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Taken from session #324


Q:  Can energies from other dimensions visit this dimension, visit you, visit people here?

ELIAS:  Yes.  This would be termed bleed-throughs, and this occurs quite frequently, and within the action of this shift in consciousness, the frequency of this occurrence increases.

You may be accessing other dimensions in what you term to be conscious awareness.  I shall express to you that all awareness is conscious, for all existence is consciousness.  But within your objective awareness, that which you view to be your waking state of awareness, you may access other areas of consciousness, other dimensions of reality, other physical focuses.  You may access other aspects of yourselves, other focuses that you hold within this dimension AND within other dimensions.

Let me express to you that there are no extraterrestrial aliens, for they are all YOU.  They are merely other aspects of you within other dimensions.  You may be interactive with other dimensions and these other focuses, which hold little or no resemblance to your reality and may appear to be quite foreign.

I have offered information in this area previously, of what you term to be extraterrestrials — beings from other dimensions — and how they are translated into your physical dimension.

What you view within your physical dimension is a translation, not the actual form which appears within another physical dimension, but a form projection that is acceptable to you within this physical dimension, for they are forms that you may understand within your reality.  The forms or lack of forms that may appear within other physical realities are so very unfamiliar to your attention within this dimension that you would not hold a translation or understanding for the viewing of them.

Therefore, you translate what you view, what you physically see, into a form that you may understand, some type of form that is partially familiar to you.  You also translate an interaction with these focuses in a manner that you may understand, just as you translate your dream interaction into terms that you understand objectively.

Your dream state is a translation of imagery in itself.  It is a communication period between yourself as a focus of essence and the whole of essence, and within this communication, as it does not appear in language but is transmitted through energy impulses, you translate this into imagery that you are familiar with within your physical focus.  Therefore, within your dream state you hold images of individuals, of houses, of water, of actions, of creatures.  You do not image objects that are entirely unfamiliar to you, for where shall you draw upon — within what you think of as your imagination — these pictures?  Your attention is focused here.  Therefore, your translation is focused here, into elements that you may understand.

You may not understand a focus of your own essence occupying another dimension which appears to hold no form to your visual sense.  Although it may hold form within a different vibrational quality, your visual sense may not access this form within this particular dimension, for it does not fit within this dimension.

Therefore, for your interaction, you create an agreement with this focus as it allows itself to bleed through into your dimension, and you are creating of a visual, which is quite solid and reality, that you may understand and that shall appear as some sort of being that is translatable within your reality within this dimension.

Some of your focuses do not hold solidity, but you shall not hold an understanding objectively of how to be communicating with this type of focus if you are not translating it into some type of form that does hold solidity.  Therefore, within agreement, energy is reconstructed into your dimension that shall be accommodating of your reality, that you may be interactive.

In like manner, you may be projecting to another dimension and your form shall alter, for you have reconstructed your energy to fit within that physical dimension.

Each dimension holds its own dynamics, so to speak, its own equations.  Within this particular dimension, you hold mathematical systems.  You translate your imagery into physical matter.  Your perception entertains linear time.

You have created a very complex reality within this particular dimension.  Many other dimensions do not hold this complexity.  They are much more simplified, for ALL physical dimensions are created merely for experience.  This is what you do!

As an essence within consciousness, you are within a continual state of becoming, and within this state of becoming, you are continuously exploring and experiencing and creating new elements of consciousness.

Consciousness is not finished, for it is continuously creating itself, as you are continuously creating yourself within all of these dimensions.  And as you continue, you may be choosing to discontinue physical focuses and physical dimensions and be creating and exploring within non-physical dimensions and areas of consciousness.

(Intently)  One is not “better” than another, for there are no essences that are greater or better than any other essences.  There are differences, and these differences are a matter of choice, but there are no “greater than” any other.

You may look to me, and you may view myself as greater than your lowly selves upon your meager working plane of your little planet.  Very, very incorrect!  This essence that you exchange with presently holds no difference to yourself, other than a remembrance.  You focus your attention in one direction and do not allow yourselves the remembrance of yourself and of essence.  I focus my attention in countless areas and DO hold the remembrance of self, but you hold the ability to offer yourselves the remembrance.  In this, there is no difference, for you may access this information also.

Within your present creation, you have chosen and agreed collectively throughout your globe to be creating of a new aspect of reality, which is this shift in consciousness, which is global.  It is not limited to any area of this planet.  It is encompassing of ALL of your physical reality and opens the window for your movement into a new expansiveness of creativity, and the remembrance of yourself and of essence and of what you are, and of the reality of consciousness, which is all.

And THIS is your creation within this shift in consciousness, to allow yourselves to drop these veils and to enter into this area of remembrance, and therefore open yourselves to your own creativity, your own unlimited creations.

Within this present time period, you experience the throes of this shift in consciousness.  Therefore, you also experience conflict and confusion and some trauma, for you are within the midst of addressing to your belief systems.  But as you move into the fullness of this shift, you also move into the fullness of freedom, the acceptance and trust of self, and the altering of all of your reality.

And I express to you that as all IS simultaneous, this shift is already accomplished in other areas of consciousness, merely awaiting its insertion into this particular focus of attention, and in this, the entirety of your reality is altered.

You shall continue to hold physical forms.  You shall not become little green squashy guys!  You shall continue to interact with each other through the mode of language, although you shall also be engaging your inner senses much more efficiently.  Therefore, if you are choosing not to be engaging physical language, it shall be unnecessary, but you shall hold a continuation of your communications.

Much of your focus shall be much different.  I have expressed previously that the entirety of your structure of your reality — your currencies, your governments, your societies — shall all be very altered, for all of these structures shall be unnecessary.  Who shall you follow if you are following yourself?

You have created following specifically designated individuals — OR creations of your own projections, your gods — for millenniums, and now you are bored and you are restless and you are awaiting moving into a new exploration of self.  All that you have projected previously in all of its glory, of your heavens and of your heavenly beings and of your masters and of your gods, are all the mirror images, the outward projections of your very selves.

You have concepts that you have created out of what you know of yourselves, for this is what you are, and you project this outwardly to be creating of magnificent beings in concept.  In reality, the magnificent beings are yourselves, with all of your creativities!  These are merely mirror images.

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so choosing this evening. (Smiling)  To you all, I shall be returning momentarily.  I express, I am hopeful that you are not all banishing yourselves in the meantime! (Chuckling)

BREAK   8:52 PM
RESUME  9:18 PM (Arrival time is 11 seconds)

Q:  Elias, I’d like to ask you about something that’s happened to me in the recent past four years.  I’d like to ask, first of all, if I’m seeing what I believe I’m seeing! (Laughing)  You call them bleed-throughs, and I call them visitors.  Am I really seeing them, or ... am I not?

ELIAS:  Ah!  Or are they merely a figment of your imagination?  Which, imagination is reality!  Yes, they are real. (Grinning)

Q:  Well, who are they? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  You have held different experiences within different time periods.  In these different experiences, you are not engaging the same action always.  What you have accomplished is opening your awareness to encompass other aspects of consciousness that you may not allow yourself without this widening of awareness.  You merely do not offer yourself the explanation of what you are encountering, but I am acknowledging that you ARE widening your awareness, or you would not be encountering these “visitations,” so to speak.

In some of these encounters, you are engaging energy of your own essence in different focuses, some within other-dimensional focuses, which as you allow yourself to open to your awareness more, these types of encounters shall become more vivid.

Some of your encounters have been with focuses within THIS dimension.  These you may access quite easily.  You may manipulate this very easily yourself, and you may call upon these focuses within this dimension, or move within the direction of visitation of them if you are so choosing, for the interaction between focuses within the same dimension flows much easier.  There are not dimensional veils that are limiting of the interaction.




NORM: I have been reading the book "The Day After Roswell," and the description by Colonel Corso in regard to his involvement in the forties and fifties and sixties, in regard to hiding the information of the Roswell event and the extraterrestrials that they found there. This appears to me to be true, what was written in this book. Is that a one point? (Laughter) Substantially true.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I have expressed previously that these actions and materializations within your physical matter are reality.

NORM: These entities, or these focuses, or whatever you want to ... other-dimensional focuses, okay? Would that be a good term for them?

ELIAS: Quite. (Grinning)

NORM: Alright. They had unusual features and characteristics, such as Walter Reed Army Hospital could not determine how they received any energy because they didn't have digestive capability, other than their skin was quite unusual.

ELIAS: You believe that all existences must be bearing some resemblance to your identification of life and its functioning!

NORM: Well, I'm trying to change that!

ELIAS: This is incorrect! Other dimensions function differently, this being what I was expressing to you in yesterday; in that the insertion of another dimensional focus into your dimension shall alter its structure somewhat to fit into your physical matter, but it may bear no resemblance to your functioning.

NORM: Right. And it does not necessarily bear any resemblance to their functioning in their dimension?

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: They seem to have the ability to control this craft mentally. That is the conclusion of the people that were involved in the analysis of that, through ...

ELIAS: This is an interpretation.

NORM: ... and they actually accomplished this through a headband that had unusual characteristics. But if a human put it on, he could actually get shocked.

ELIAS: This also is an interpretation. It is a manipulation of energy which is different from your own and not understood by your species.

NORM: Yet.

ELIAS: It does not involve what you identify as telepathy.

NORM: Their control panels had nothing except indentations for their four fingers. They only had four fingers. Was that the way that they were actually controlling the craft?

ELIAS: As I have stated, it is an entirely different manipulation of energy than you are familiar with. At this present moment, you would not understand the manipulation of energy that these focuses choose within their reality, for you may only understand your own identification with energy, which is not entirely encompassing of the identity of energy. Therefore, you do not understand all of its functioning and aspects. In this, a manipulation of energy is so foreign to your thinking that you would not hold an understanding. You would automatically translate into ideas that you may understand, as you are already translating into ideas that you may understand! This merely creates another belief system. #193

And now that I have provided an element of joyfulness for this evening with one individual, I shall take my leave of you and I shall be anticipating our next meeting.  I express to you all much energy, and great lovingness also.  I bestow to you great affection, and offer you this evening a very fond au revoir!

GROUP:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 10:11 PM.

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