The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer focused in physical dimensional realities, and who delivers this information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  To read many other interesting Topics/Transcripts click on the 'Elias Sessions/Transcripts' link at the top of this page. 




“You are essence. Therefore, you are much larger and greater than you view yourselves to be within one particular focus. (lifetime) This now which you identify, and the you that you know and that you are familiar with, is one focus of essence.” #488


I incorporate the term ‘focus’ rather than your term of ‘lifetime.’ For what you are is a focus of attention of essence.

“You are actually much greater than you appear to be within this physical dimension, and you are unfamiliar, for you have forgotten what you are. You are consciousness. You are an essence of consciousness, which incorporates a personality energy, which is not separated from all of consciousness but generates a unique distinction of personality energy.

“Now; as essence, you are tremendously vast, and in similar manner to what you recognize as yourself in this physical manifestation, you incorporate many attentions. You move your attention in many, many directions. As essence, you also move your attention in many directions, but you move it all simultaneously.

“Therefore, what you term to be ‘past lives’ is in actuality other focuses of attention of you, and they are all occurring now. It is merely an illusion that you perceive time in a linear fashion, for this is an aspect of the design of this particular physical dimension. There are many physical dimensions, but in this particular physical dimension you have created a design of time that moves in a linear fashion; therefore, this is the manner in which you perceive your reality. In this, you view past, present and future. In actuality, all of the attentions are present; they merely appear to be past or future in association with this particular dimension.” #1120

FEMALE: I’m particularly interested in knowing how long it takes one to reincarnate. I don’t think there’s a rule of thumb, but for this plane, is it many thousands of years, or can it happen with the next baby, so to speak?

ELIAS: This is a difficult subject matter for individuals within this physical dimension, for you have created very strong belief systems in the area of reincarnation.

Now; I shall initially express to you that reincarnation, in the manner that it is expressed in your philosophy, is a belief system. It does not occur in the manner that you express to yourselves within your ideas.

In actuality, outside of this physical dimension and outside of certain other physical dimensions – for this is not the only physical dimension which is in existence – but outside of physical dimensions, time does not exist in the manner in which you think.

Time is simultaneous. Time is an element which has been created in consciousness, and therefore is, in a manner of speaking, an entity in itself, but it is also relative to each physical dimension in its expression and its movement. In this particular physical dimension, you create the perception and the movement of time in linear fashion.

Now; let me also clarify in this area. The perception is your thought process of how time moves. It is your identification of the element of time and its movement in a fashion of forward. This is what we express as linear time. It moves in a line. You move from past to present to future, and all of your reality is encompassed by this creation of the movement of time. Therefore, even your language moves in conjunction with your creation of time.

Once you move outside of this physical dimension, the element of time is not relative any longer. Therefore, it is not created in the same manner.

This moves in conjunction with your belief system of reincarnation, for you view your reality to be moving through moments of time that you record as history. You also have created a perception of memory, which allows you recall of events and experiences, which also moves in a linear fashion.

In this, your perception of death as not being a final discontinuation of yourself moves into an identification of a return or a remanifestation, for you continue a thought process in a linear fashion.

In actuality, you do hold many focuses, that which you identify as lifetimes. I express the terminology of focuses quite purposefully. The entirety of the summation of all focuses within one particular physical dimension would be designated as a lifetime, so to speak, and all of those focuses – which you identify as lifetimes – are different directions of attention within the lifetime occupied in one physical dimension.

Now; as we discuss an individual focus, be not misunderstanding that you may think to yourself that you are merely a piece or a part of an essence, for you are not. You are the entirety of essence. Your attention presently is focused in one direction. This is not to say that this is all of you. It is merely the direction of your attention that you are focusing upon, and you may view your physical manifestation presently, now, and offer yourselves an example of this type of action.

You perceive one physical body form. This you identify as you. Within this one physical body form, many actions are occurring simultaneously. You hold five outer senses which are continuously, nonstopping, processing input of stimulation and information of your environment and of yourself, but you are not holding your attention within the action of your outer senses. Therefore, you are not noticing all that is being processed and all that is being created within the action of the function of your outer senses.

Within your physical body form, there are infinite actions that are occurring simultaneously, and you are not focusing your attention upon any of the actions that are occurring continuously within your physical body form.

Outside of your physical body, many actions are occurring. You are participating in interaction with other individuals. You have created an environment in which you are participating within and you have created a world which is affecting of you, and you are affecting of it. But within a particular moment, you may not be holding your attention in the area of noticing any of these elements that are all occurring simultaneously. You may hold your attention quite singularly, and merely be aware of one action.

Presently within this very moment, now, you are aware of the interaction that you are listening to with myself. You are not holding your attention in the area of any other action that is occurring within this dwelling.

This is not to say that actions are not occurring. They are, and you are also participating in these actions by your mere existence within this room.

The point of this explanation is to offer you slightly more of an understanding of how very many actions occur. It is your perception which identifies what you view, and within your perception, you view where you are directing your attention.

As essence, you are directing your attention – one of your attentions – to this particular focus, and you are participating in this focus. You do not allow yourselves the awareness of all of the other focuses which are occurring simultaneously.

This relates to your belief system of reincarnation, for within this belief system, you believe that you manifest, or that you are born, and you move through a particular focus and you die, and you are born again and you move through and you die, and you repeat and you repeat and you repeat.

What I am expressing to you is that in actuality, all of your focuses are occurring now. You do not manifest or create being born, and move through a focus and create death, and subsequently remanifest. They are all occurring now, for all of reality is occurring now.

The element of time in linear fashion is a creation that is relative to this particular physical dimension and has been quite purposefully inserted into this physical reality.

You have chosen to be creating a reality in which you shall slow your movement and your actions, that you may experience the fullness of all that you create physically, that you may view and examine and evaluate and experience and assimilate all of the wonders of which you create in this physical dimension.

Now; in this, essences choose different numbers, so to speak, of manifestations that they shall insert into any particular physical dimension. Each of you, as an essence, chooses how many times you shall focus your attention within this particular dimension, and this is entirely the choice of each essence.

As to remanifestation, I shall also express to you that there is an action that occurs in conjunction with your creation of linear time within this dimension. It is not in actuality a remanifestation.

Therefore, as you choose the moment that you shall disengage from this reality – or at that moment that you term to be death – you shall continue the you that you identify. The you that you know shall continue in nonphysical areas of consciousness, for you have already offered yourself the experience of this particular physical dimension, and as essence is focused in many, many different attentions within one physical dimension, it is unnecessary for any one focus to be re-entering into that physical dimension.

As you disengage this physical dimension, you shall move into another area of consciousness which we designate as Regional Area 3, which is the area of transition. In this area of consciousness, the action which occurs is the shedding of belief systems which are held in conjunction with this particular physical dimension, for they are unnecessary in nonphysical areas of consciousness.

You also shall disengage your objective awareness within this action of transition, for objective awareness is also a creation which is relative and useful within physical dimensions, but is unnecessary within nonphysical areas of consciousness.

Your objective awareness is all that you view physically – all that you think, all that you hold in emotion, all that you perceive physically. This is your objective awareness, which is unnecessary outside of a physical dimension. Therefore, this also is shed within the action of transition.

At that point, so to speak, once the belief systems have been shed and the objective awareness has been shed, you hold the choice of movement into any action and any area of consciousness, and you hold the choice to be creating any new action or area of consciousness for your exploration, for essences are continuously within a state of becoming, and in this state of becoming, there is a continuous action of exploration of consciousness and a continuous action of creation of consciousness. This is never-ending.

Now; in this choice to be continuing within any area of consciousness nonphysically, at times, that aspect of essence which has been identified as an individual focus may choose to be projecting an aspect of their consciousness into an element of physical focus within any physical dimension.

This is not to say that they are remanifesting. They are merely projecting an aspect of their consciousness into another area of physical reality to be experiencing that element of physical reality.

In this, individuals also create a belief system that they may be reincarnated into a creature. You do not remanifest as a creature. Creatures are not essence. They are a creation of you as essence.

Therefore, you hold the ability to project an aspect of yourself into the consciousness of a creature and to be creating a reality in conjunction with a creature, but you do not manifest as a creature, for this would be quite limiting to you within a physical dimension.

You allow yourselves much more freedoms of exploration in the manifestation of your species than is allowed, so to speak, in the creation of creatures within your physical dimension, for they are a creation of yours, in a manner of speaking.

In this, in agreement, as they are also consciousness, they have chosen to be creating their reality in conjunction with your design.

You have designed this physical dimension, and you orchestrate it, and therefore you also direct it, and in this direction, all that participates within it is consciousness, and is also in agreement with you to be creating itself in the manner that you are directing.

In a manner of speaking, you have created an enormous play within this physical dimension, and you are the directors, and all of your reality are the players – your atmosphere, your planets, your universe, your mountains, your oceans, your weather, your creatures, your plants – everything that is in existence within your physical dimension is a creation of you. You are the directors, and all of it is your players, and you orchestrate, individually and collectively, the movement and the dance of all of it.

Therefore, addressing to your initial questioning as to reincarnation, there are many, many beliefs that are incorporated in this philosophy of reincarnation. You create these belief systems based upon underlying knowings of certain elements of yourselves and of reality.

You hold the knowing that you are much more and much greater than one individual focus of attention, but within your creation of objective reality, you do not understand how this may be possible, for you view one singular body. You identify yourself as one singular individual. You do not view ten thousand clones standing beside you physically!

Therefore, you create a belief – an explanation to yourselves – of how you may be greater than this one individual focus of attention.

In this, as you have created a linear time framework, you express quite logically to yourself that the action which must be occurring is that you must be manifesting and disengaging and remanifesting again. In actuality, you already are all of your lifetimes, so to speak, and you need merely turn your attention ever so slightly sideways – not forward or backward – and you may quite easily view all of the other focuses that you engage within this dimension.

In like manner to how your physical body is affecting of you in any given moment, so to speak – and you may within the moment turn your attention to the affectingness of any element within your physical body and notice that it is affecting – you may also notice that the energy of all of your other focuses is affecting of you, for you are participating within it, and you are also affecting of all of the other focuses within this dimension.

You hold many more focuses of essence than merely in this one particular physical dimension, but within your direction of attention, those focuses which you hold in this particular dimension you may express to yourself are closest to you and the most easily accessed, for you shall understand their reality within this dimension. You do create veils between yourself and other-dimensional focuses, for their realities are quite removed and different from the reality within this particular dimension.

Is this sufficient? (Grinning)

FEMALE: (Laughing) More than sufficient! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” (Chuckling) #488

The following link will present to you a visual that I believe gives a good presentation as to what is essence.

In this visual the giant circle of light representing the whole of your essence self which is vast and each one of the sparks being a focus, a life time of yours all happening all at the same time. Therefore your essence is having multiple experiences as consciousness within consciousness. :)

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