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Good - Bad - Right & Wrong, Oh! and a little on alcohol consumption :) 


Note**  This subject matter maybe very difficult for many to accept as in the answers Elias gives. The answers will no doubt TWEAK your belief systems :) My suggestion is to step aside for a moment, from any judgment. 


"If you did not incorporate this belief of correct and incorrect, you would not see expressions of this act." Elias:

JO: Can we speak of good and evil?

DEBBIE: That’s what I would like to hear.

ELIAS: Acceptable. This is where we shall begin ... your thoughts of good and evil. This will incorporate your belief systems. Of this issue you will notice that your belief systems on this particular subject are not globally held. There are some cultures on your planet that do not hold the same beliefs of good and evil, or right and wrong, as you do. This, first of all, should express to you that your belief systems, of your terms of good and evil, are relative. They are not basic truths. They are only expressions of your belief systems. The majority of your people in this country, which you inhabit presently, are focused basically with a Christian belief system. These people have manifested in this country carrying these belief systems with them from previous developmental focuses. In this same regard, over the course of many developmental focuses, you incorporate these belief systems so deeply into your focus that they are natural to you. They are not just a concept of a belief system. You do believe these things. Even when you disconnect from a particular religious focus, you still hold to basic belief systems that are taught by these religious concepts. (To Vicki) I am apologizing. I am trying to slow down.

JO: Does good and evil always have ... to me, good and evil doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with religion.

ELIAS: I will continue. It does not have to do with religion per se, but it does have to do with acquired belief systems. These acquired belief systems are greatly influenced by religious beliefs. As I have stated, they may not be an incorporation from this particular developmental focus. This does not make these belief systems any less real. They have carried through from previous developmental focuses. This is why you will meet certain individuals who seem to be drawn to or attracted by beliefs incorporating what you might term earth magic connections. This may not be a focus from this particular developmental focus. They may not have been raised from a small child with these belief systems, but later in life they become drawn to these belief systems because they were incorporated in a previous developmental focus.

Evil, as is good, are relative terms. In your essence, neither exists. Then, you say to me, “How do bad people exist”? There are no “bad people”! There are negative expressions. This is a complicated issue. Evil, as you perceive it, is only an expression of experience. Do you all collected here believe there are little red evil creatures running around your universe? I anticipate, no, you do not. (Smiling) You also, collected here, do not believe you are going to end up in a fiery dungeon with a giant horned devil! This is a fantasy. It is an invention of imagination, a very colorful and very artistic invention of imagination, and quite worthy of great acknowledgment for creativity. But, it is not reality. Therefore, if you do not believe in this opposite side of the Creating Universal One and Whole, how then can you believe in an essence being evil? It does not exist, either.

There are negative expressions in physical focus. These are not evil. You may look at those who create situations of grave crimes that you deem against humanity, ones that you will put into your jails. Their behavior in your focus is not acceptable. This is because it is not conforming to what you term the “norm”. From small children, you are told an expression of what you deem to be of the “norm”. This does not always conform with your essence. Some essences are more expressive than other essences in this physical focus. If allowed to act on their natural impulses from small children, there will be no blocking of impulses and no building up, as in our geyser effect. When they reach their adolescence and adulthood, there will be no need for a particular eruption in an unacceptable manner. Then you will say to me, “But what of small children who behave in an evil way”? (Pause, and then to Christie, who has just arrived) Good evening, Oliver.

CHRISTIE: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: I have missed your presence.

CHRISTIE: Thank you. I’ve missed yours, too.

ELIAS: These children have many reasons for expressing what you will term an evil manner. Some, as very small children, may be influenced by a previous developmental focus. This will affect their psychological and expressive dealings with those around them, and also with themselves. If one has remanifested too quickly without allowing an adjustment, this may cause a confusion, and cause this individual in a physical focus to behave what you will term inappropriately or unacceptably. They may choose an expression of extreme anger. They may also choose an expression of retreat into themselves.

There are many reasons for expression of negative behavior. This does not classify a person or an essence as evil. It is only an experience. They may not be aware in this physical focus of this experience, but this is due to your collective belief systems, also. If your belief systems were not in such tremendous working order, these essences would be allowed to express themselves early in their individual developmental focus, therefore not needing to continue in a more stressful manner later in their life. I am quite sure you have each individually, as adults in this focus, experienced times where you were aware that you were blocking an emotion or an impulse. If you will notice, when you do this it does not disappear. It only returns in greater magnitude to bother you more than it originally did. If expressed initially, it may be allowed to be set free.

You do this action so well and so often, in your physical focus, that you create much conflict within yourselves. In each of you, you choose to only be destructive in blocking to yourselves. In another essence, it may not choose to be destructive to itself. It may choose to be destructive outwardly. This will affect other essences. This also, please remember, is an agreement when it affects another essence. If you choose, in a physical focus, to be destructive to your own self, that is your choice and involves no other essences. If you choose to outwardly express this negativity it will affect other essences, and must be agreed upon before.

There are also instances where an essence will choose and make agreements to be destructive for this particular experience. It may also choose to change its mind. As I have said, no thing is carved in concrete. Therefore, if an essence makes an agreement to be destructive or violent, and then chooses not to be, this does not mean that the other essence in the agreement is sitting there saying, “Now what shall I do? I am not going to be killed today”! This is not the case. As soon as you change an agreement, it is instantly known to the other essence and accepted. It is not necessary to make a previous agreement of this changing, for the possibility or probability always existed anyway.

I understand that it is very difficult for you to accept that a person in your physical focus would not be termed as evil or bad. This is only because you need an explanation of behavior that you deem is unacceptable. There is, obviously, no unacceptable behavior, or you would not experience unacceptable behavior. If it was not acceptable for you to choose an experience of violence, or destruction, or hurtfulness, it would not occur. Your essence would not allow it, but there is no thing that is unacceptable. They are only experiences.

How strange it is that you may accept unacceptable behavior from a small tribe that you would term “primitive”. This, in your focus, is acceptable. If they choose to kill each other, or maim each other, or even eat each other, you accept this, for they are not “civilized”. Their essence is no different from your own. What makes this behavior acceptable for their essence, but not for your own? This is an illustration to tell you there is no difference. You choose to see a difference because of your belief systems. A native in a jungle may express unacceptable behavior, and be harmful. An individual in a civilized society, such as your Romans, you view now through history as unacceptable, although at the time of these Romans, it was acceptable to them, also.

Throughout your history of this planet, your species has expressed unacceptable behavior, and there have always been those in each developmental focus that will inform you that this behavior is unacceptable. This is incorrect. It is only experiences. It is always agreements. It is not a matter of right and wrong. I have expressed that this subject would be still unacceptable to you, and that it would be, in yourselves, argued. (Smiling) I understand this. It is a difficult concept to accept. Also remember, though, what I express to you does not come from a belief system, as I have stated. It comes from a widening awareness of essence, and truths.

JO: I guess the hardest part I have with dealing with that thing, certain things being unacceptable is, I don’t understand why, say, an adult would rape an eighteen month old child. I don’t understand what agreement that could possibly do. I mean, I don’t understand that.

ELIAS: This is still an expression of your belief systems. There is no correct or incorrect. It is only what you believe to be correct and incorrect. If you did not incorporate this belief of correct and incorrect, you would not see expressions of this act. You will notice that other cultures throughout your history, that you term not to be civilized cultures, do not express themselves in this fashion. They do not incorporate this problem. This is a problem brought about by belief systems which, in consequence to, create blockings of impulses and emotions. Through a period of several developmental focuses, this blocking of emotion or impulses builds. It must go somewhere. All energy must be expressed. It is fluid and always in motion. It does not disappear. Therefore, it will be expressed. It also has no relation to time. Therefore, it does not matter that you are expressing from previous developmental focuses, for energy has no relation to time.

This is an overlapping of reality. In one respect, your essence chooses to focus physically on this planet. In another respect, there are some principles of universal truth that may not be affected or changed by a focus.

One of these truths is concerning of time. It is only an imaginary creation of your physical focus. Reality of this situation of time is that because it does not exist, all things and all focuses affect one another. You cannot separate, just as I have explained. You cannot separate energy. You also cannot prevent its expression, even in your physical focus. Therefore, if you did not incorporate your belief systems in the way that you do, you would not block the impulses and emotions that are natural to you. Therefore, you will not express these acts that you deem unacceptable. It would not be necessary. It would not manifest. It would not be reality in your focus.

This is how your belief systems are so intricate to your physical focus. This is also why I spend much time explaining how important your belief systems are, and how affecting they are to your physical focus. Please also remember, as I have stated, belief systems are not intrinsic to your essence. They are acquired through developmental focuses in your physical existence of this portion of your essence. It will be exceedingly difficult for you to understand this concept. I do not expect that it will be accepted initially. I do not expect it will be understood. I offer it to you in answer to your question, and in explanation of reality. I am not “believing” that you accept this. You may, or you may not. Eventually, in closing your circle, you will understand, and it will be incorporated. As we spoke previously, there will be no necessity for your violence or negativity when your circle is completed. This is because your essence will be incorporated into your physical experience, and will understand that this is an unnecessary expression.

DEBBIE: Are we then to try to get rid of all of our belief systems?

JIM: How? How can we go about it?

ELIAS: This, first of all, is not possible in this physical focus. I do not speak to you to dispel your belief systems, only to widen your understanding and awareness of your essence. In doing this, and in your acknowledgment and awareness of your essence, you individually will allow unnecessary and unserving belief systems to drop away. I do not speak to you to change your beliefs. This would be unacceptable for me! (Smiling) It would also be an expression of an act contrary to truth. There is a basic respect of all essences and all focuses of essences. Each focus serves a purpose. Each focus provides an experience. In a focus, beliefs are necessary. It would be quite defeating to dispel with a necessary element of your focus. If you did not need belief systems for this physical focus, you would not have or incorporate them. Therefore, they are necessary. Your essence is quite aware of much more, though, for it is aware of all of your individual focuses. You do not manifest only in this one way. You are not only Catherine or Debbie in this lifetime. Simultaneously, Catherine is many physical focuses, not only in this dimension, but in many other dimensions, in many other expressions of this universe. Each expresses itself in different ways. These ways are all to add experience and color to your essence.

JO: Is it silly for us, or unacceptable for us, to feel compassion for someone who is having a difficult time in this focus caused by another person in this focus?


JO: So that’s perfectly normal, to feel compassion for someone, and acceptable?

ELIAS: Every expression of your physical focus is acceptable. Just as evil expressions are acceptable and “normal”, so are your positive expressions of compassion acceptable. You may find that positive expressions, as you term them, are much more easily moved through. Expressions, impulses, emotions, and thoughts, all in this physical focus, are experiences. Negative expressions you may feel to be thicker and more slowly moved through. You may manifest these expressions of experience just for that reason, to experience the thickness and slowness of them. Positive expressions and emotions and thoughts are much more fluid, and more easily moved through. This is why you will experience a “letting go” and a “flying away” of positive expressions much more quickly than negative expressions, if you equate them with energy thickness. You will find that negative expressions are of slower vibrational quality. This is why you will experience what you call “dwelling on bad things” for so long, as opposed to a very brief, although well felt, expression of positive energy.

You, in your physical focus of this dimension, also seem to have a very common attraction to this slowness. You have such an attraction to this slowness and negative feeling and expression that you glorify it. You will express to one another that it is holy and sacred to be a martyr. You hold very tightly to this slowness and thickness. There is also, though, an explanation for this focus. In your natural state of essence, your vibrational quality is very rapid. It is very fast. It is very light. Therefore, in wishing experiences of other kinds, you choose to manifest, and express, and dwell, and recreate, and repeat slow vibrations, which would be termed negative experiences. You even enjoy “feeling bad”! (Laughter)

JIM: Do drugs and alcohol fit into this category of slowing things down, or trying to, that affects our experiences? But when you’re induced into these states, you think that other things are happening, but then think in reality that it’s hurting yourself? Interfering with your ability to experience fully?

ELIAS: This subject is also complicated. You do experience some ingestion of some substances to lower vibrational quality even slower than it already is. This causes a depressed state in your physical body. This also can reflect in your psyche, as a reaction physically. This is your desire to express even slower than you already are. In this case, if you express much slower, you will become a rock! (Smiling, followed by laughter)

There are also other expressions with substances which alter your chemistry of your body, which speed up your physical body. They raise your vibrational quality higher than it is normally. This is done with the intent of experiencing a closer connection with your original vibrational quality. In physical focus, you forget that these elements or substances will never raise your vibrational quality to your essence level, but you forget how to reconnect, and how to “go home”. So, you induce an artificial expression. There are some substances which also produce a euphoric state, and create what you term hallucinations. These also are an expressive attempt to reunite and connect with your essence state. You may, I will suggest, do this quite efficiently in your dreams, with no outside substances.

Substances ingested into your body not only alter your chemistry and confuse your make-up in your physical expression, but they interact with your belief systems. You are taught that they are “bad”. Therefore, whether you express that they are not, your belief systems incorporate that, and you will physically express adverse effects, just as you will physically express positive effects from some substances which you are taught are good. These are all belief systems. Just as good and evil, one substance is no more good or bad than another. It is all unnatural. It is all foreign to your original chemistry, although your belief systems allow substances to react differently. If you believe that a doctor will give you medicine that will cure an illness, it will. If you believe that an illegal or bad substance will hurt you, it will. It is depending on what you believe. Also, though, your belief systems can sometimes be insidious. You may, as I have stated, think you believe one thing, and in reality you believe another. (Pause) Shall we interrupt briefly for Michael’s benefit, and return shortly?


ELIAS: We will continue. We may, as per your choice, continue with this subject of your religious element, or we may address to questions. It will be your choice.

CHRISTIE: I have a little question. In discussing the belief system, and lately I’ve been feeling really good ever since our discussions of the belief system, and our experiences versus our mistakes. I’ve almost gone through a shift in believing that. You know, I feel so much better about myself not thinking I’m making mistakes, but thinking I’m having experiences. And then I have a friend who, on the negative side and how people hang on to their negative, and they just hang on and hang on, and they get a lot of whatever they get out of that. How ... I want to help this person, but I’m not exactly sure how to go about it, other than just ... I mean, is that what we’re doing here, is we’re learning these things so that we can go out and teach other people these kind of things, you know, to tell someone that don’t be so bad, hard on yourself, that what you’re doing is not a mistake, it’s just an experience? Is that feasible, or do you know what I’m trying to say here?

ELIAS: First of all, let me address to, there is no maybe or possible shifting. What you have experienced is shifting. Also, in regards to another individual; as I have stated previously, you may not change another individual. You may express this thought of experience to another individual, and they may, in their non-understanding of this concept, look at you ... very tilted! (Here, Elias demonstrates by tilting his body) They may not necessarily accept what you express to them. This, as I have expressed to you, is an individual development. Each essence is at its own development of experience. Not all are experiencing the same awareness at the same time. We were expressing this same issue with Dimin at previous session, in regards to concern for a friend, and wishing to “enlighten” this friend. You do not possess a capability of accomplishing this act.

Each essence, in its physical focus, develops its own awareness in its own time. In completing of the circle, all essences will come to a mutual point. All will experience this shift in consciousness. Some will experience this shift with great trauma. This is because they hold to their belief systems continuously. Nonetheless, they have, as you have, collectively agreed that the time is correct for this shift in consciousness. You, as I have explained, are ready to incorporate more awareness of your essences. You are ready to widen your awareness. Others, in their physical focus, may not be so ready. This should not cause concern to you. If these individuals feel safe in their particular belief systems presently, and wish not to expand them, it is not your job to inform them otherwise.

I do not speak to you as disciples. I do not instruct you to preach “Elias words”! This is not my intention. I only focus with you to help in your widening of your awareness and ease your accomplishment of your shift because you are ready, and also, as I have stated, because you have asked. Many others have not asked. They do not wish a helping in this regard. This, in individual essences, you may attribute to what you would call a stubbornness of personality. This is acceptable. Each essence is individual, even though it is connected. Each essence possesses its own personality, which is different from every other essence in existence. This is what is created of this wonderful variety. It should not concern you. All essences will come to the same eventual point. It is only a matter of how they choose to accomplish this.

Just as you may not choose another’s individual developmental focus for them, you may also not choose their belief systems. You think, sometimes, that you may change another’s belief systems. Many of your politicians or religious leaders think, in deluding themselves, that they change individual’s belief systems. This is not true. They may influence them temporarily, but the individual essence changes its belief systems, or incorporates other beliefs, itself. It should not be, as I have said, of concern to you.

Your concern should be with your own awareness of your own essence. You will find that in incorporating and widening your awareness of your own essence, it will have a natural effect on those around you. This will not serve to change them necessarily, but in viewing your essence, it may allow a widening of their own perception and acceptance of their essence. There are natural effects that are incorporated by widening your awareness. Just as we have spoken earlier, that when your circle is completed, your awareness and incorporation of your essence will be of an extent that it will be unnecessary for negative behavior. This is because your essence will incorporate its positive focus. It will incorporate its expression of love and beauty. In widening your own awareness, this also becomes a natural expression. Therefore, other individuals will notice.

DEBBIE: What was the purpose of us having the negative expression to begin with? Why didn’t we just always have our natural positive expression?

ELIAS: This is a very good question, but it has a very simple answer. You, in your natural connected original essence state, have no focus of negative. Therefore, it does not exist in your reality. It is an expression of your essence for experience. It is an incorporation of experience. As I have stated, you are never, were never, will never be perfect, because you are continuing, all before, all ever after, and all presently, in becoming. Therefore, you incorporate experience in every focus. It does not matter what the experience happens to be. It is only an expression, and an experience.

DEBBIE: Is that a necessary one?

ELIAS: This is correct. If you have not experienced, you have limited knowledge. You may have knowledge of something, but without the experience of this knowledge, you do not incorporate it as reality. In incorporating your reality, and expanding and widening continuously, you experience.

DEBBIE: Eventually, our awareness will be expanded beyond all negativity?

ELIAS: This is true, for what you classify presently as negativity may only be experienced to a certain extent. Just as I have explained of your closing your circle, your physical expression in this physical focus of manifestations can only be repeated so many times, before it is not necessary to repeat for the experience. As I have explained, you may only play a game so many times before you are bored with this game. In this same regard, you may only experience something so many times before it is incorporated into your reality, and then there is no point in continuing this experience. If this were not true, you would be forever as a small hamster, going around, and around, and around, and around, never stopping, and always the same, and very boring. You are not boring essences! You are always becoming. You are always experiencing. You are always creating and expressing. Therefore, when you have experienced this negative enough, you will choose another focus and experience that.

As I have stated, you view yourselves and your essences as an orange, in sections. You believe that when one section is completed and whole, you shall move on to the next section, and as you do, as an orange in this physical focus, you shall consume the next section. This is not correct. You do not possess sections. The Creating Universal One and Whole does not possess sections, either. You are not individual sections of the orange of the Creating Universal One and Whole! (Here, Elias chuckles, and we all laugh) Excuse, this sounds very amusing to us, hearing this expression!

There is no division, but you in physical focus insist on creating this division, and classifying everything. You will come to an awareness where you will understand, and you do not need to be in a realm of what you term great masters to be aware of this. I presently am aware that my essence is widening, and becoming more aware continually, and constantly fluidly moving. All things are in continuous motion. There is no stillness. This is only an invention of your imagination. Nothing is ever still. Energy is fluid, and moving, and expanding, and changing, continuously. You may not perceive this with your physical outward senses, but it is reality.

You view your table as stationary, and as solid and still. It is not. It only moves at a slower vibration than you, just as a rock moves at a slower vibration than do you. If you were to stop the motion of your planet for a thousand years, and view a rock, you would see with your physical eyes that the rock has physically moved over the course of its thousand years. You may not perceive this, for everything, everywhere, universally, is in motion. Therefore, you do not perceive much of this motion. As your essence widens and becomes more aware, this motion and awareness will become known to you. There will be less divisions, and you will understand.

You will also, in a wider awareness, not experience what you experience in this focus, as in regards to giving up, or feeling that your expression is not worthy of your energy anymore. This feeling is only an expression of this physical focus, out of frustration. Once your focus is widened and incorporated more, there will only be exhilaration to continue, for there will be no barriers to block you anymore. #15

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