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This video clip was originally created to allow the essence, (spirit) of Elias to introduce himself to us. As you will see, and hear, Mary, along with her good friends, Vicky and Ron, via a telephone link, begin the commentary in a playful manner.

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Presently, in our world today, an event is taking place that is quite unlike any we have previously experienced. To many, this event might be compared to that which seers and prophets have long been predicting – a new age, a golden age that will arise out of much conflict and devastation. However, according to Elias, we are creating this event, and therefore have the choice to create it with ease and harmony. Elias calls it the shift in consciousness – a global change affecting every one of us. Elias says we are creating this shift in consciousness because we, as a species, have become bored. We have exhausted our creativity in our present state and now wish to explore new areas of consciousness. We have spent the last two millennia creating a reality based upon religious beliefs, which have been purposeful and have served us well. But now we desire to move in different directions, and we are beginning to “ remember ’’ our deeper connections to the vastness of our own consciousness.


Within this present now, you are experiencing what I have termed to be a shift in consciousness. You are moving out of your religious era and moving into a new reality which you are creating. You do not need to be creating floods, famines, earthquakes, holocausts to be gaining your attention and initiating movement into what you view to be a new era. You may easily move into your new awareness without all of your fireworks! (#270) Elias


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If you believe in God, in Karma, reincarnation, higher levels, lower levels, Buddhism, any religion, science, or no religion at all; or if you are at a place in your life where you are experiencing some kind of emotional turmoil, or struggling to understand life PERIOD, then I dare say that this book will in some way be beneficial to you. Allow me to introduce to you Elias and to share with you the knowledge that he has offered over the years and presently continues to do so.


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