which you occupy NOW, presently, within essence.  This is merely one focus of attention which is directed into this identification that you recognize as you presently, physically, and in this, you may turn your attention within any moment and choose not to be participating in this reality or in this shift in consciousness, for this shift in consciousness is related to this particular physical dimension.

You may participate in ANY exploration that you are so choosing.  This is the gloriousness of choice!

JOHN:  But you say the condition is, if I choose not to participate in the shift, I have to die.  I can’t choose to stay here and not participate in the shift, and create a reality of my own which is outside the shift.  I have to leave.  I have to die.  That’s what you’re saying.

ELIAS:  You may not necessarily choose death.

JOHN:  I thought you said (big grin from Elias) that the agreement was, that’s what we have to do.

ELIAS:  That you shall remove your focus of attention.

JOHN:  Which means, in our terminology, death.

ELIAS:  Not necessarily. (Grinning wryly)

JOHN:  Okay, so there’s other alternatives. (Big chuckle from Elias)  But do these agreements always have to be kept?  Can we break these agreements?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes, for there are no absolutes.

JOHN:  If I agree with another being to come here and be the victim in a relationship or to be a murder victim or something, and when I got here I decided I didn’t want that — I didn’t want to participate in that particular drama, I choose not to be killed by that person, and I break the agreement — is that possible?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JOHN:  So, we don’t have to keep these agreements that we made before we came here.

ELIAS:  I shall reiterate, you are not creating agreements before you manifest.  You are creating choices in the moment.

JOHN:  The shift is coming simply in the moment?

ELIAS:  The shift is not “coming.”  The shift IS.

JOHN:  Can it suddenly change, stop, and not come, and not be?

ELIAS:  Were you collectively to be in agreement to not be incorporating this action, yes.

JOHN:  Okay.  This is an interesting distinction — collective decisions and individual decisions.  I’ve been experimenting with the weather, and I’m beginning to find that in certain cases, I can get results I like, and it doesn’t seem to be coincidence.  Can I create weather that pleases me as distinguished from what the collective consciousness creates in a particular city?

ELIAS:  We have spoken of this subject matter previously, and I shall express to you once again, this is the power of your perception.  You are moving your thought process in the familiarity of the perception that you have allowed to this point within this particular focus.  You have created a particular design of perception, and you have held your attention within that movement of that perception continuously throughout your focus.

What I am expressing to you is that your perception, this instrument that creates your reality, is so very powerful and so very individual that merely by turning your perception ever so slightly, you alter your actual physical reality.

It matters not that the individual standing beside you upon your street is experiencing rain.  Your perception is so very highly individualized and unique and so very powerful — and IS creating of all of your reality — that you may be creating an entirely different exhibition of your weather within the same physical proximity to another individual.

You are looking to your reality as an expression of some “thing” that is outside of you — your universe is a conglomeration of expressions and matter that lies outside of you and that is affecting of you — and what I am expressing to you is that this is quite incorrect!

Your universe IS you.  All that you view, all that you encounter, all that you experience IS YOU.  It is created BY you.  It IS you.

Therefore, whatever you perceive is what you create as an outward expression of reality, and it shall be reality!

JOHN:  Okay.  To create a sympathetic, appreciative employer, what concretely does one have to do or change?  You say accepting beliefs, but that’s a huge leap.  Accepting all our beliefs is ... it’s not very clear what you mean by that.  I’ve found that changing beliefs, step by step and little by little, has produced good results for me, but I don’t know what you mean by accepting beliefs.

ELIAS:  I express to you that you may be changing your beliefs if you are so choosing, and there is no right or wrong in this action.

I express to you also that within the action of this shift, as you continue to merely change your beliefs ... which you are NOT changing your beliefs.  You are merely moving your attention from one aspect of a belief to another aspect of a belief.

In this, as you continue this action, temporarily you may be creating what you perceive and identify to be success.

This is quite purposeful, for it offers you an objective validation that you may identify, that you may see, and that you may feel and know, which reinforces trust, and in your expression of reinforcing trust, you begin movement into an acceptance.

Acceptance and trust are not the same expression, but as you allow yourself to trust your abilities to be manipulating energy — to be affecting of your reality through objective examples — you also begin movement into an acceptance, and you lessen your automatic expression of discounting yourself.  Rather than expressing to yourself that you cannot accomplish, you begin accepting of yourself and your abilities, knowing that you CAN and you DO.

And as you continue to reinforce this action within yourself and you begin the movement of accepting of self, allowing yourself more and more to penetrate your own veils that you erect within you to be camouflaging different aspects of yourself that you wish not to view, you begin movement into the acceptance of your beliefs, and you create that action by the recognition of your beliefs and the addressing to them.

As to your question of how you may be affecting of an employer that you wish to be more compliant or expressing in a more positive manner or however you choose to be expressing what you want, you create this action by turning your perception, by familiarizing yourself with you, by familiarizing yourself with your beliefs, and by holding your attention with self.

JOHN:  Beliefs about the employer?

ELIAS:  (Firmly)  No — within self.

JOHN:  Beliefs about myself.

ELIAS:  Yes.

FEMALE:  John, do you think somebody else could ask a question?

JOHN:  Sorry.

FEMALE:  I think we’re clearing the room here.  People are dying to ask questions!

JOHN:  Go ahead!

FEMALE:  Could I ask, Elias?  Could you tell me why there is so much violence being concentrated at the moment?  There’s an awful lot in England at the moment.

ELIAS:  There are many expressions of this sort, so to speak, throughout the entirety of your globe.  This also may be associated with this shift in consciousness.

Do not misunderstand.  I am not expressing a reinforcement of the beliefs concerning predictions or prophecies of tremendous devastation associated with movement into your new millennium.

But I shall express to you that associated with this time framework of your new millennium, you are beginning the action of inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality.

In this, I have offered information from the onset of these sessions, expressing to you all quite clearly that there shall be trauma associated with this shift in consciousness, for it addresses to your beliefs.  You are creating an action of addressing to your beliefs, and emergence into an awareness of self.  You are altering the expression of your physical reality — assuming your own authority individually, assuming your own responsibility of selves, and actualizing the movement of creating your own reality NOT as dictated by your beliefs or by what you deem to be authority.

This is a tremendous movement in this physical reality, for to this point throughout your history, you have not created this type of a design of a reality in this physical dimension.  There is tremendous railing in objective awareness against this type of action, for you cling in a type of desperation to the familiar.  You identify comfort and safety and security in what you deem as familiar.

Even in the expressions that may be uncomfortable, as they are familiar, you shall automatically magnate to those expressions than move yourselves into the discovery of the unfamiliar.  Even as it is presented to you that the unfamiliar offers you tremendous freedom, you move automatically to the confinement of the familiar, and one of the aspects of the unfamiliar is this very freedom.

I shall express to you all, within your thoughts, you desire this expression of freedom.  You express to yourselves often that you wish to be creating this physical expression of freedom within your reality.  You wish not to be incorporating employment.  You wish not to work.  You wish to be creative.  You wish to be expressing yourselves in your individual design of reality and your expression of freedom.

And I express to you, it has already begun, and the individuals that have already begun offering themselves these expressions of freedoms are floundering, for they know not what to DO with their freedom, for they are so unaccustomed to the expression of it and they are so unfamiliar with themselves.

What shall you do with this tremendous gift you are giving to yourselves of this expression of freedom if you know not who you are or what your abilities are?

Your belief systems are extremely strong.  They have been held in this dimension throughout your history.  Your association with duplicity is immensely strong, and you exhibit the expressions of this belief every day of your participation within this reality.

Now; as you rise surfacely within your awareness objectively these beliefs, and you present them to yourselves, you automatically lean in the direction of denying them — that they ARE beliefs, and that you participate within them.  You lean to the familiar.

And in this, you continue to perpetuate the expressions of the beliefs, and as the beliefs become more and more and more obvious in your objective awareness, you become more and more aware of your participation in them and the influence that they exert upon your individual realities, and individuals rail against this expression and create a tremendous struggle — and trauma — and they exhibit temporarily the very expressions of energy that they deny.

How very often do you all express to yourselves and to each other that you are so very accepting of other individuals, that you are so very tolerant, or that the expressions and the DIFFERENCE of other individuals is so very acceptable, within your expression?  And it is not.

You exhibit this within your intimate relationships.  It need not be the expression of difference in cultures or races or societies.  You are not accepting of each other in your own intimate relationships — your friendships, your families, your romantic relationships.  If you are not the same, if you are exhibiting difference, it is unacceptable.

You express to yourselves and to each other that you appreciate difference.  I express to you, you do not.  You appreciate sameness.  You WANT sameness, for the sameness in expression validates you.  Difference threatens you, for it is your presentment with the expression of duplicity — of good and bad, of right and wrong, of better, of worse.  Difference frightens you, for you are not familiar with yourselves and your strength.

Therefore, you look outside of yourselves in comparison.  You create this action of comparison continuously, and if you find no similarity in comparison or not enough similarity in comparison — if you view yourselves to not be speaking the same language or engaging the same perception or identifying the same definitions — you are rejecting, for this threatens your identity of yourself in your worth, for you measure your worth through these comparisons.

If you present yourself with sameness, you validate, and you offer yourselves an expression of worth and measure of worth.  If you view difference, you view unfamiliarity, and unfamiliarity creates aspects of fear, and fear reinforces your discounting of self and your devaluing of your measure of worth, in your perception.

Individuals are unfamiliar with themselves.  They are unfamiliar with the action of turning their attention to self.  They incorporate what is the expression outside of themselves and they assume this as their measure of their worth, in their creation of their perception.

And in this action, you create what you have created for millenniums — conflict, confusion, slaughter, a lack of acceptance, and not even the expression of tolerance, which is NOT acceptance.  Tolerance is merely a temporary expression, WITH expectations.

Acceptance is the expression of no judgment and no expectations — no judgment of good or bad, of right or wrong, and no expectation of any expression.  This is acceptance, and this is entirely unfamiliar within this physical dimension.

But you have chosen collectively to be incorporating that action of that expression into this physical dimension.  You have chosen this experience.  You have chosen to be inserting this, and altering the entirety of your reality.

Allow yourselves a thought process for one moment, in identifying how the entirety of your reality shall SHIFT and be expressed differently with the incorporation of this expression of acceptance.

Competition moves contrary to acceptance.  Comparison moves contrary to acceptance.  Authority is contrary.  Exchange — in the familiarity that you create it within your governments and your societies — of your money moves contrary to acceptance, for why shall you create the action of compensation?  And this is what you create in your exchange of monetary currency and exchange.

FEMALE:  Can I ask for a tip, possibly?  You had mentioned before about being stuck at times, and I think we all probably feel or at least have the opinion that we’re actually stuck in an issue.

ELIAS:  Quite.

FEMALE:  I was just wondering if you could give any suggestions for when we create that reality of being stuck, and not being able to get to the bottom of an issue or not make progress.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, many, many, many individuals experience this same type of expression.  In this, we have spoken of holding your attention within the now.

Many of the aspects of the expression of being stuck, so to speak, are influenced by your projections of your attention — your anticipation of future, your assessment that you are not moving in the manner that you wish to be moving, for you wish to be attaining, and this is a projection of future, or that you are repeating behaviors, and in your assessment of that, you are projecting past.

In allowing yourself to be holding your attention within the now and expressing to yourself that what you are creating within the now is not right or wrong — it merely is what you are creating in the now — and not anticipating what you may be creating within the future — not assessing your status within the now, but merely allowing yourself to be present within the now — you eliminate many of the aspects of your conflict and your expression of being stuck, so to speak.

At times you assess yourself to be stuck, for you view that you hold no choices or that you do not see your choices.  You may express the thought process to yourself that you are quite sure that you hold choices, but you do not identify what they are!

You are holding tightly to your energy — which is an expression of projecting a tremendous volume of energy, to hold very tightly to your energy — and as you create that tension of energy, you pay so very much attention to the tension that you do not allow yourself to view your choices.

You are correct — you have limitless choices.  But you do not view them, for you are not allowing your attention to be exploring your choices or what you may be creating within your expression of movement and creativity, for your attention is held so very strongly upon the tension.

Let me offer you a very small example in very physical terms.

If you are experiencing painfulness within your finger, your attention shall move to the expression of pain.  The creation of pain is a choice, and within any moment, you may move your attention and not be experiencing that exhibition of pain.  This is quite literal.

But as your attention continues to focus upon the pain within your finger, you may increase the pain and you may create a throbbing, and it shall continue, for you are paying attention and you are focusing your energy upon that action.

Now; you may create a thought simultaneous to the creation of the pain, and your thought may express to you, “I wish not to be experiencing this pain; this is quite uncomfortable,” and the pain shall continue, and you shall create a whirlwind of confusion within you in your attempt to be finding your answer, so to speak, in how you may discontinue the pain, and all the while, you are concentrating upon the pain!

In this, this is the expression of complication, and the simplicity is to merely move your attention.  All you need be incorporating is to turn your attention ever so slightly, and the pain shall cease to continue, and you shall not be concentrating upon the pain once it has ceased, and you shall allow yourself other avenues of movement.

But as you continue to hold your attention in one direction, you block the other choices that are available to you.  This is the action of not engaging your periphery, and this also is quite familiar within your expressions in physical focus.

The engagement of periphery and moving your attention is unfamiliar.  The mere expression of ease and simplicity is unfamiliar and suspect!

You may express within yourselves, “How may this be?  There must be a trick.  There must be another expression to be incorporated, for this expression is much too simple.”  It IS quite simple!

You actually incorporate this action quite frequently, but you do not pay attention to THAT action that you are creating!  You distract yourselves continuously!  You move your attention from one area to another, and once you have moved your attention, what occupied your attention within the moment previous is no longer within your reality, and this is your validation that you actually DO create every expression within the moment.

DAVID:  We have to wind up now because the tape is running out.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I offer my invitation to you all, that we may participate in objective interaction once again, and I express to each of you encouragement in your movements, and I express an offering of my energy to you each as you continue.

In great affection to you all, au revoir!

GROUP:  Au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:23 PM.

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