The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  To read many other interesting Topics/Transcripts click on the 'Elias Sessions/Transcripts' link at the top of this page. 


Confusion and Conflict! Our favorite subjects!



The following is taken from session #189


ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling) You are requesting audience this day? (Pause) What shall you inquire?


DAVID: What shall I inquire? First of all, hi! (Laughing) Pleased to meet you! Well, there’s a lot of things I feel like I want to know. But first of all, this last year, almost two years, I’ve gone through the most weirdest transition in my life, more so internally, and I’m still going through it. And I’m not quite sure where it’s taking me or how I’m going to come out and go, "Oh yeah! Now I know why so much pain and so much emotional turmoil!" And it all sparked off from an emotional incident with one person and I’m still lost. I’m confused. I don’t know. Am I in the right place? Am I chasing rainbows? Do I believe this person loves me and they don’t? I mean, there’s my questions, some of them.


ELIAS: (Chuckling) Confusion and conflict! Our favorite subjects! Do not feel isolated in this confusion and conflict, for very many individuals are experiencing these same elements presently. I shall suggest to you that you shall continue within this confusion, although the conflict shall lessen. The confusion continues as you continue to allow yourself to open to more of your own self. As you continue to widen your own awareness and allow subjective bleed-throughs into your objective waking awareness, you shall experience confusion. Do not look to an ending of this state for some time period; for as this shift in consciousness comes into its season more fully, you not only individually shall be experiencing more elements of self bleeding through to your objective awareness which are unfamiliar to you, but this is also reinforced through collective consciousness and the movement that occurs within mass. This lends energy to the action of this shift, which you are a part of.


Individuals presently, yourself also, interpret much of this confusion to many belief systems that they hold to presently. You attribute much of your confusion and conflict with objective elements--aspects of your present focus that you are familiar with and that are within the realm of your established belief systems. At this present time period you are all experiencing a new recognition of belief systems and their reality, and your reality within them. In this process you confuse yourself, for you do not attach to belief systems and understand their influencing upon all of your action and interaction and all of the experiences that you draw to yourself. No thing occurs within your reality that you do not draw to yourself. You are not being inflicted upon. Another does not confuse you. You confuse you, but this falls within the realm of belief systems and those that allow power and control to be attributed to other individuals. Therefore, you feel subject to other individuals’ choices, which you are not. You create what you choose to create.


In this, your questioning holds two aspects. In one regard you are experiencing more subjective bleed-through, which is an element of widening your awareness and confronting yourself with the reality and acknowledgment of belief systems; but within the second aspect, you do not understand completely what you present yourself with. Therefore, you attach your experiences to elements that are familiar to you within the confines of your belief systems.


You speak of relationship, which we may use this as an example. You experience confusion and conflict, and attribute this to another individual. This is a reinforcement of an underlying belief system which you do not objectively recognize, in that other individuals are manipulating of you or hold control over your responses. Other individuals do not hold control over your responses!


In this, you are presenting yourself objectively with your own belief systems and misinterpreting them, but continuing yourself in allowance to be viewing these belief systems through experiences; and as you become frustrated with no solution to your conflict, you begin to allow yourself to view where this conflict in actuality stems from. You have camouflaged the conflict by attributing this to a relationship or activity in daily life, or not accomplishing as quickly as you are choosing to be, or many other excuses that you choose to present yourself with. In actuality, you are offering yourself the opportunity to view these belief systems that motivate the experiences and the responses that you hold within all of these actions.


Recognition of belief systems and the recognition of the concept ... for it is presently still a concept to you all ... that you create your reality is very difficult for you all to be acclimating to and accepting, for this is unfamiliar to you. You may believe that you accept this and that you have actualized this within your lifetime, but this is a belief system also; for you are inundated with information and influences and belief systems within mass that are influencing with all belief systems, that you may not hold recognition with.


As I speak to you of lifetime, this refers to the whole of your focuses, not merely this one. They are all influencing of each other. Therefore, you also hold influences, in reinforcement of the belief systems that you hold now, from all of your other focuses. (This is Elias’ definition of "lifetime," in difference to "focus")


This also, be recognizing, is an action which is being confronted within your present shift; this shift being much more affecting and important for recognition than many individuals understand presently, for you have agreed to be accomplishing this action of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, it moves. It accelerates and gains energy in this movement, which actualizes more confusion within each individual--more conflict and less direction--for each individual experiencing does not understand presently what they are experiencing. It matters not that they hold an understanding. They shall experience regardless, for this is the choice that you have created.


Yourself, as do other individuals also, look for your purpose, your end point, your direction. You ask for answers within your personal experiences, that you may offer yourself some sort of direction for your attention; but within the movement presently within consciousness, there are many directions which are being approached.


I offer to you: Within your confusion of individuals, recognize yourself. Recognize the greatness of yourself; and that this essence that you possess, which is all of you, is not subject without agreement to any element or any action. You hold the ability to be creating whatever you are choosing to be creating. Another individual may influence you, but you hold the choice. You draw to you experiences to be speaking to you and offering you information that you are wishing to be addressing to within each present moment. Therefore, look to your experiences and evaluate within yourself the reasoning for your drawing of these experiences. If you are uncomfortable or confused with an experience that you have drawn to yourself, be reminding yourself that you may be choosing to alter this situation within every moment. It is your choice. You are never without choices. You do create your reality!

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