The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities)  And who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  To read many other interesting Topics/Transcripts click on the 'Elias Sessions/Transcripts' link at the top of this page.


The following is an excerpt taken from my book 'The Shift In Consciousness. A Time of Change'.

Presently, in our world today, an event is taking place that is quite unlike any we have previously experienced. To many, this event might be compared to that which seers and prophets have long been predicting – a new age, a golden age that will arise out of much conflict and devastation. However, according to Elias, we are creating this event, and therefore have the choice to create it with ease and harmony. Elias calls it the shift in consciousness – a global change affecting every one of us.

An Overview


“You hold wonderings. You look to your present now and you hold questionings of purpose, of missions, of action. Within this present now, you are experiencing what I have termed to be a shift in consciousness. You are moving out of your religious era and moving into a new reality which you are creating.” ELIAS: #270


ELIAS: What be this air that hangs so very strangely upon this time period presently that moves you all in a new, strange direction that is unclear? “What is my purpose? What is my direction? Where are we moving? What does our future hold?” These are questions that have been presented to this essence and that all of the individuals presently upon your planet are inquiring of, for these are strange times ... changing times, but interesting times!

You engage presently what I have designated in my terminology as a shift in consciousness, which is occurring presently and escalating and is affecting of all of you individually and also en masse. Odd and peculiar events occur within your present time framework, and this moves more intensely as you move forward within your linear time. In this, waves occur in consciousness.


Let me express to you that there is no separation within consciousness, and although you view yourselves to be separate individuals, and within this reality objectively you are, you are also not. You are all interconnected within consciousness, and you hold no separation. You all hold affectingness to each other en masse and individually, and in this you share many experiences.


Presently, within this now, a wave is occurring within consciousness which is directly involving this shift in consciousness. Many individuals are beginning now to be experiencing elements of trauma and confusion.


Now; let me also express to you that as I have expressed many times previously, the reason that I speak with all of you is to be offering information in regard to this shift in consciousness, and in that to be affecting in lessening the trauma that shall be associated and IS associated with this shift. And now, it begins.


I have been speaking for a time period with many individuals as to this shift in consciousness, but I have also been offering information to all of these individuals of self, that they may better understand their individual selves and interactions and therein hold a greater understanding of the action of this shift in consciousness.

This shift is global. You have agreed within essence to be creating a new type of reality within your particular dimension, which is this, and in this physical manifestation you have exhausted your wonderment with your experiences that you have created previously, and now move into a new area of experience.

This particular wave you have created within a huge swell which is affecting not only of you individually, but greatly en masse — within your societies, within your governments, within your countries, within your world — but these you may view quite easily. You may look to turmoil within many areas of expression objectively outside of you, so to speak ... although there is no outside of you! (Grinning)

In this, you may look to other individuals experiencing conflict. You may look to societies, you may look to communities, you may look to business, you may look to all elements and view upset. This may be in what you term in your belief systems positive or negative — either. It holds an intensity, and it is obviously viewable all about you.  :ELIAS

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