The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer focused in physical dimensional realities and who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  To read many other interesting Topics/Transcripts click on the 'Elias Sessions/Transcripts' link at the top of this page. 


The following question is from a mother who's son has had thoughts about suicide.

Q:  What happens when you commit suicide?


And I know that you’ve addressed to this before, but if you wouldn’t mind reiterating on that, because I know he’ll look at what is spoken directly to him, whereas he won’t look back at the other transcripts.  He still has this belief that he’ll come back as a conjoined twin if he commits suicide, and I think that’s just his way of making himself not commit suicide.  He also has this belief that I have to come back as his mother, and I have expressed to him that you have told both of us that we are both final focuses.  I don’t go into the simultaneous time thing because I try to alleviate his anxiety.  But anyway, his question is, what happens when you commit suicide?


ELIAS:  I may express that this is quite dependent upon the individual, for it is an individual expression and choice, and there is a definite involvement of the individual’s beliefs that are incorporated in this type of choice.


In this situation, addressing directly to this individual and his curiosity as to what may occur if he is choosing to be engaging this action of suicide, I may express that the challenges and what he perceives to be difficulties that he engages within this physical focus now may be expressed in different imagery, but they shall not be eliminated or merely disappear, in your terms, through the engagement of this action.


He may choose to be disengaging physical focus, and I may express to him that this is merely a choice.  It matters not.


But the beliefs and the strength of the objective perception of this individual in this particular focus shall not automatically be eliminated or altered into an expression of comfort and bliss merely in the action of, figuratively speaking, moving himself into another country.  For the movement into the expression of death and into nonphysical areas of consciousness may be expressed quite similarly as movement into a physical difference of location of country within your physical dimension.  He is merely altering his creation of environment, but he continues to engage himself in that environment.


I may express to you that the objective awareness does not automatically and immediately disengage merely in the action of disengaging physical focus.  This is an aspect of the movement of transition, to be shedding beliefs that are associated with this physical dimension and shedding the objective awareness that is associated with this physical dimension, but that action is not an immediate expression within transition, and I may express to you, many individuals do not move themselves into the actual action of transition non-physically immediately either.


In recognition of this particular individual’s energy and expression and beliefs and challenges that he is creating in this now, I may express quite genuinely, were he to be disengaging this day, his objective imagery in nonphysical expression would appear as physical as it appears now.  The objective expression and reality would be created in such similarity to what is being expressed now in physical focus that he, as an individual, temporarily may not even distinguish the subtle differences, to the point that he may choose to allow a fuller expression of his beliefs, and allowing them an expression in actual physical manifestation in an objective manner.


For in actuality, he would not be participating in your actual physical dimension, but make no misunderstanding in this.  As an individual continues to engage their objective awareness, their projection of imagery appears to them as equally solid and objectively real, in physical terms, as it would were they to be continuing within physical dimensions.


In this, the difference is that there is an allowance for the beliefs also, in the construct of the design of the individual’s thought processes, [which] may be created in fullness in physical expression.


Therefore, there is tremendous potential for this individual, were he to be disengaging in this now, to experience for what you term to be a time framework an association of creating physical imagery, as though, in your terms, he were continuing to be participating in this physical dimension, and a tremendous potential for an eventual movement into an allowance of an expression to be formed, in physical imagery, of this fear that he shall manifest — or remanifest, in his terms — as conjoined physical twins.  Although he shall not in actuality be remanifesting in this physical dimension, he may be creating that type of objective imagery in such preciseness that it may appear to him to be the expression of participation in this physical reality.  Are you understanding?


Q:  Yes, I am.  I am understanding.


ELIAS:  Therefore, I may express to you quite literally, what occurs in an individual’s choice to be creating this action of suicide is quite dependent upon the individual and their beliefs and their expression of reality, and what they engage in their perception in that time framework within physical reality.  For the choice of suicide is merely a choice to be altering the environment of consciousness, but it is not an expression that alters the individual or the expression of their reality in association with their beliefs.


Q:  If I shared that information or he read that information, of what you’ve just expressed, would that be beneficial to him, or would that make him even more fearful? (14-second pause)


ELIAS:  It is dependent upon his choice in his allowance of acceptance of the offering of this information, and I may express to you within this now, the expression of this individual is not created in what you would term to be a following of a direction, so to speak.  He is following a direction, but the choice of his direction is an expression very much in the now.  Therefore, from moment to moment within your linear time framework, his direction is to be responsive to what is most strongly being expressed within him in that moment.


Now; let me express to you, in this, he may be incorporating one understanding of this information in one moment, and he may alter that understanding or association with it within another moment.  Are you understanding?


Q:  I see.  So he’ll vacillate.  Is the new medicine he has just started on now ... I know this sounds like crystal ball stuff, but if you have any information, because of the pain that all this causes, I would appreciate it.  Is the new medicine he is starting on going to help him?


ELIAS:  Interesting terminology.  Shall it be helpful to him?  No.  Shall it be allowed to be altering of some of what he chooses to be creating?  Partially, for there is an incorporation of his own beliefs in association with this.  But I shall also express to you, his beliefs presently are influencing his creations in association with this medication, which may appear to you to not be objectively beneficial.


Q:  Yeah, that’s usually what I come to in my understanding of the situation, but it’s painful to watch this, and I never know what, if anything, I can do to help, ‘cause it really feels like nothing I do helps.  I understand that it’s his reality and that he is creating it, and that I’m also creating my situation of being in participation with it, and also that what he’s creating is also myself.  But that’s the part of this reality that gets so confusing and difficult.  It’s easy to think about other realities where there’s not these physical complications and complexities.  But when you’re here, it’s in your face, so to speak. (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) #760


Q:  One of the main things that has, in this focus, continuously, partly, caused me anguish is wondering what I'm doing here. When I was 14 I suicided, and it was very deliberate. It wasn't like the cry for help or anything, it was definite: "Ok, I'm outta here. I'm just gonna..." And of course, my mistake was thinking that I was just going to cop out and take a long nap. (Laughs) But that was a long time ago, that was when I was 14, and the doctors all said, "You had enough to kill 10 people, and normally you shouldn't even be here!" And I was very pissed off when I discovered that I was still here.


Ever since then it's like this continuing quest of "what am I doing here?" I'm not exactly sure what my intent is. Lately I've had these experiences of oneness, of not being separate with things. I've been wanting more of those experiences and... I guess I'm getting myself confused here. (Elias laughs) But I'm still having this "what am I doing here?"

ELIAS: I am understanding.


Q: I am SURE you are! (Laughing)


ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And shall I offer you an explanation?


Q: Okay.


ELIAS: Now; recognize that this explanation applies to you individually and is not associated with final focuses in general. But in association with you individually in this focus, you have quite intentionally, in your terms, failed your attempt to be disengaging, to offer you your opportunity to continue within physical focus to be allowing yourself to move your awareness in an objective manner, which is expressed, in a manner of speaking, more slowly, therefore offering yourself a clarity in your movement rather than engaging this action of disengagement and thrusting yourself into an expression of transition in simultaneousness.


Now; the purpose of this action was to allow yourself an inner recognition that the action of disengaging intentionally in those types of situations in relation to suicide does not generate the type of expression that you expect, for in these types of choices, generally speaking the only action that you incorporate that may appear to be different than what you are generating within your physical focus is that you shall move into a nonphysical expression of it. But even that may not necessarily appear to you and be recognized by you immediately, for you shall continue to generate an objective awareness. This aspect of transition - which in actuality it is an aspect of transition - merely continues to generate the same appearance of reality as you generate within your physical focus. Therefore, as I have expressed previously, you may move to another area of consciousness, but you are bringing you with you. (Q laughs)


Therefore, as you bring you with you, you continue to generate what is familiar to you, and what is familiar is the appearance of your physical dimension and your physical reality which is generated all by your perception, and your perception is a function of your objective awareness. As you continue to incorporate your objective awareness, even nonphysically in these situations, you continue to generate a perception which creates a physical reality which appears to you to be just as solid as that which you engage now, temporarily. Eventually you do recognize that you are not actually interacting with other individual's energy expressions, you are merely interactive with your own, and you shall eventually notice inconsistencies in the physical reality that you are creating, that it shall not entirely match the actual physical reality which you have disengaged from.


But the point is to be allowing yourself an appreciation of you as essence in a physical manifestation in this physical dimension and therefore to generate an ease in movement into transition in nonphysical areas of consciousness. If you do not know how to direct yourself now, what is there that suggests to you that you shall automatically know how you shall direct yourself in nonphysical areas of consciousness? You shall not miraculously incorporate this wondrous remembrance merely in creating the act of disengagement.

This physical dimension is merely another avenue in which essences as consciousness choose to be exploring themselves. For, this is the continuous action of consciousness in itself, to be continuously folding in upon itself and exploring every avenue that it may create, every expansion that it may generate. This particular physical dimension is highly complex and offers you a tremendous diversity in exploration in countless manners. Therefore, it is an immense playground! #1024


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