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 “Your Relationship With Money”  “Acquiring versus Creating”   “Creating What You Want”

Session #740
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Brenda.

Elias arrives at 2:38 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!


ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  How shall we proceed this day?

BRENDA:  Well, I have a few practical questions about my life.

ELIAS:  Very well.

BRENDA:  First of all, I have created one heck of a money situation, and I need to know why I keep doing this so I can stop.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Express to myself the nature of your concern.

BRENDA:  Well, I spend so much that I get involved in crisis situations that I have to creatively solve, and I don’t want to keep doing that.  I want to learn how to manifest more money coming in, or change ... I don’t know.  I have no idea.  I just know I need to change my relationship to money.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  First of all, you may be examining that very expression — your relationship to money.  For in this, you view this manifestation of money as an element outside of you, a manifestation to be acquired, and thusly, subsequent to the acquisition of it, an entity to be exchanged in different manners and to be given away.

In examining this expression of your relationship to money, you may begin to alter your perception with respect to this manifestation by recognizing the beliefs that influence your perception of it.

First of all, it is not a separate entity to be acquired or to be given away.  It is a creation of you, of your expression.

Therefore, as you concentrate upon this particular manifestation of yourself through the beliefs that you hold in relation to this expression of yourself, you create a translation of those beliefs in your perception, and your perception creates an actual reality with regard to this particular manifestation.

Therefore, your inquiry is, how may you alter your reality in relation to money?  How may you move in a different expression and create a different expression in relation to this manifestation of money?  And the method that you are looking to and inquiring of myself to be offering you information of is in actuality, how shall I alter my perception or move my perception and therefore allow myself the incorporation of more choices that I may be expressing in my reality, that I may accomplish my want, correct?

BRENDA:  Correct.

ELIAS:  In this, it is not the addressing to the money that shall alter the situation, but addressing to the perception which shall alter the situation or the reality in this expression.

Now; this may be accomplished by allowing yourself to pay attention and genuinely examine your perception.  What is your perception in relation to this manifestation of money?  What beliefs are influencing your perception? For your beliefs are not what create your reality.  Your perception creates your reality, and your perception creates a translation of those beliefs in many, many, many, many manners.

Therefore, the examination begins in what beliefs you align with in relation to this manifestation of money, how you assess yourself in your ability to be creating this manifestation, what obstacles and limitations you place upon yourself in relation to your beliefs, and how you translate all of these associations into a perception that creates the actual reality.

Now; first of all, I may identify one aspect of beliefs that you hold individually that is quite influencing of your perception of yourself and of your abilities and of this manifestation of money, and that may be identified in your association and belief concerning self in regard to discipline.

You hold a belief which expresses to you that discipline in relation to money is good and a lack of discipline in relation to money is not good, and that you do not incorporate this entity that you term to be discipline, as though it were a thing in itself to be created, to be acquired, or to be developed.

And in this, the association is that some individuals hold a natural ability in the expression of discipline and some individuals do not, and in some expressions, some individuals do not naturally express their direction with the incorporation of discipline, and in this particular expression of the manifestation of and the exchange of money, you do not view yourself to be an individual that incorporates an expression of natural discipline.

This is influencing of your perception.  For in this, as you create an association with that belief, the belief expresses a direction to your perception.  It expresses a communication to your perception, and your perception translates that communication in conjunction with other associations of other beliefs, and it couples them together to create an actual reality.

You are inquiring to myself the specifics of method of how you may alter your reality in relation to this particular expression of money.  I am expressing to you the mechanics of how you create your reality through the interplay of your beliefs and your perception, and how that manifests an actual reality.

Once you allow yourself to view how you are actually creating your reality through the mechanisms that you have designed to BE creating your reality, you allow yourself more movement in addressing to what you want and what you wish to be creating.

It is not a question of objective concentration upon a direction through thought or through an elusive idea of projecting energy, but familiarizing yourself with you and how you actually create your reality.  What are the influences of that creation?

Now; in this, as you create an association in relation to the identification of discipline, you also move into associations with other aspects of beliefs.  You incorporate quite obviously the coupling to different aspects of the belief system of duplicity, which expresses the rights and the wrongs of all of your movements.

You also incorporate associations as to self and your measurement of worth, not in what may be termed as an overall general expression of worth, but worth in relation to your abilities and your capacity to be expressing certain abilities or manifesting certain abilities.  In this, as you associate difficulty in expressing your ability to move freely, you also create a devaluation of your individual worth.

Now; a key aspect to this investigation of self and this exploration of how you create your reality is the recognition of choice.  Individuals do not create certain expressions within their objective reality as they do not view that they hold the choice.  Choice offers you a validation of ability.

If you are viewing that you do not hold an ability to be manifesting any type of expression within your reality, you have already denied yourself choice. The denial of choice creates a separation of yourself and all that you create, and the perception is created in the reality that you are separate from all that is expressed within your reality.  Therefore, a manifestation such as money becomes separate from you.

In this, you no longer view yourself as the chooser and the generator, the creator.  You view yourself as the individual that seeks to acquire what you do not possess.

Are you understanding thus far?

BRENDA:  Sort of. (Elias chuckles)  Let me say this.  In my life, it’s not ... like you said, it’s not just money.  It’s everything that I have a strong desire for.  I block it.  Somehow or other, a roadblock comes up, and it keeps me from manifesting what I want.

ELIAS:  I am understanding, and this is the direction that we are discussing, for you continue to view what you want as an acquisition rather than an expression of you.  There is a great difference in the manifestation of these two perceptions.

There is a tremendous freedom that is expressed within the individual as you allow yourself to recognize that you are choosing, and you are not a “victim of.”

(Intently)  Each time you separate yourself from any other expression, each time you view what you want to be separate from yourself, you create a perception — which creates an actual reality — that that expression, that object, that movement, regardless of what it may be, is something other than you, and you offer that power, and you deny yourself choice.

BRENDA:  What about fear, though?

ELIAS:  You create a very similar action in relation to fear.  You create an expression of fear and you project energy outward, and in this, the fear becomes an entity in itself, for you have created it to be, and it is offered the power of your energy, which denies you your choices.

Fear is a tremendous expression of denial of choice and a tremendous creation of the role of victim, and this is the point.  Each time you project outwardly, in association, a reality of your perception that these expressions are outside of you and are entities in themselves, they become what dictates to you, rather than you allowing yourself to dictate your reality to you and to enact your freedom of choice.  Fear holds you in the expression and the role of being a victim.

You may look to this expression, this manifestation of money, and you may view a very similar type of creation.  It becomes a thing to be acquired. Therefore, it is a thing within itself.  You are acquiring, not creating, and in this, you limit your choices or you deny your choices.  You do not allow yourself to view what your choices are, or even that you hold choices.

And in this, the “thing” becomes more powerful than your expression of you, and therefore you do not create your want, for you become subject to the thing in itself, be it money, be it fear, be it another individual, be it a creation of physical affectingness within your physical body.  It may be a dis-ease, it may be an expression of an object such as your vehicle, it may be a creature.  It matters not.  All of these expressions are objective physical imagery, and they are not what holds the significance, for they are merely the imagery.  They are the outward expression of your perception, a manifestation of your perception.

Figuratively speaking, all that you view within your reality in physical matter may be likened to an energy hologram that presents an image to you of what you are creating within you, and in this, the physical imagery matters not.  What holds importance is your perception, for the perception is what creates the physical imagery, and this may be changed moment by moment.


ELIAS:  By becoming familiar with your perception, by recognizing within yourself your beliefs that influence and whisper to your perception the directing force of what it shall create, and you accomplish this by looking to self — not to the expressions outside of self, but looking to self — allowing yourself to become familiar with you, and allowing yourself to identify and recognize those influences that are automatic in their expression in directing your perception, such as the influence of merely one aspect of beliefs in the expression of discipline, and the associations that are created in relation to that one expression.

This is not the only aspect of beliefs that influences your creation of your reality in relation to money, but it is one that may easily be identified objectively, and it may be an exercise point, a point that you may view and practice with objectively in creating an exercise within yourself to be examining how that one aspect is affecting of many of your creations and behaviors within your objective focus, and as you allow yourself to become familiar with one aspect, one expression, you also allow yourself to recognize how affecting that is within your reality, and how that denies you your choices and therefore creates obstacles in how you are creating or not creating what you want.

BRENDA:  So I need to become aware of my beliefs.

ELIAS:  Yes, and identify within yourself the expressions in which you automatically move into the role of the victim, not merely in association with outside expressions, but within yourself.  For this expression of victim is the denial of choice. (30-second pause)

BRENDA:  I want to move on, but I’m not really clear about any of this, and I don’t know if I should leave it yet.

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may continue.

BRENDA:  Alright, this is what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been watching myself during the day, my thoughts, and whenever I run across, say, a negative belief or limiting belief, I write it down and then I put it in a little box.  When I write it, it puts more of my awareness into it, and I see how that’s limiting me, but I feel I don’t know exactly how to go about ... I know how to become aware of it.  I just don’t know how to change it.

ELIAS:  Quite, and this is the challenge.

It is not an expression of changing the belief.  It is also not an expression of eliminating the belief.

The recognition, for yourself and for many other individuals now within this time framework, becomes less and less challenging, less and less difficult. You hold an awareness that you hold belief systems.  You recognize that they are influencing of you and of your perception, and you allow yourself objectively an awareness to an extent that you may be identifying what beliefs are influencing of you, and you stop, and you become confused and frustrated and express to yourself, “Very well.  I have identified this belief, and now what shall I DO with this belief?”

And this is the direction that creates your confusion and your frustration and the obstacles, for it is not an expression of “doing” in the terms that you automatically associate and define.  It is not a question of “doing” in changing or eliminating.  It is a manner of allowing yourself to be recognizing further, and accepting.

For in this, as you continue to attempt to move yourself into the “doing” or the “doing about,” (chuckling) you continue to limit your choices, for you continue to place judgment upon yourself and upon what you are creating, and as you create those judgments upon yourself and your creations and express the unacceptability of them, you continue to concentrate upon those beliefs and reinforce that energy.

Now; as you allow yourself, in the midst of your creation, to move into not merely a recognition of your belief, but stopping your judgment upon that belief and identifying in that belief how it is denying you your choices, you may begin to offer yourself the identification of the choice that you want and offer yourself permission to create that, regardless that the belief is expressing that you cannot create that.

This is the “doing,” so to speak.  It is not an actual physical action, but a recognition of what you are creating, your associations within your perception, your translation of your beliefs, and in that, the identification of how you are denying yourself your enactment of choice and therefore denying your freedom.

For this is the base expression, in simplicity, of all of your limitations — your expression to yourself that you can not or you may not, and it is camouflaged in a myriad of expressions.  At times you camouflage the “can not” or “may not” with your identification of being respectful or being helpful or being understanding, or that you do not possess certain physical capabilities or certain mental capabilities, certain intellectual capabilities.  You camouflage the expression of denial of choice in many, many, many different manners.

The objective, in what I am expressing to you, is to allow yourself to strip away the camouflage and view the actual expression of the denial of choice. What are you expressing to yourself that you cannot accomplish, that you may not accomplish?  What do you view within your reality that you are not allowing yourself to accomplish?  What is your criteria?  What are your prerequisites?  What must you acquire or hold before you offer yourself permission to create what you want to create?  These are the expressions of limitation.

You wish to be creating a relationship with another individual, hypothetically.  What are your prerequisites?  What are your conditions? What are your expectations of yourself and of the creation of the relationship, your criteria for that creation or the accomplishment of that creation?

Within all of that criteria, I may express to you, you shall find many limitations, for you shall find many expressions in which you deny yourself your choice, for you are unfamiliar with your choices, and you do not accept that you are in actuality the center of the cosmos!  YOU are what is creating EVERY expression within your reality!

You are not acquiring money.  You are not acquiring a relationship.  You are manifesting it!  It is an expression OF you.  You create limitation as you express to yourself that you do not hold the ability.

BRENDA:  Alright, let’s use an example ...

ELIAS:  Very well.

BRENDA:  ... so I can kind of crystallize what you’re saying.  My strongest dream is to be a singer, okay?  I’ve had that all my life.  My limitation/fear/belief is that it will jeopardize my marriage.

ELIAS:  And therefore, it shall, for this is what you express.  This is what you believe.

Now ... very well.  We may incorporate viewing this example.

You hold a desire and a tremendous want to be creating of this particular action and allowing yourself to express yourself in that manner, [but] your attention moves outside of yourself.  Your limitation is created as you move your attention outside of yourself and you hold your attention upon the perception and the creations — or the perceived creations — of another individual.

YOU are creating a perception within yourself.  It is not the other individual that is dictating to you.  The other individual ... even within an actual verbal exchange of communication to you, in hypothetically expressing to you, “Shall you move in this direction of expressing your creativity in singing, I shall no longer be in partnership with you,” it matters not.  This is an outside expression.  This is the point of what I have been expressing to you this day.  It matters not.  This is outside objective imagery.

What holds significance is your perception, for in this, as you turn your attention to yourself and offer yourself permission to be creating your choice in what you want, you shall create that, and in that creation, the expression of your partner shall alter, for it is YOUR creation.  It is YOUR reality.  It is YOUR perception.

BRENDA:  But isn’t that influencing his free will, though?

ELIAS:  (Firmly)  No!  Not at all!

The other individual is creating the same action.  The other individual is also the center of the cosmos and creates ALL reality, and in this, they create their perception of all of the reality.

You are not creating their reality.  You are not creating their choices. They may allow you to dictate to them the creation of their choices, but this is also a choice, in like manner to what you are creating presently!  You are allowing your perception of another individual — and of the expression that you share in relationship — to dictate to you a denial of your choice.

Let me express to you quite definitely, quite literally, in allowing yourself to create your own choices and [in] trusting and accepting of yourself, the outside, in a manner of speaking, imagery follows as an automatic byproduct. If you are not accepting of you and if you are creating a denial of your choices, you shall also create a reflection to yourself of that action through all of the interactions and creations that you view to be outside of yourself.

BRENDA:  So are you saying that if I gave myself permission to do this, to sing, that my husband would accept it just automatically?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that if you are offering yourself permission to create what you want and allow yourself a free expression of your choice — and YOU are accepting of that in genuineness — I shall express to you that this shall be quite influencing of the other individual also.

Now; more importantly, what I am expressing to you is that this action shall alter your reality and alter your perception, and therefore, your perception of the other individual’s choices shall alter also.  What holds the greatest importance and significance in your physical focus?  Is it your partner or is it yourself?

BRENDA:  It’s split.

ELIAS:  And this is your obstacle.

What holds the greatest significance and importance in your focus is YOU. This is the most important expression, for ALL of your reality — all other individuals within your reality, ALL of your reality — is expressed from that point. (12-second pause)

I have expressed previously, in discussion with individuals, the power of perception and the actual reality of perception, in emphasizing the importance of the individual and of you, and allowing yourself to recognize you and turn your attention to you.  And in this, I have expressed, all that you create, all that you view, all that is created within your reality is created by you.

Therefore, as you interact with your partner, you are creating a perception of your partner.  You are creating an actual physical being of your partner. That is the individual that you interact with, which is a projection of you. It is not the actual other individual.

Therefore, as you walk into a room in your physical dwelling with this physical other individual that you view to be your partner, what you are actually encountering is one individual that is another manifestation, another focus of another essence, and you are viewing your manifestation of that individual.

Therefore, there are two individuals, in actuality, standing before you within your room.  In like manner, there are two individuals of you standing before your partner within your room — the one that is you [and] the one that is the projection of your partner’s perception of you.  The one that you interact with is your projection of the individual through your perception.

(Intently)  Therefore, quite literally, every expression, every thing within your reality is created by you.

In this, as you deny yourself your choices through the perception that another individual shall be creating an action that you wish not to be engaged with, it shall BE created, for you shall create it!  The other individual is not creating this.  YOU are creating this.

This is what I am expressing to you, in allowing yourself to view why you create these limitations.  What limitations do you create?  What is the influence of your perception through your beliefs?

You may be amazing yourself objectively in allowing yourself to offer yourself that permission to create what you want, and how that shall alter your perception in such a manner of your reality that you may be quite surprised in how powerful this action is, in actuality.

Why shall you deny yourself ANY of your choices?  Why shall you create a limitation upon yourself in your expression of creativity, as dictated by another individual, as dictated by situations or circumstances?  The only individual that may deny any expression to you is you. (22-second pause)

These are quite simple concepts, and simultaneously, they are quite unfamiliar and difficult in their application within your physical expression, for you struggle strongly in the attempt to be accepting.

Let me express to you, there is tremendous freedom in the expression of acceptance.  The acceptance of self offers a tremendous expression of liberation, for it allows you tremendous mobility and offers you a free flow within your energy, within all that you create.

You complicate these simple movements by allowing the automatic dictation of your beliefs rather than viewing those beliefs and expressing an acceptance of them, and knowing that you may CHOOSE.

BRENDA:  Well, our time is up.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Let me offer to you, my friend, encouragement.

Let me also offer to you, in this now, an expression of my energy that you may receive and hold with you in your movement, that may allow a reinforcement to you that you are a wondrous individual and that it is unnecessary for you to be denying yourself your natural expression.  You shall not lose in allowing yourself this freedom.  You shall gain more than you realize.  Therefore, I shall continue to offer energy to you and be with you.

BRENDA:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  To you in great affection and in anticipation of our continued interaction, for I shall continue with you.  To you this day, au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:39 PM.

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