The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  View video of Elias introducing himself, and the Shift at,

The following is  an excerpt taken from the Elias book 'The Shift In Consciousness - A Time of Change'. Chapter 20. 'New Horizons'. 



Chapter 20

New Horizons


“The action of your shift in consciousness encompasses the entirety of your globe. It is not limited to any group, any family, any selectivity of consciousness within this dimension. It is all-encompassing. It is agreed, but you have also previously, in your terms, agreed within your religious focuses to be creating of prophecies and ideas of future events, also in your terms, which are probabilities. They are not actual realities that are unchangeable.” Elias: #185

ELIAS: This evening we shall be discussing a long-awaited topic, for I am aware that all of you and all of our close friends involved with this forum are quite focused upon events occurring futurely. This shall not be a prediction of future events, but offering you the most probable probabilities within the action of this shift as it so exists within this present now. 

    Within your present now, you are creating probabilities involved with this shift in consciousness. I have expressed to you that within this shift, it shall be accomplished within the third quarter of your coming [21st] century. In this, great accomplishments shall be occurring within this new approaching century, as dictated by your present probabilities. In this, I express to you that ALL of your reality shall be altered. What you view to be your reality presently and what you know to be your officially accepted reality shall be no longer, and you shall move into a new era of consciousness and physical reality. In this, many elements of your physical reality shall be altered.

     Let me express to you that your – what you view to be in your terms presently – science fiction, as I have expressed previously, is closer to science fact than you realize. Within your approaching [21st]  century, your scientists shall move into new areas of wondrous accomplishments. Elements that you investigate presently shall be viewed as child’s play compared to what you shall be accomplishing, as what is dictated within your present probabilities.

     Be remembering that your probabilities are probabilities, and that you may alter these at any moment. Therefore, they are not set in stone; but within the most probable probabilities, this shall be what shall be occurring and what you shall be looking forward to within your future elements. 

     Within the mid-points of your [21st] century, tremendous new accomplishments shall be endeavoured within your sciences. I have expressed to you that within this [20th] century, your sciences have mirrored you and essence and consciousness, developing these elements in physical matter of what you know to be within consciousness. You have created many wondrous inventions and have learned many elements within your physical dimension that mirror elements of consciousness and of essence. This offers you much information, and as you move into this new century you shall continue with this endeavor and you shall further your accomplishments and your inventions.

     I have expressed to you many times that the most efficient method of travel is through space, not around space. 

     I have expressed to you your abilities to be projecting, but I shall also express to you that within the areas of your sciences, you shall be moving into areas of exploration of your physical atmospheric space within your universe. I have expressed to you that it is futile to be looking to your immediate solar system, for within this dimension no life, as you term it to be, exists within this dimension upon the planets that are within your immediate solar system. But within your galaxy and beyond, within this dimension, there are other forms of beings that are other aspects of yourselves, as you well know, for these are all aspects of the same essences merely focused within different areas and different realities.

     Within your coming [21st] century you shall be, within your most probable reality and probabilities, developing technology that shall be enabling you to accomplish feats that to this point in your time framework seem impossible. It is possible for you to access technology to mirror what you do within consciousness. Within consciousness, you exceed light speed. Your thought processes, your ability to project yourselves within consciousness, far exceeds light speed. This is child’s play to essence. It is merely the limitations of physical focus.

     In this, you may view what I express to you this evening as being your science fiction, but in reality you hold the ability to accomplish these feats and shall be accomplishing these feats by the mid- points of your [21st] century. Therefore, I express to you: You have little time framework to be looking to before the accomplishment of tremendous elements within altering of your reality.

     I have expressed to you that your monetary system shall not exist any longer within what you view as your present time framework. Within the end throes of your [21st] century, this shall be accomplished. It shall be unnecessary. 

     You already view the devaluation of your monetary system. I expressed to you previously the devaluation of your exchange, and you view recently a tremendous example within mass consciousness of the lack of value of your exchange system.

     You hold world markets. You hold exchanges. You view these to be stock exchanges. They mean very little. Individuals trade what you view to be tremendous quantities of what you value as monetary exchange systems. They hold very little value already.

     Within your coming [21st] century, which you may view presently to be much time but is very little time, this shall be eliminated, for it shall hold no value, for what shall hold value is what you are moving into the direction of now; the value of the individual, the value of consciousness, the value of your abilities and your exploration of consciousness and of your universe, of what you view to be your universe and beyond. This shall be more important than personal gain. You have moved in the direction of this area for much time period, and it holds little attraction any longer.

     Therefore, developments shall be occurring within your coming century – as I have stated, within your lifetimes, so to speak, within your focuses. If you are so choosing to be extending your focuses to [the] mid-point of your coming century, which is entirely possible and probable, you yourselves may witness these events which shall be occurring.

     You have witnessed many amazing events that mirror what you know in consciousness. One hundred of your years ago, individuals would not dream of placing foot upon another element within your solar system; a moon, a planet. To this present now, you accomplish this. Within seventy of your next years, you shall accomplish more. You shall move into areas of viewing not other dimensional elements, but other life forces; not like yourselves, but existing within your galaxy. This may sound quite, as I have stated, like science fiction to you, but so was it science fiction one hundred of your years ago to be walking upon your very close moon, and you have accomplished, and you accomplish probes upon other planets within your solar system. It shall not be requiring much of your time framework before you are expanding and accessing the ability physically to be moving into areas of mirroring what you already accomplish within consciousness, and exceeding your barrier of your light speed.

     I have expressed to you that you are most wondrous creatures and you hold abilities far beyond what you view that you are capable of, but you are capable of many more wondrous actions than you believe yourselves to be capable of. 

     Within this action, what shall enable you to be accomplishing is the action of accepting, partially, some of your existing belief systems, and therefore not being bound to the limitations of your belief systems. I will express to you that even within the action of this shift, you shall not be accepting all of your belief systems, for within this physical focus, as I have stated to you, you shall always hold belief systems. It is the core of your reality. But you shall be accepting many of your belief systems, which shall be eliminating many of your barriers.

     This is not to say that I am expressing to you that you may not be also creating conflict before you are accomplishing of these feats, for this exists continuously as a very present and real probability. You hold the ability to deflect this probability, but within the energy projected, it is entirely dependent upon you what you choose to be creating and lending energy to. You may be creating of some destruction futurely, or you may be deflecting of this and inserting different probabilities into your reality. Either direction, it matters not. You continue, as you have continued throughout the entirety of this century, to be creating of the probability that within mid-point of your coming [21st] century, you shall be mirroring your own knowing of consciousness and projection, and developing of technology to be exceeding what you possibly may be imagining of presently. 

This shall be one of very few – very few – sessions that I shall move into this direction of expressing to you the most probable probabilities that you hold futurely; but in encouragement of your movement and acknowledgment of your movement, which you presently doubt, I have chosen to be encouraging of you this evening and expressing to you a slight glimpse into what your most probable future probabilities are, as they exist within this present now. Elias: 1997

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