“Acceptance is the lack of judgment.” 



“The action and the expression of acceptance is the LACK of expectations and the LACK of judgments, upon self or upon other individuals or upon situations. This is the expression of acceptance.”




(See also probable selves)



“Aspects are all of the you’s of you within THIS focus.” 



Aspects are all elements of yourself within all areas of consciousness, within all dimensions.  You hold countless aspects. In the like manner that you within this particular physical focus may express countless thoughts which project from you and are elements of you, you also hold countless you’s within this particular dimension and also within other dimensions.  These are all aspects of self. #279



Belief systems are those inventions that you create to explain what you do not understand. Truths are unchanging.  Reality is a truth, but your viewing of reality is a belief system.” 




“Bleed-throughs may occur in many different ways. This is subjective consciousness, that which you think of in your terminology as unconscious, which is not unconscious for there is no unconscious!  All is conscious! But subjective activity and consciousness is that which you are not objectively or wakingly always aware of. These are elements of yourself. They are elements of your essence; activity, action, events, movement that occurs continuously within the movement of this shift in consciousness. As you have all agreed upon this shift, you allow yourselves now to experience what we term to be bleed-throughs of subjective activity or consciousness into your objective waking awareness. You do this as you would be traumatizing yourselves if you were to be opening entirely at once objectively to all of your subjective knowledge. Therefore, you have chosen to be bleeding through in increments this information. It may be occurring within visions.  It may be occurring within events, identifications of other focuses, increased dream imagery activity.You may visually experience differences within your waking state of physical objects and also individuals; this seeming to you at times, without information, to be a distortion of your vision. In actuality, it is a bleed-through of subjective knowledge.




“It is a manifestation of the limitations that you place upon yourself in alignment with your own belief systems.”




ELIAS: “Conceptualization is quite a different action from your empathic sense. Your empathic sense, as you are aware, is a mergence with any other element of consciousness, and creates an allowance for you to be objectively assimilating the experience of that aspect of consciousness, regardless of how it may be manifest.

“Now; within conceptualization, this is an allowance of mergence with action; an enabling of yourself, in a manner of speaking – as you identify yourself within this physical dimension – to be merging with the action of a creation. #506


“All elements of dis-ease are within every individual physically focused. They are not ‘catching’ them as you catch a ball! They are within you already. It is merely a choice to be activating them.” #254


Dis-ease is merely an action of altering energy into a manner of disrupting the natural flow of your physical function.




“Duality is suggestive of two, or a double of elements.  Duplicity, although it incorporates what you term to be opposites, it is not necessarily merely two.  It is an incorporation of very different conflicting elements within you simultaneously, in opposition to each other.  Duality does not always suggest conflict or opposing elements.  You may hold duality in certain areas that may complement each other.  Within duplicity, these elements of the belief system that you hold do not complement each other.  They are opposing of each other and creating of conflict.”




“Essence is a term that is used for your benefit; for your understanding of identification of a tone of consciousness which holds a certain direction, a certain intent for its creation of manifestation. All consciousness holds intent within its own value fulfillment. Essence is that tone which chooses manifestation within personality for certain experiences. This is you.




“An essence name  is a tone. What I have offered to you is a translation of this tone in part, which translates into your language that you may identifie components of your own tone if you are allowing yourself to be tuning to your essence.”




“Even within essence you hold your own tone, which is unique to you and not the same as other essences.  The qualities may be the same, but the tone is different.  You each hold your own individual tone in essence, which is the whole of you, the sum of all of your focuses, not merely within this particular physical dimension but all other dimensions and all areas of consciousness.”




“ Expectations many times move you into areas of disappointment.  An expectation is an expression of a judgment, for regardless of the outcome, you shall move yourself into what you view as a positive accomplishment or a disappointment.  Both are judgments upon your movement.  The goal is the expectation.”




“Each time you experience fearfulness, you are creating an objective expression of a lack of trust within self.”




“I define what you term to be a lifetime as a focus, for lifetime is encompassing. In this, your lifetime is the sum of all of your focuses within this particular physical dimension. Each segment is a focus. They do not occur linearly.  You do not move into birth, move through a focus, die, and remanifest into another focus.  This is your perception of your linear time framework, but it is relative only to physical focus.  It is how you have designed this particular reality, but be remembering that all of your focuses are simultaneous.”



FORUM: A group in attendance. ‘Forum’.



“A fragment is that element -- that personality element -- of an essence which chooses to be fragmented in becoming its own essence, new to itself, in what you may term to be apart from an original essence, although I shall be reminding you that some of these terms are figurative, for there is no original essence and there is no separation.  Therefore, you are not splitting apart from something; but a fragment is the development of a new personality essence of energy that is unique to itself and also holds all of the information of all that has preceded it, so to speak.”




“Guilt is the perpetuation of a lack of acceptance of self.”



“Worry is the perpetuation of a lack of trust of self.  Guilt is the perpetuation of a lack of acceptance of self.”




“The empathic sense is your inner sense which allows you the ability to merge with another individual or thing, so to speak, and to be experiencing their experience.”




“Ah! Impulses are expressed differently from impressions. Impressions may be translated by thought. Impulses are generally not translated by thought. They are a type of communication that you offer to yourself which generates an action automatically. You immediately respond to impulses.” #1300



“An intent is the potential that an individual holds to be fulfilling of their individual value fulfillment within their pool of probabilities that they have chosen for the individual focus.” #264


“Intent is your overall direction, so to speak, within the lines of probabilities that you create within any given physical focus, or within ANY focus of essence, physical or non-physical.  


The intent is the direction of probabilities in the potential of its creation.  It is the direction of your desire within any particular focus of essence.” #321



“Your intention is more immediate.  Your intention moves more in the direction of your physically focused wants.  Therefore, your intention is the momentary movement in any given situation and your ideas and your feelings in regard to any of these given areas, which are affecting of your creation of your probabilities, but they are different from your intent.  Your intent is the overall direction of your desire within a given focus.” 




 “A miracle is an action which you perceive to be impossible.”




“Natural time is your own natural inclination to be moving into areas of pleasure and not obligation. Your essence naturally magnates and moves in the direction of pleasure. This is the least amount of thickness in energy within physical focus and affords the most efficient movement.”




“Your objective awareness is that which occupies your attention within your waking state.  Your subjective awareness is that awareness which is a part of you, which moves in harmony to your objective awareness and includes your dream state and all other states of consciousness associated with this reality; not your waking state.”



“All altered states of consciousness, such as your dream state, your state within out-of-body experiences, and all other altered [states of] consciousness, as you view them, including your view of “subconscious”, shall be referred to as subjective consciousness or self.  


These terms are more efficient and encompassing for your understanding, for all of your conscious state that you view within your waking element deals with information projected out and received from “out”.  All other information is directed from within and processed within. #92



“An oubliette is a place. It is a  place of forgetting and remembering. It is an isolated place.  It is an old term, but it holds to your present reality.”  




Let me express to you, pain is the identification of a feeling that is held in negativity. You may experience the identical same feeling and it may be perceived as pleasure.  It is your perception that identifies pain, and pain is the physical expression of negativity, negative energy.  Therefore it is, in your terms, the counterpart to pleasure.




“ Patience is an allowance.  Patience is an objective incorporation of movement; an intentional, objective action of allowance for the natural flow of energy.  Patience is a direct implementation of action in conjunction with the selection of probabilities. Now; returning to the term of patience, you may substitute the word “allowance” for the word “patience,” for the action of incorporating patience is merely the action of allowing yourself to move naturally and to flow within your energy without complication.”



“Patience is not the expression of waiting. Patience is the expression of allowance, an allowance of a free flow of energy, as it is recognized — in TRUST — that you have already created certain probabilities and certain directions, and you ALLOW their movement and the materialization, so to speak, of those probabilities in your reality.  This is the action of patience.”




“What you view in your physical waking objective reality is one aspect of this dimensional reality.  It is one focus of attention objectively, but side-by-side with this one area of attention that you focus upon are many other areas of your reality that you do not allow yourselves to view at all, but they exist.  These other areas of consciousness, that are only very slightly removed from your objective attention and are also objective, may offer you more information of the area of consciousness that you focus your attention within, for this is an action of engaging your periphery.  If you are opening your periphery within consciousness, you offer yourself more information of your reality.




“Probable selves are projections of yourself that you project outwardly from yourself, so to speak, in a manner of speaking, into a probable reality which occupies this same physical dimension, within a dimension of this dimension.



“Probable selves are a different type of creation. These are projections of yourself in areas of consciousness that you project elements of yourself that you choose not to be experiencing within this particular focus. Therefore, you project outwardly another image of yourself and are therefore creating of a probable self which moves into a probable dimension and is creating of its reality independent of you and your choices. Once projected into a probable reality, these probable selves hold the ability to be creating of their own choices independent of your choices, and they may be creating of their own reality in whatever direction they may be choosing.



ALTERNATE SELES are different.  They are YOU. They are all of the you’s of you, all of the aspects of you. Just as you may within your imagining create a whole other you from each cell within your physical form, this would be another aspect of you. 




“You each create a pool of probabilities as you enter into a physical focus. Probabilities are created within the moment. The pool of probabilities is a pool of potentiality. It is not a pool of actual events or choices that lie before you that you may choose from. It is an area of potentiality, and in this potentiality you may move in any direction of which you choose in creating your own probabilities.   



A probability is a possible choice; therefore, there are countless numbers. You incorporate them singularly, one at a time. You choose one action. You choose from myriads of possibilities, which are probable choices. Each of the choices that you do not choose manifests elsewhere. All probabilities are actualized. All are not actualized within your focus. You possess the ability to choose the most efficient probability; efficient being the probability which incorporates no conflict. You do not always find the probability which incorporates no conflict, but it is always available to you.




“Procrastination is the action of waiting, and in this, many times this action serves you well and may be quite beneficial.”




 “There are different areas of consciousness. These are related to attention. All of consciousness is all of consciousness. It is all the same. There are no planes. There are no levels. There are no better or higher places within consciousness. All is the same. There are different focuses of attention. In this, there are created what we term as areas of consciousness. These are not places. These are not things. They are not space. There are no sections of space that are designated as areas of consciousness. They are directions of attention. In this, they are also influenced by intent. Each essence occupies all areas of consciousness.” #157

 “Regional Area 1 is the area of consciousness that allows you the wonder of objective awareness; your waking, sensing, physical awareness; your recognition of all that you create and your participation in it.

“Regional Area 2 is that area of consciousness which is closest to and directly in alignment with Regional Area 1. It moves in harmony to your objective awareness. This is the area of consciousness that we term to be subjective awareness. It is another element of you.

“Movement through different areas, so to speak, of consciousness is continuously occurring. You as essence occupy all areas of consciousness simultaneously. As we have spoken earlier, once again, it is merely a question of where you are focusing your attention and how you are choosing to be exploring and creating.

“As you move through Regional Area 1 and 2 and choose not to be participating in those areas, you choose to move into Regional Area 3, which creates an action of transition. This is what shall be engaged once you create death in this focus.

“Upon movement through Regional Area 3, as I have stated, you may be choosing to move into any particular area of consciousness and creating an exploration.

“I occupy my attention – of this aspect of this essence, that which you identify as this personality of Elias – within Regional Area 4, for it offers myself the opportunity to be interactive with you within Regional Area 1 without an overwhelming expression of energy translation. There be much more difficulty in expressing objective communication with all of you here within Regional Area 1 if I were to be focusing my attention within a much more far-removed Regional Area of consciousness. #488


Many, many individuals shall be experiencing the beginnings of a remembrance, of which we have spoken previously.  In this, you are allowing yourselves to identify with your own language, your own communication with essence, your own identification with self, which is to your way of thinking unimaginably immense; and this is you.   



“As you move into the action of your shift more intensely and are allowing your awareness to be widening, you shall also allow yourselves more of a remembrance and therefore an identification with information that you do not understand presently.” 




“As to simultaneous time, the meaning of this is that all things are happening now; within all dimensions, within all focuses, within all consciousness. All occurs now, within the moment. All consciousness is in a state of becoming.  There is no past. There is no future. There was no beginning. There will be no end.




“Within this present now, you are experiencing what I have termed to be a shift in consciousness.  You are moving out of your religious era and moving into a  new reality which you are creating.”  And how shall you 

accomplish this action of this shift?  It has already begun.  You are already participants.” 



SUBJECTIVE: - see also objective.



“The Universal Whole is all things, and part of all things. In relation to creating, you are part of it, and it is part of you; but it is greater than its parts. You are creating forces. There is no higher essence than your own.




“Trauma incorporates tremendous conflict, but also holds an element of shock.  You experience shock when you are confronting yourselves with extreme situations and unfamiliarity.  This may be in emotional areas, or mental, or physical.  Any area that you present yourself with tremendous unfamiliarity, which may also be triggering of fearfulness, you experience exaggerated conflict in an extreme manner, and this would be designated as trauma.”




“A truth is that which is common to all areas of consciousness, and may be translated into any particular area of consciousness.  Be it physical or non-physical, it shall be an element within all areas of consciousness.  Regardless of how it may be translated or interpreted, it IS in itself, and therefore is also a truth.  It is a basic element of consciousness. #364



What I am expressing to you is that acceptance of self is the recognition that there is no element of yourself that is unacceptable, that is broken, that is wrong, that needs be fixed, that needs be eliminated!  You each are quite in perfect working order!”




“Unofficial information is that information that is reality, but does not fit within the guidelines of your framework of reality that you accept.”




“Your value fulfillment within physical focus is expressed through your individual creativity, in whichever area you choose to express it. In this, if you are blocking of your expression, or if you are feeling, without a conscious awareness, that you are being constricted creatively, you also view a pointlessness within physical focus. Therefore, you have no reason to be continuing, and will be discontinuing. #73




“Lack of knowledge creates lack of understanding. You will Remember, in very early previous sessions, I explained to you that it is important for you to acquire knowledge.  This is important, for it creates understanding.  Understanding will create awareness, and awareness will enable a widening of consciousness.” 




“Worry is the perpetuation of a lack of trust of self.  Guilt is the perpetuation of a lack of acceptance of self.”  #10

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