The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.​


LAURA: I have a question, Elias, about oneness, how we’re trying to become the one consciousness again and not separate from everything. Do you have any suggestions on bringing ourselves back to one?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within the new rising belief systems — what we term to be the “enlightened era” (grinning) — individuals move in the direction of a new type of separation which is camouflaged with the identification of oneness or wholeness.

Within an actual sense of the term of eliminating the separation, or LESSENING the separation, I express to you that your most efficient movement is to be addressing initially to self, and in this addressing to self, allow yourself to recognize your own belief systems and your own actions of separation, for your own behaviors shall express to you each time you are separating yourself from other individuals and from all that you create within your physical focus.

Let me also express to you that as you manifest within physical focus, there shall always be an element of separation to an extent, for you are choosing to be manifest within a physical dimension. ALL of essence may not be expressed within ANY physical dimension. This is not to say that you do not possess all of essence, but all of essence may not be expressed through physical focus.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, within physical dimensions, regardless of which physical dimension you are speaking of, there shall always be an element of separation, but as you move more fully into the action of this shift in consciousness, this aspect of separation lessens more and more, and you allow yourselves more and more of a remembrance of essence and therefore more of an incorporation of essence into your physical focus.

In this, as I have been expressing, the greatest movement of this shift is to be accepting of belief systems. I may not be emphasizing this to you enough! As you begin to allow yourselves to move in this direction [of] acceptance of self, trust of self, and addressing to the belief systems that you hold — NOT eliminating these belief systems but addressing to them and accepting them — this shall be the most affecting action that you may incorporate, in your moving in the direction of less separation and incorporating more of an interconnectedness objectively with all that is created within your physical focus.

Let me express to you, I am aware that you view these concepts to be quite elementary and that you view this to be quite simplified. In actuality, these concepts may be your most difficult actions to be accomplishing.

You may move easily in the direction of expressing to yourself and to other individuals, “I am one with my planet. I am one with nature. I am interactive with all other individuals. I am one with all that is within my physical focus, within my universe.” These are words easily said. The reality of these words that are so very easily said is not so very easily accomplished, for you have created millenniums of separation. You have created much time framework with many belief systems that reinforce all of your separations.

As you walk upon your physical earth, you may feel a bond to this planet, but you do not view yourself to BE it. You do not feel its rhythms within your physical form as an element of yourself ... not as ITSELF, but as YOURSELF. This is truly a lack of separation!

As you interact with another individual, you do not interact with another individual as yourself. You interact with another individual as separate from yourself, outside and apart, for you view yourselves in physical forms.

You hold a physical form, a physical body. You are a female. You are a certain height, a certain weight, a certain color. You move in certain manners. You grow in certain intervals. You view a tree to be certain height, a certain color, a stationary creation. You view another individual as outside of you, different, separate and apart. You do not view the energy that is intermingled with you all. You view a collective awareness, or what you may term to be a collective consciousness, as some elusive element outside of yourselves. It is not within you. It is some element outside of you that you reach to attain, as if you may grasp this elusive, floating, cosmic element. It is within you! You ARE, in actuality, ALL intertwined and interconnected.

This be the reason that I express to you, as you move in the direction of the influences of many of your belief systems: as you hold a judgment upon any other individual, you ARE placing this judgment upon yourself. For every action that you move in the direction of creating, that you view to be outside of yourself, is merely a mirror objective image of what you create within yourselves. For in actuality, there is no separation. There is only the separation of your objective awareness, your perception within your physical focus. But in actuality, your energies are all intermingled and are not separated.

I have been speaking within this forum often as of late in the direction of relationships. I have offered much information in this particular subject, in addressing to the belief system of relationships. This subject matter has served well in instruction to very many individuals. Not only do you move in the direction of a wave in consciousness presently, which IS occurring and affecting of ALL of you, which addresses to the belief system of relationships, but this discussion of relationships offers you the opportunity to view much of your own creations and your own movements within physical focus, for it is not so very narrow as to only be viewing individual relationships, but also that belief systems hold very many aspects. There are few belief systems. There are very many aspects within each of these belief systems!

The belief systems themselves are very large and encompassing, but they are also neutral. This be the reason that I have offered the analogy of the bird cage. The belief system is the bird cage. The bird cage is quite large. Within the bird cage are all of the aspects of the belief system, and these are the birds, and each of these bird cages hold very, very many birds. Accepting a belief system is to be opening the door of the bird cage and allowing all of the birds to fly free. You continue to hold the bird cage, you retain this bird cage, but it is now ornamental; diffused. It is not a living, squawking, fluttering, demanding element any longer. You need not feed what it contains, for it is empty.

You have not eliminated the cage. You continue to hold the cage, and you may place the cage wherever you are choosing and you may view the cage and you may hold an opinion of the cage, but the cage holds no thing within it. It is empty, and therefore it holds no power. THIS is the direction of accepting a belief system.

(Emphatically) The belief system of relationships holds very, very, very many birds! You may choose ANY direction that you fancy, and we may address to the belief system of relationship! You may speak of friends, you may speak of family, you may speak of employers, you may speak of acquaintances, you may speak of your earth, you may speak of yourselves, and they ALL are encompassed within this belief system. ALL of your interactions within physical focus, with any other individual upon your planet, is influenced through aspects of the belief system of relationships.

How you are interacting with your planet itself is an aspect of relationships, for you hold a relationship with your planet. You hold a relationship with yourself. You view yourself to be two individuals, this objective self that sits before me presently and your higher self, and both of you sit before me presently, although there are no both of you! There is merely the one, for it is all-encompassing and there is no separation.

Your spirituality encompasses all of you. To address to the lack of separation is to address to all of you, to not be attaining to the elusive spiritual that you view to be beyond you, but to be encompassing all of you that is physically present now and all of your interactions and all of yourself and other individuals.

I have begun discussing also fear, which we shall continue within another meeting, for it shall be requiring of an entire forum of its own, for it holds very many aspects also! But fear is quite influencing in many directions within your physical focus also, and is a very insidious bird, a very large bird! You may classify this bird as an ostrich, it is so very large! (Laughter) But it also is quite camouflaged and holds the ability to be invisible.


Quite a magical bird! For you may be responding to this bird and not even hold the awareness objectively that it is there, but this very large bird is very influencing, and as you become more accepting and trusting of self, you also allow yourselves to be viewing this bird and noticing and holding an objective awareness of this bird more and more, and its camouflage shall become less and less, and it moves into the light of being more obvious. But do not discount the cunningness of this particular bird, for within its camouflage it may be known by many different terms, and it may move you quite easily and unsuspectingly into very many areas, and they may be disguised by justification — another very insidious bird which is quite friendly with fear, another very large bird in you, I suspect! (Laughter)

You may continue with your inquiries.   (from session #320)


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