The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  View video of Elias introducing himself, and the Shift at,


Common - Soft - Intermediate

"Orientation is your perception: how you view yourselves, how you view your world, how you interact with yourself, how you interact with all other individuals, how you interact with your environment. It is the most influencing element which creates your perception. Your perception creates your reality. In this, there are three orientations of perception.  (Common - Soft - Intermediate)


Now; you — within your beliefs attaching to gender — define these three orientations as male, female, and other, or your terminology being homosexual.  Now; how may you be presenting male/female gender, male/female/homosexual orientation?  Male and female may not cross to orientation.  These are body types and functions, not orientations. They are not perceptions.


Therefore, I designate to you — as you do not hold terminology within your language to identify your orientations — new terminology to be identifying your orientations, and I shall offer comparison within your belief system ONCE merely, as to not be reinforcing the ongoing of your belief system in this area.”


“You have chosen, prior to your manifestation within physical form, a specific gender and a specific orientation. Therefore, as you enter into physical manifestation within this dimension, you choose two elements of your reality that you shall experience within a particular focus (lifetime) in conjunction with your sexuality. Those two elements are chosen from five, and those two elements are gender (male and female) and orientations” #361


“There are three orientations associated with this physical dimension: common, soft, and intermediate. I have designated each of these orientations with these terms for they are most closely associated with the expression of these orientations.


Common is, in actuality, the most commonly expressed orientation in any given time framework within your physical dimension. Therefore, in your terms, most individuals focused in manifestations in your dimension are of this particular orientation of common.


Individuals incorporating the orientations of soft and intermediate may be viewed as much less in manifestation within your physical dimension. But I may express to you, each essence choosing to be physically manifest within this physical dimension chooses in agreement with the design of this particular dimension to manifest at the least within three focuses (life times) to be offering themselves the experience of each of these orientations.” #932


“I shall express to you within this now merely that these are three distinct expressions of perception within this physical dimension. They are the expression of how you identify yourself, how you view yourself, how you view your world, how you interact with yourself, how you interact with your world, and how you are creating your reality within the individual focus.  It is all-encompassing of your focus, for it IS your reality and may not be separated from it.  All of your responsiveness and your creating within physical focus is directly influenced by your choice of orientation. #401

Orientation is your perception.  It is what is creating your perception. Your beliefs are influencing of your perception and therefore create your perception also, but your orientation is an ingredient of your perception.


..... Perception is not visual seeing. Perception is not limited to your thought process. It is not limited to emotion. It is all-encompassing, and that element of yourself that you do not identify as a thing, for it is not your body and it is not your brain.  It is that element of yourself that creates your reality, that places you in the awareness of reality within this physical dimension. It is your awareness, your objective awareness.


Now; the elements that create this physical objective awareness are your sexuality and emotion.  Your sexuality creates what you may term to be the solidness of your reality, the physical elements, the energy movement within your physical reality. Your emotions color your perception.  Your emotion adds the hues. You may view your sexuality to be — in a manner of speaking — the color blue, and your emotions are all of the variations, all of the hues of that color.  There are countless colors of blue within the color of blue.  All of the shades are the emotion. The color itself is your sexuality. It is what you have created to be you in this physical dimension.


This be the reason that this particular subject matter holds great importance for you, for how shall you be addressing to you and understanding you and addressing to your beliefs and all of the aspects of your beliefs if you do not know who you are or what you are?  You may identify that you are the species of Homo sapiens — you are human — but this does not offer you much of an identification of what you are or who you are.


In this, I have identified the three orientations of the element of your sexuality with new terminology, for you do not hold terminology to be identifying.  I shall explain.


You have offered yourselves, in conjunction with gender, an identification of orientation.  I have expressed to you that gender is separate from orientation.  Therefore, your identification of orientations shall not fit.


I have identified these three orientations as common, intermediate, and soft.  In this, you may be choosing either gender, and you may be any of these three orientations.


As you manifest within this dimension, as we have expressed previously, you agree to manifest three times, that you may experience three different orientations — not three genders, but three different orientations — three different manners of perception, three different means to perceive yourself and your world and interact with them.


In the orientation of common, individuals express their perception in what you may term to be an outward manner.  Their perception — how they are interactive with their world and themselves and each other — is seen through the view of physical reality in producing things, so to speak: objects, matter, any element of your physical reality that you may visually see.


Now; this also is how these individuals process, in your terminology, information.  In speaking with individuals that hold the orientation of common, you shall notice — if you are paying attention — that they shall discuss with you any subject matter and shall lean in the direction of expressing comparisons. This offers a means of communication that is, in physical terms, an example of one action or one creation which may be compared to another action or creation.  This sets what you term in physical focus to be a mental image, and this allows you an understanding in your communication. You shall identify and understand the communication with another individual in this manner, for they offer you an outward projection.


Common is the most common of these orientations, thus my choice for terminology.  More individuals within physical focus manifest in this dimension with the orientation of common — within any given time framework — than any other orientation.


Intermediate is an inward expression.  Individuals holding the orientation of intermediate focus their attention — within their perception — upon inward creations.  Now; these may expressed outwardly, but they are not creating of things. They are creating of actions. They are creating of interconnectedness. They focus their attention upon those elements of your reality that you do not see: understanding, compassion, nurturing, supportiveness, child-rearing, offerings to other individuals in helpfulness, but not necessarily in the helpfulness of an object. They are the individuals that offer themselves as the creation.


There are fewer individuals that manifest with the orientation of intermediate than any other orientation. This particular orientation holds the least amount of physical manifestations in any given time framework.


These individuals do not look outside of themselves physically for their own curiosities, fulfillments, or contributions, in a manner of speaking.  You may look to individuals that you view within your existence presently that you identify as monks.  These individuals do not focus their attention upon physical outward expressions. It matters not to them. Their attention focuses within. It may be expressed outwardly, but it holds little importance to these individuals to be creating of any actual product ... even children, for children also is a participation in production outwardly.


Now you may begin to view the complexity of your sexuality — and the extensiveness, in a very small expression — in that your sexuality expands far beyond your physical gender and what you identify as actions concerning sexuality, for it is all of your reality, all of your perception.


Intermediate may be involved with other individuals and may be interactive with other individuals, but may also choose to be quite singular in their focus, and may function quite well singularly without interaction of other individuals.


Common may be interactive with other individuals and may also create their reality singularly, although in the orientation of common, individuals may choose time frameworks to be experiencing singularity or what you term to be “alone” ... although you are not alone, even when you are alone! (Chuckling)  But in this orientation of common, individuals may choose temporarily to be singular and exploring their own creativity not within interaction of other individuals.  But generally speaking, they shall not be creating their focus to be entirely singular.  They may move back and forth, or they may choose to be interactive throughout their focus.  Intermediate may choose quite comfortably to be singular throughout an entire focus.


Soft are the interactors.  The individuals that manifest within the orientation of soft, you shall generally not view them to be singular, and if they are creating singularity in their focus, they shall be experiencing much conflict, for this is an expression outside of their orientation and shall also be outside of their intent in alignment with their orientation ... although I may also express to you that your intent is different from your orientation.


In this, individuals that we classify as soft view their perception outwardly and inwardly.  They are creating outwardly, and they are also focusing inwardly.  Their focus inwardly is slightly different from intermediate.  Intermediate focuses its attention through its perception inwardly objectively.  Soft holds an element of its attention in creating its reality quite subjectively.  Its inward focus is not entirely objective, but is subsequently translated into a type of objective awareness ... not entirely.


These individuals shall experience quite commonly elements of their reality that are quite surprising to them, for they are creating subjectively — focusing an element of their attention subjectively — and they are allowing a translation objectively, without necessarily creating a communication objectively between the objective and the subjective. Therefore, in their creations, they seem to be creating elements in their reality that “pop into” their reality. They appear before them.  They surprise themselves!


These individuals are very interactive. Now; let me clarify in this area.  Individuals that hold the orientation of soft shall be interactive throughout their focus with other individuals. They shall also experience a draw to nature, as you term this to be, and all other elements of your reality, your universe, for they ARE so very interactive.


In this, you may not necessarily identify them by the relationships that they choose. Some individuals that choose the orientation of soft may not choose to be within a romantic relationship.


Therefore, you may confuse yourselves in your thought process as you are identifying these three orientations to yourselves, and you may express to yourself, “Ah!  This individual is obviously intermediate, for this individual has not held a romantic relationship with another individual throughout their focus. Therefore, they are singular.” But that same individual may hold many relationships that you term to be friendships, and may also hold a relationship in the area of family that is continued throughout the focus.


I am not expressing that these individuals are creating of merely one type of interaction, but that they shall be interactive continuously with other individuals throughout their focus.  They shall not be the individuals that you identify as hermits.


They are quite playful.  They also are quite expressive. They may be emotionally expressive; they may be creatively expressive.  But as they are so very interactive, it holds importance to them that their expressiveness is appreciated and noticed by other individuals. They shall not be your wallflowers! (Grinning)


Intermediate may be quite to themselves, in your terms, and shall hold no conflict in not being interactive with other individuals or creatures. They may move through their focus with ease in their singularity, and focus their attention upon themselves to the point of exclusion of much else within your world.


Now; be remembering, all three of these orientations may be associated with either gender.


Now I shall express to you your identifications of heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual.  These are choices.  These are objective choices of expression and experience. They are not associated with gender; they are not associated with orientation. They are merely choices that you create objectively, and may apply to either gender. These are gender definitions that you have attached to your belief systems in identifying different mannerisms, associating those choices and those mannerisms — or preferences — with gender and defining them as orientation, and they are not.


In this, we shall break, and we shall continue, and you may engage your questioning, and we shall discuss this subject matter further. #381


(published 5/19/2022



Taken from the Elias book 'Sexuality - Orientation - Perception' book 4.


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