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Elias arrives at 6:39 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) I trust you have all complied with my request for this evening. 


ELIAS: Good.

VICKI: There are some more people, who are supposed to come also.

ELIAS: If you wish, we may postpone our exercise until later.

VICKI: I think that I’ll leave that up to you.

ELIAS: We may continue with our subject of your religious element, if you wish. We may save our exercise for more participation. This is acceptable. Which part of your element would you desire? (Pause)

VICKI: Anybody have a suggestion?

BILL: No, not really.

VICKI: How about imagination?

ELIAS: Imagination will interconnect with all parts of your religious element. Your imagination is incorporated in your waking state. It is incorporated in your dreaming state. It is incorporated in your historical development, and your creating of religions. It is also incorporated in your belief systems. (Here, Jim arrives) Good evening to Yarr.

JIM: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: You have been taught that imagination is not real. It is what you term “pretend.” This is incorrect, for in your consciousness, that part of which you are not aware, all of your reality originates in imagination. What you perceive consciously as imagination, or pretending, is a mirror image of your essence and its thoughts, this being the most creative part of your essence. Imagination is incorporated in all physical developmental focuses. It is incorporated in all dimensions, and is incorporated in all non-physical focuses.

It is a wonderfully glorious tool. All of your plans, all of your desires, all of your motivation, comes from imagination. All of your creativity is begun with imagination. Contrary to what you are taught, it is reality, for as I have said previously, all thought is actualized. Therefore, what you can think will be created. All of your civilizations have sprung from collective imagination. You did not just spring into civilizations with no thought, these thoughts being what you imagined you wished to create, and therefore created it. Without imagination, you would not have created this planet, and all of its “amazingness” in it. This is a wondrous creation! This sprung from your imaginations. This is very appropriate, to choose this subject of imagination this evening, for it will incorporate nicely with our exercises, for I will instruct you to use your imagination in visualization.

In your beginning of this physical focus, imagination was all you possessed. From this point, you began to create. In “testing” your creations, you allowed your imagination to soar, in this, allowing yourselves all probabilities to choose from. Collectively, you chose a particular focus and creation. As this creating developed, and you became more intricate with it, your imagination focused in other areas, this creating your belief systems. First you created your world, then you created how you would live in it.

As your history developed, you created more complicated scenarios for interaction. All of these things spring from inside. Nothing begins outside of you. It all begins within, and imagination is the spark. Through tremendous creative imagination, has come all of your religions. Also, through imagination, has come most of your philosophy. All of your science has been developed from imagination. It starts as a thought, as a dream and intuition. This becomes actualized. It is interesting that you discount imagination so very greatly. I will say to you that things are not only actualized in other dimensions, that spring from your imagination. You have seen, with your own eyes, developments and materializations of imagination everywhere around you. All of your modern equipment, your television, your harnessing of electricity, your cars, your house, your clothes, everything that you see, originated in imagination. It is, as I have said, a wonderful process. This is the most creative part of your essence.

Your scientists deal with imagination continuously. They believe that they are dealing with facts. We already know, facts are not what they believe them to be. These facts spring from curiosity, and are sparked by imagination. If they had no imagination, nothing would motivate them to look at stars, or to follow atoms, or to invent anything. Even your music is an invention of imagination. All of your instruments, created to reproduce musical sounds, are imagination. Beautiful expressions, and great variety and diversity, has been made by this wondrous creative part of you.

All of your animals have sprung from this. How amazing to behold your infinite creativity through your imagination. You create even what you do not see. It is not something to be discounted! You do this quite often. When you think inside of yourself, and are trying to identify with other parts of your essence, you discount them as “imaginary.” This is incorrect, for every time you are saying “this is imaginary,” you are actually saying “this is reality.” Now, you may think on this for a while. (Smiling) Reality and imagination may as well be synonymous, for without one, there would be no other.

We will incorporate our exercise as an illustration. This will also incorporate other parts of this element that we have discussed previously. It will allow you to exercise your visualization and imagination. You have brought a picture of an animal. I am wishing you to place, in front of you, this picture. As I have said, this should not be a pet. In viewing this animal, I am wishing you, first, to imagine this animal’s natural environment. Now, in this environment, imagine yourself to be this animal. Feel what this animal feels. Think what this animal thinks. Connect with what this animal connects with. If it is an animal that hunts, visualize that part of that animal’s consciousness as being incorporated in its reality. It is its experience. It is not right or wrong, it is neutral. It is only its experience. If this animal is not a hunting animal, visualize its expression in its reality. Feel its connection to other animals, in similar focus to itself. How does it view its world? What does nature mean to this animal? What does this world mean to this animal? Imagine yourself so much a part of this creature that you can feel its coat. If you are possessing an animal that identifies with water, feel what this water feels like against your skin, for your skin is now different. It is that of this creature. Feel this temperature. Imagine this creature’s focus; what is important to it, what it does with its time, how it experiences time, which will be different from how you experience time. If this animal is flying, experience its wings, and its lifting above this earth, its communion with its environment. How does this animal commune with its young? How does it interact with others of its species? Now, think of this animal’s communication, for all creatures communicate. (Long pause, while we attempt this visualization)

This exercise will allow you to see, and experience, and feel another focus in consciousness, other than your own. It will help to widen your perspective. It will also be helpful in bridging your gap, between you and what you view as nature. You feel separated from nature. You are just as much a part of it as this animal you have chosen to commune with, this evening. You are all interconnected. Their consciousness connects with you, and you with all of them, this actually being a wonderfully pleasant exercise that you may repeat, and enjoy every peaceful or exhilarating feeling of communion. It is also quite fascinating, the harmony you will experience in focusing your consciousness differently. This is why I have requested for you not to bring a photograph of a pet. You would not connect, and understand the same depth of consciousness, with a familiar animal. In future, in practicing this exercise, you may wish to spend several minutes with each feeling that I have described for you. The more you incorporate your consciousness as not separate, the more you will lose your perception of “oranges” and “sections.”

Now, I will direct to your pictures of yourselves. For this exercise, we will focus in two different directions, giving you two different perspectives. First, I will instruct you to identify with this picture of yourself, knowing this is you, of course. It looks like you. You remember when this picture was taken. If you think about it, you can even identify feelings at that particular moment. Now, in identifying with you, yourself, we will divert momentarily. This may give you a point of reference, in identification of your essence.

In remembering John, who originally was not from this country, begin with this thought. You are not originally from this country, in time. I am not speaking to you of geography. We are speaking of time as your country. Originally, you came from a specific country of time, in your essence. As you grew, you left home and ventured out on your own, moving to another country in time. Now, in moving to a new country, you must learn a new language. As you move through each country of time, and move farther from your home, you move from language to language. Eventually, your home language becomes dim, as was the case with John. He is originally from a European country, and spoke, quite fluently, that language as a child. He does not incorporate this language any longer, for he has forgotten. It is not spoken to him continuously. Therefore, he does not remember, just as you have incorporated new languages, and have forgotten your original language.

At home, your parents, being the greater part of your essence, continue to send you messages and greetings. You receive them, but less and less frequently. You do not respond, for you have forgotten your native tongue. This is how you have incorporated your separation. Just as you, in physical development, separate individually, in growing and becoming independent and exploring, you have separated, for the purpose of exploring and experiencing independently, from your essence. The only difference in this scenario is that John will continue to separate, and not remember his native language. You will come full circle, and reconnect, and will incorporate your original language.

It may be slightly easier for you to understand your issues of separation in understanding of tolerance, and incorporating more in your consciousness of yourself. View yourself once again. (Pause, while we all look at our pictures) Now, as viewing; Kasha, change color to Black; Joseph, change to Oriental; Lawrence, change to South American; Elizabeth, change to Aborigine; Olivia, change to European; Peter, change to Italian; Yarr, change to Indian. In viewing yourself in this picture, now view yourself as being of that orientation.

See your skin change color. See your features change. Feel the culture incorporated with that focus. Think of the belief systems that are incorporated with that culture. How do you interact with another culture? How do you interact with the present you? Feel your native environment. Are you used to warm temperatures, and disliking of cold? Are you used to cold, and find this heat very distasteful? What is your commerce? How do you interact with your society? What does this person feel like, in this present time, in this country? (Another pause, again to attempt visualization)

In examining other consciousness, you explore other parts of yourself. You have each felt other focuses, of other dimensions and other cultures. This may serve to widen your awareness of your essence. Your essence incorporates all focuses. (Here, Carole arrives) We are welcoming Dimin.

CAROLE: Thank you. I’m sorry. (She is apologizing for being late)

ELIAS: There is no need for apologizing. (Smiling) This exercise also will serve to instruct your consciousness, presently, in toleration. It is difficult to be intolerant of another individual, if you view this other individual as yourself. Your consciousness is connected. Your essences are connected. There is no separation. We will be hoping that there will be incorporation of these things into your consciousness more readily.

I must briefly acknowledge Paul’s presence, for he is making himself quite known! (Laughter) And, in acknowledgment of this, I will say, “Welcome, old friend!” As I have stated, you will all become familiar with this energy. This energy is affecting with Michael very strongly. It is quite interesting, the process of energy exchange in physical form, for it feels quite different. 

This group of exercises are illustrations of imagination, but, as you experience imagination, you will show yourself that you feel what you are focusing on. If you are focusing on an otter, in allowing your imagination to soar, you may physically feel water through its fur. You may physically feel the coolness of the water. You may experience the joy of its playfulness, and its lack of care of the world around it. I will be instructing you to presently explain our exercise to Dimin, and share this with her, for I believe she will find this quite interesting, and be able to incorporate this other consciousness quite effectively, in identification of other consciousness, anyway. In this “time” I will excuse, and reassure Michael once again, for he is not used to these energy surges, and is feeling quite vulnerable. And, I will continue momentarily.

BREAK 7:40 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue. I will offer, briefly, an explanation of fragmentation and splintering, in connection with your essence in non-physical focus. We have spoken of how you fragment and splinter in physical focuses, but I have also mentioned that we also do this in non-physical focuses. This may be slightly more difficult for you to understand. Think now, how it is interesting that no matter who you meet, this individual, if having connections with someone who has “passed on,” as you would say, may always be in connection with this “passed on” individual. It does not matter if they have been “passed on” for one year or eighty years, in your terms. They will always be able to connect with someone, who will be in connection with this “passed on” individual. This is not to say that the intermediate party connecting this “passed” individual is incorrect, or being untruthful, for they are not. This is also not to say that this individual has not remanifested. When you discontinue a physical manifestation, you may splinter. You may choose to physically remanifest again, and you may choose not to. You may do both! (Vicki laughs, jolting Elizabeth, who is braiding Vicki’s hair)

ELIZABETH: Hold on! I think I missed something! Run that by me one more time! (Elias chuckles, and we all laugh)

ELIAS: (Smiling) I have expressed that you do not possess sections, and you are not an orange. Therefore, if you choose to experience physical manifestation, but you also choose to continue in non-physical manifestation, in widening your awareness, you may. Many essences physically remanifest, but their loved ones, left from their previous manifestation, still communicate with them by speaking with them, and them speaking back. You are thinking, in terms of you, as “you physically manifest.” Therefore, “you physically manifest” cannot be in, what you would term, two places at one time. But, you are not only you which is physically manifest. You are greater than this part.

As I expressed in our last session, of not being this orange with sections, and Oliver identified correctly, in comparison with the Creating Universal One and Whole, it does not possess sections either. But, you are all here! (Smiling) You all possess essences, but you are all the Universal One and Whole, and it is you, and more. You are separate, and you are not. You are only separate in a portion of your consciousness, and its focus. Is a thought separate from you? Are your feelings separate and apart from you? They are not. They are part of you, but independent of you. They are created from within you, and may or may not manifest physically. I have expressed, many times, you are much greater than you perceive yourselves to be. The intricacies of your essence are incomprehensible to your consciousness, in physical focus. I only offer this information that you may think about this, and try to widen your awareness. In some information that I deliver to you, you will not understand. You will not physically be able to incorporate into your reality, but it serves a purpose of widening your perception. It gives your intuition “peripheral vision.”

I will allow, briefly, a beginning of another section of your religious element, which I will begin with, and then I will allow for your questions. You may choose your next part of your religious element. (Pause, while Christie looks at our list of subjects of the religious element, and the following conversation ensues, with much laughter)

CHRISTIE: Good and evil. Let’s do “Good and evil.”

JULIE: That sounds good to me!

ELIAS: We have ...

VICKI: (Interrupting Elias) We have already done that one.

JULIE: That’s the one I missed!

CHRISTIE: Okay. What about “Beliefs in this ...”

VICKI: (Interrupting Christie) We did that, too!

CHRISTIE: Did we do “How you view God?”

GROUP: No, not yet.

CHRISTIE: Okay, then, let’s do “How you view God.”

VICKI: Elias is getting a big kick out of this! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Are you finally in agreement? (Laughter) I am expressing a warning to our friend Paul, that this group of essences is quite “convoluted!” He may choose to focus otherwise! (We all “crack up”)

Your concepts of, what you term, God. This would also incorporate your issue of imagination, for what you can imagine, you can create, as God. Each culture, and each civilization, and each focus, in each dimension which manifests physically, creates a perception of God. This idea possesses many names. This is, basically, an idea. Your need for creating a God, or Gods, or Goddesses, has sprung from your separation. As we illustrated earlier, with our exercise in imagination, as you move further from your home and your native language, you forget all that you possess. Therefore, you become aware of missing information. You must create an explanation for this missing information. This is not always identified with what you think of as a religious focus, for some do not possess what you would think of as a religion. Their spirituality is incorporated in their culture. It is part of their daily life. They have less separation than you, for you have separated farther, and need a connection with a religion. Cultures that do not possess a religion communicate with their Gods through nature and themselves, understanding that there is less separation than you perceive.

God is a focus point. It is a point for you to identify with, in not understanding your separation of your essence. All essences in all manifestations understand, intuitively, that there is more than what is manifest. In this, you must imaginatively create an explanation. Some believe a star to be God. Some create many Gods, through natural elements around them. In actuality, these identifications are more correct than your religious focuses with singular Gods, for you, in essence, are God. Therefore, everything that is created, all of nature, all elements, all universes, are incorporated in you.

It is, realistically speaking, quite difficult for you, in physical focus, to incorporate this concept. In actuality, this is not only a concept, for this is truth. You may think that you believe that you are God, but even in expressing this verbally, you will find a “twinge” inside of you, for you have been taught that this is quite presumptuous of an individual, to profess to be God! You must be a “lunatic” to be thinking you are God! How amusing [that] we have so many “lunatics” running around, and that these “lunatics” have created so many worlds!

I have expressed to you that the Creating Universal One and Whole is you, but is also more than you, just as you are you in your body, but you are more than you. It has always been! I am quite aware that all of your established religions profess this same truth, although you do not truly think of this, for you are always thinking in matters of time, of a beginning and an end, and in a forward motion. You cannot help this, for this is what you physically experience. You may conceptually think in other directions, but you do not actually incorporate this in your reality.

This is why I express such emphasis on connecting with your dream state, for in this state, there is no time. There is no succession. There is no organization. Things go forward, things go backwards. Things may go upside down, for this is the nature of reality. Long before this earth of yours, you were. You are used to hearing and thinking in terms of forward motion, and future. Now, think backwards, for this, also, is equally important for your perception. It is easy for you to focus forward. It is easy for you to identify with future motion. You can look at your world physically around you, and identify with your technology, and imagine its growth. You can look at yourself physically, and imagine your own changes in future age. You can look forward to your death, in your terms, and imagine what will occur. Now, look backward. Imagine what you were, for there was no were, for it is. This is why your past holds equal importance, for it is not past, it is now.

In speaking of physical ailments, you “believe” that something was contracted physically, previously, You think it has developed over time. You do not think that you may affect this malady by dealing with your past. You believe you must deal with it in your present, or your future. You may more effectively deal with it where it began, which is also side by side with you, presently. You think of phenomenon of other “beings.” You think they must be coming from some other universe. This involves “time travel.” There is no time to travel! There is only dimensions to step through. In thinking in physical terms, and thinking of time in exploring backwards, incorporate yourself as the creator. There is no “cosmic entity,” flying around creating universes, and “plopping” you in them! You have created all, for you are all, and this small word of God may be matched with another small word, being synonymous, in all, for all encompasses everything, and this is what you are!

If you have thought that your essence was too large for you to think about, now you may think even larger, for you are now not just an essence, but you are also, what you term to be, God! I will not separate by saying that there was an original essence, for this only serves to perpetuate your idea of your orange; but, in physical terms, I will express to you that you may think of your concept of God as you think of your physical self, which began with one atom collecting with other atoms, forming one cell, one cell dividing to create what you physically view now. You began with an atom, physically. In actuality, you began with consciousness, which is not even an atom; but, you did not begin, for you always were, just as your God has always been! (Here, Elias is laughing)

Religions and cultures imaginatively create Gods in your own images, for your comfort. This helps you to feel less separation from your essence. God has never created man in its image. Physical manifestations always create God in their image, or their imagination. In cultures such as Indians or gypsies, which identify with earth magic, these are closer to a true connection. There is no “middle man!” There is no God creating nature, and creating man, and creating everything else, and man creating what he imagines, and nature creating what it imagines. This is incorrect. You have created all!

This would be why you may focus on your picture of your animal and connect, for your consciousness created it, and knows it, and can feel it, for it has sprung from your imagination. There are many that would perceive this information to be quite sacrilegious. This is only because, in physical focus, you have been taught to discount yourselves. You have been taught duplicity. You are now experiencing “vicissitude,” (smiling), which will incorporate new information, and in this new information, you find much liberation! You are, as God is, wondrously glorious, creating essences, with no limitations, and no sections. It will be quite an amazing and wondrous focus to behold, when you have completed your shift, and incorporate the beauty, and connection, and love, that you possess naturally. (Pause) Is this sufficient for this present moment? For, I am sure, we will continue with this more. (Pause)

CAROLE: May I ask a question? (Elias, as always, says “Yes”) If all of the focuses occur and exist simultaneously, this has to do with me, and I have “star-born” lineage, does that mean that I am experiencing those lifetimes at this same time, or, in my case, is there a separation?

ELIAS: You are experiencing simultaneously. Therefore, you incorporate, although I will express to you that in your fragmentation, you have allowed a dropping of a veil, which allows you to incorporate, into your consciousness, more intuitive recognition and information of other focuses. This is an identification with your essence. Some essences identify more, and are aware of much more connection of other focuses. If this veil had not been dropped, you would not be aware of this connection. It would not serve as a reality for you. You also, if you did not choose this probability of fragmentation, would not have been widened to this point. You may have incorporated information of other developmental focuses, but they would have been fantasy to you. The reason that you recognize the reality is that you chose the probability of fragmentation in this focus, therefore dropping that particular veil. You are still confused?

CAROLE: No, I’m more, my mind is blown more than anything else. Thank you.


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