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Terrorists ... 3278 The Rome Group Session

ELIAS: Another individual that believes that an action that generates killing many other individuals and includes suicide for themself, they are motivated to that action for they believe they are right. They trust their philosophy. Are they less right than an individual that believes that it is wrong to kill other individuals or to kill yourself? No. They are not less correct. They are different.


As I expressed previously, what becomes dangerous is when individual’s guidelines and opinions and justifications are expressed in extreme, when they become fanatical. When individuals express fanaticism, they are disconnecting – to a degree, not entirely – but it can lead them into disconnecting entirely, for it can lead them into aggression. As I have expressed, aggression is the one action that you can engage within physical focus that expressly, entirely disconnects you. That is the only action that you can express that will do that, for it is unnatural for you. You are interconnected by nature. You are intermingled in energy by nature. That is what you are, as consciousness, as essence. But you can alter that, and aggression is the one expression that will alter that and will sever that connection – not permanently, but for the time framework that you are expressing it. It not only disconnects you, but it disconnects whoever it is directed to. That is the reason that fanaticism is a dangerous expression, but in fanatical expressions, individuals perceive that they are right.


Now; from the perspective of an individual, such as yourself, and the perception of most of the individuals that you would be interacting with, such as all of the individuals in this room, you share a commonality in perception of honoring life and valuing that, and honoring and valuing freedom while you exist within physical focus. Other individuals that you label in this present time framework as terrorists value freedom also. It merely is not as important to them within physical focus, for they believe they will achieve that nonphysically, and that is more important to them. It is a matter of importance and perception.


In that, this is the significance of your power, not to sway other individuals, unless it is to influence them in relation to the appreciation of themself in the present. This is a factor that drives many expressions of fanaticism, is that they project. They project futurely, and they discount the present and the now. Therefore, they are willing to sacrifice the now for the future. In that, a very significant component of that is that they have been taught and they have learned – very similar to most of you in varying degrees, if not all of you in varying degrees – that they are not valuable in themselves, that they are not important as an individual, that they are less than.


I would express in varying degrees all of you have been taught that, that you are not ultimately important, you are not the most important individual in the world – but you are. You are not the center of the universe – but you are. You are not ultimately valuable – but you are. And you are definitely not deserving, unless you earn it – but you are. You are deserving merely for the factor that you exist and breathe. There is no other requirement. As long as you continue to breathe, you deserve. But that is not what you are taught; that is not what you learn. And in varying degrees, individuals learn that in different strengths.


Individuals learn that they are important if they have power, but that power is external. They do not even understand what the idea or the concept of individual, personal inner power is and how powerful that is. They use fear, and they reinforce that with aggression and dictates. And because all of you have been taught from birth that you are not ultimately important, that you are not the center of the universe, that you are not the primary, you are the secondary, and because you have been taught that throughout your lives, you acquiesce to the individuals that express that external power through fear, for you are already afraid. For that is what you have been taught since birth, to be afraid and to not be valued in the importance that you deserve by rights.


Even as infants, how many infants are exposed to their first instruction of not being primary importance for their parents allow them to cry and cry and cry? An infant cries for it is communicating, and that is its first verbal language, is to make noise, and that is what it does. It cries when it wants, and when it is ignored – and the parents justify that ignoring by expressing that they are teaching that infant to be self-soothing, or they are not spoiling that infant – it will learn not to be demanding. And to varying degrees, all of you have experienced that and more throughout your lives.


Now; you have also all offered yourselves information. You are seekers. You look for information. You kept that spark of your own importance. No matter how deeply it was buried, a tiny spark remains, and you have kindled it through your lives. You may have kept it under a jar, but it never extinguished, or you would not be interacting with myself at this moment. Now you are rediscovering your importance.


In this, you are also discovering the power of perception, and how strongly it can be held in absolute, and in those absolutes, I would express that any one of you would express that you are right, that war is wrong, that murder is wrong, that mutilation of small children is wrong, that torture of animals is wrong – and you use words that support that: torture, mutilation, terrorism. In that, you believe in the depths of your hearts that you are right, and you justify yourselves, and you express very strong judgment to other individuals that express differently and disagree that they are wrong, and they do the same. But the point is YOU do the same. You judge them equally as much as they judge you. That is the point, and that is how we connect that to our original subject in that interconnectedness.

It is not necessary for you to agree with each other. It is not necessary for you to hold the same opinion. It is not wrong for you to incorporate your own philosophy in your lives, and to hold those judgments that you are right and another individual is wrong. That in itself is not wrong. It is dangerous and intrusive when you begin to express those guidelines and those opinions in extremes and begin to entirely devalue other individuals. You may not agree with them, you may even believe that they are wrong, but they are also individuals, the same as yourselves, and they are deserving the same as yourselves. They are important the same as yourselves, and they are valuable the same as yourselves. Even a dictator, even an individual that is a military leader, they are individuals that are important and valuable also. You merely do not agree with what they are doing.


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