The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’. For a more in depth explanation please return to my home page by clicking on the HOME button at top of this page


(an overview)

ELIAS: “There are nine families of consciousness which are connected with this particular physical dimension, which in conjunction with yourselves are creating of this particular reality and orchestrate the manifestation of this particular dimension. These families of consciousness are relative to this dimension. They are not orchestrating of other physical dimensions and are not particularly relative to all of consciousness, although they are participants in all of consciousness, as consciousness may not be separated in any manner.” #270

ELIAS: “Each physical reality holds their own equivalent of essence families. Some realities may have fewer essence families; some may have the same number of essence families. These families, as we have discussed previously, are related directly to the individual physical realities. Just as you together in a group would cooperate and volunteer to exercise your individual talents and your individual contributions if you were to be planning and creating a town or a city, these essence families also cooperate in creating this reality. This is voluntary action. Groups of essences choose individual physical realities to align with and be creating of.” #138 

ELIAS: ...... We have much to cover this evening, in information. As I have expressed at our last session, I will be speaking to you this evening of essence groups, or families, and the connections with these groups.

I will also begin by expressing to you that you are not “born into” an essence family. You magnate to a family. You are drawn through intent, as metal is drawn to a magnet; the family being the magnet. You, within your individual intents, are the metals being drawn to the families. This may change, if you are choosing. Generally speaking, it does not. This is not to say that it may not, for you always incorporate choices, as I have expressed. Therefore you may, at any moment, choose to align more with another essence family. Within this group, you do not. You may also choose, for the duration of a specific developmental focus, to align with another essence family for that particular experience and intent. Generally, you have not. Within this group, you have continued to align with the Sumafi. I will, this evening, offer you a brief explanation of half of these essence families, and will continue at our next meeting with the other half.

I shall begin with your first color of red. This is aligned with the essence representing the family of Milumet. This family incorporates the focus of spiritualists, mystics. They manifest mainly within what you will view as primitives. Your Indians of these Americas would fall into this family; many tribes within your continent of Africa; your aborigines also. This is not to say that all individuals connected with this essence family will manifest within a primitive tribe, for they do not.

Their focus is inward. They do not concern themselves with political involvement, social involvement. They generally do not involve themselves, to any great degree, with many other individuals. Their communal focus is limited and small, for they are mainly interested in seeking; mark this word for Shynla; of truth. They are concerned with continuing and holding the remembrance. (Looking at Ron)

Remind yourselves, as I speak of these families, you will cross over these imaginary lines of families, within yourselves. You will identify with many elements of all of these families. This does not mean that you align your individual desires basically to these families; this being why you are not connected with certain colors within your game.

These individuals are very connected with nature. They hold an extraordinary connection with creatures. It is quite easy for these individuals to exchange telepathically, and also empathically, with creatures, and with all elements of nature. They are simple beings. They choose not to be complicating their focus with too much intellectualizing, for their desire is to be continuing with what they view as original. They also incorporate great connection and affinity with elements such as stones, having an inner knowing of the energy that may be transmitted through stones, and radiated out through manipulation. Many individuals manifesting not in primitive tribes may feel an affinity for plants or animals or precious stones, and may surround themselves with these things. They may not understand why they collect these things, other than the idea that they “like” them; but within them there is an inner knowing of identification which aligns them to these families. You will notice, the essences that are connected with each color will bear parallels to the corresponding family.

We move to your next family, in your color of orange. This will be the family of Gramada. They are organizers. They are initiators. They bear great creativity. They possess an ability to connect with world views of other essences.

I will briefly deviate to explain world views of other essences. This is not how an essence views the world! It is a tremendous energy put forth, by any individual, which stands through time.

These individuals may be what you view to be great artists, or musicians, or architects, or physicists; individuals whose ideas are initiating and original; individuals who express to your world information that they have connected with through essence, and have the ability to translate into your physical languages. Individuals within the family of Gramada possess the ability to connect with this element of consciousness, for these individuals disconnect from their physically focused accomplished consciousness, and allow this to be offered to your world. It may be tapped into at any moment; but few individuals possess the ability, within their physical consciousness, to connect with these world views; this being why certain individuals may feel a great affinity and an underlying understanding of concepts that have been expressed by previous individuals, such as our Einstein. These individuals may not consciously understand the concepts that have been expressed forth, but they identify. There is a connection.

They are also initiators in the modem of expressing original ideas for efficiency. They may not always be focused upon by other individuals as being responsible for their ideas, for they choose not to be within the spotlight, so to speak. They are comfortable being “behind your scenes,” but they offer the originality of ideas.

These individuals, on a grander scale, are the ones responsible for establishment of your societies, your governments, your institutions, your religions. Others “take up” the work and establishment of these elements, but this family projects the original; the idea; the concept; the information.

Your third color of yellow; this essence represents the family of Vold. (To Vicki: “V”) This family would be focused upon by you as being reformers. They are not interested in the status quo. Their main objective is change. They are not satisfied with elements of existence continuing along the same direction. They change themselves, they change where their location is, they change elements around them, they change societies, they change governments, they change your world! They are a restless group. They also are very, very emotional. They are quite passionate, this being their motivating force behind their changing. They are never satisfied with elements being what they are, for their passion and their emotion runs very deep. They are great connectors with other individuals, for they also incorporate tremendous compassion and understanding.

These individuals are very strongly focused within their dream abilities. They also possess very strong precognitive abilities. They may not be aware, or acknowledge these inner senses that they possess, but in connecting with these inner senses, may develop them to great extremes.

They possess inner knowings of probabilities. They possess an understanding of probabilities. They will connect with information concerning the probabilities of all things, and how they work. They do not incorporate this information intellectually. They draw this information through feelings. They may not always possess the capability of expressing to other individuals their inner knowing, for they may not understand how to be translating this into intellectual expression; but they know within their feeling.

They also, within this passion and great emotional focus, confuse themselves much; for they strive, within physical focus, to be translating elements that they may not translate into thought. They are in many ways, within physical focus, trying to conform to accepted realities, especially within your present times, which allows small amount of room, within your civilizations, for the knowing that they possess within feelings.

Your fourth color of green; this will be represented of the family of Ilda. I shall offer spelling later. These individuals are very likable. They are extremely verbal. They are communicators. Their focus is exchange. They are travelers. They may be manifest as merchants, as gypsies, as seamen; any individuals that travel and exchange ideas of cultures. They are the “mixers.” Without these individuals your civilizations, your cultures, would become stagnant. They also incorporate, within physical manifestation, as slaves, as pirates. They are quite colorful individuals! They exchange ideas from one culture to another. They bring infiltration of religion, of trade, to all areas within your world. Some, in other times periods of your history, were great jesters of courts, having access to diplomats and kings, and exchanging ideas and concepts between these of high rank and peasantry. I personally hold quite affection for this family. (Smiling)

The one essence family which will not be identified singularly within your game, is that of Sumafi, for you all are Sumafi. Therefore, it needs no representative with the game. I will explain to you, this family incorporates the focus of teaching. It incorporates teachers of every element and every subject of your existence. Many who manifest being a part of this family will be individuals connected with universities. They may be aligned with museums, they may be religious leaders, they may be within government; any area of society that incorporates any element of teaching, you will find these individuals.

In other time periods within your history, they have been “keepers of knowledge.” They have manifest as scribes. Many have chosen religious focuses. They are quite intent upon keeping truths. Their intent also is in the direction of the least distortion. Therefore, within any element of teaching, they strive to incorporate the least distortion, the most original, the most pure.

We will focus upon our other four colors at our next meeting. Therefore, you may incorporate time to connect with these four, and also with your ownidentity of your family of Sumafi.

These essences also, of Sumafi, I will express, are playful. They do not incorporate the seriousness that you think of, within physical focus, of “solemn teachers!” They are quite flexible and incorporate much humor, for this is an asset to teaching. They are also quite experiential, understanding the value of experience with teaching. You learn through experience; therefore they are quite directing of experiences, and hold much desire to be experiencing.

This family also is quite closely connected with the essence of Sumafi. Excuse me! I am Sumafi! (Laughter) Sumari; teachers of Sumafi being those influencing of the family of Sumari, who are the “actors-out” of the teaching.

We will not discuss Sumari this evening, for I will reserve this for our next meeting; but you will find a great concentration of Sumafi as teachers within the elements of arts, all arts; art being that which they view to be quite important, placing a very high value upon aesthetic beauty. We have begun our sessions originally by speaking to you of living artfully and incorporating beauty; this being aligned with your intent, as you are Sumafi. I continue to incorporate these elements throughout our meetings, and when you are moving away and being forgetful of the beauty and the artfulness of yourselves and your creations, I am immediate to be reminding you.

JIM: I’ve noticed!

ELIAS: Now we will incorporate a brief break, and you may collect your questions, to which I will answer.

BREAK: 7:28 PM.


Vic’s note: We began discussing this information immediately upon Elias’ departure, which instigated a “pop-in” at 7:31 PM.

ELIAS: Incorrect! I will explain once more briefly, and then you may incorporate your break! You are all one family of Sumafi. Your desires and your physical manifestation within this developmental focus magnate to the qualities of other essence families, but you are Sumafi. (Very firmly)

I have explained that all essence groups cross. They all incorporate elements of each other. Therefore, you may find individuals manifest within anyessence group who possess qualities of another essence group. It may seem to you that they “should” be aligned with a certain group. I will express one brief example. You may think that an individual, who has a great desire within the area of healing, would be aligned with the family of Tumold. The individual may not! The individual may possess these qualities, but the individual’s intent follows Sumafi.


Therefore, it is incorporated within the family of Sumafi, and possesses the desires and manifestations of Tumold. Is this clearer? (The group agrees) Very well! I shall return briefly.

BREAK: 7:34 PM. 
RESUME: 8:01 PM.


Vic’s note: We were all going nuts during the break, knowing that we had to wait for a week (!) to learn of the other four essence families. Elias listened and responded, which we all very much appreciated!

ELIAS: Such impatience! (Grinning, and we all crack up) Wishing to be incorporating four more essence families with the period of one evening! (“Heavy” pause) Very well ...

VICKI: Cool!

JIM: Alright!

CHRIS: Yeah!

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) I will offer your spelling at our ending. In continuing, we move to my color of blue. The essence family that I choose to represent is Sumari. The Sumari are playful. They are creative. They are spiritual. They are your artists. They are not teachers of art; they are doers. The Sumari are doers of everything! They incorporate action. They materialize what the Sumafi and the Gramada initiate. This essence family incorporates great creativity.

I have spoken to you of the initiators, these being the driving forces behind the actualizers. Therefore, the initiators within the arts would be the manifest individuals who promote the individual artists. These of the Sumari are the artists. They do incorporate the spotlight. They enjoy being within the forefront of all action. They are not introverted or shy individuals! They are quite extroverted. They also are quite independent. They do not align themselves with groups. They do not align themselves with societies or governments or religions. They are your rebellious group. They are the individuals that butt against everything! They are your salmon swimming upstream! They do not conform. You will find, in movements of cultures, individuals who are refusing to conform to the norm. These individuals belong to the Sumari.

Within your culture, within this country of yours, you have been exposed to a movement of the Sumari before you physically, within your time of great change, within this century; your young individuals, your students who revolted, who refused to conform; your “flower children.” These were Sumari. They are great expressers of love and freedom. They choose not to align themselves within groups, for they feel that this is constricting of their individuality and creativity. They are tremendous expressers of individuality. They are your triumphers for the individual. They are focused upon the development, within all creativity, of each individual. They stress spirituality, but only within the individual, not within a religious focus.

They are connectors. They connect essence to focus. They are also temporary. They are your physical “pop-ins” of cultures. They do not establish cultures to be lasting. They “pop-in” to established cultures, they encourage individual thought and creativity and spirituality, and they “pop-out!” They initiate thought. They initiate remembering of connections. You will not find Sumari in long-lasting cultural situations. They will appear, temporarily, to be “stirring your pot,” so to speak; and then they will, as suddenly as it may seem that they appeared, they will disappear.

The Sumafi is greatly involved with Sumari, for Sumafi incorporates before and after. When your Sumaris appear, they are taught by Sumafi. When they disappear, their ideas are continued and held steadfast by Sumafi. Within your present time, the Sumari have initiated, they have manifest, they have “stirred your pot” temporarily, they have altered your focus. Now, the Sumafi incorporates the carrying on of this in teaching; therefore you, now.

Moving to your color of indigo; this will be represented with the family of Tumold. These are the healers. These individuals may manifest within medical professions, they may be mystical healers, they may be cultural healers. These healers incorporate a vast territory, so to speak, for healing may be incorporated within any element of focus. It does not only incorporate physical healing of ailments. It may be spiritual healing. It may be psychological healing. It may be physical healing.

These you will find in all walks of life, so to speak. You may find your garbage man to be of the family of Tumold; for “it matters not” what their physical manifestation may be, or their occupation, for they possess the inner ability to be healing. Many times, they incorporate merely vibrational qualities that are expressed by their very being, and need never implement any physical manifestation of what you view to be healing. Their presence itself is healing to all they touch.

They also incorporate, within this healing family, alignments with organizations. They do recognize the power of the collective consciousness. They may not always understand this inner knowing, and they may not physically express this, manifest within connections of the collective consciousness, but they possess an alignment vibrationally; which, if allowing themselves to be “tapping into,” they possess great power in these areas.

Your purple; this is represented of the family of Zuli. These essences are primarily concerned with physical expression. They are performers. They are athletes. They have a deep appreciation for beauty. They appreciate physical form and the greatness manifest in the creation of your physical expression. There is tremendous appreciation of every element of your physical bodies.

They are very preoccupied with the physical body. They incorporate a tremendous understanding of its workings. They understand the consciousness of the cells and the molecules that are incorporated within physical form. They are excellent manipulators of physical form. They incorporate living art. They do not necessarily express art or artfulness through music, or painting, or sculpting. They manifest this through their own bodies, expressing the capabilities of bodies and their functions, allowing other essences to appreciate the beauty and the magnificence of your physical expression.

As I have said, they are usually or generally adept at athletics. Their bodies are connected with their consciousness, within a deep understanding of each other. They listen to them. They may choose to be performers, manipulating their bodily expression in mime, allowing others to view its beauty. You will notice many of your players, your actors, take great care in adorning the physical body, enhancing their expression by allowing you exaggerated visualization. This is their incorporation of living art.

Your color of pink, your new category; this essence represents the family of Borledim. This family is concerned with your earth stock. Their primary focus is to be creating of new individuals. They are very family-oriented, this being their priority. They are excellent parents. They take great care in nurturing. Their primary function, within physical focus, is to produce. They stop at nothing to be accomplishing this goal, and they are quite accomplished at realizing this. They produce balanced, centered individuals. They produce directed individuals for essence families. When essence families are needing of representatives within physical focus, they align within agreement with this essence family to produce the stock.

These individuals possess great affection, great understanding, and tremendous patience. They may not always appear, as individuals, to be extremely patient within their physical expression, but within their intent, they may be quite patient; for although their intent is to be producing of this stock, they do not always possess physical capability of accomplishing this normally, or within what you term to be reasonable amounts of your time. They incorporate tremendous patience in the pursuit of their accomplishment. They are very singularly focused, and do not deviate. Once accomplishing, they produce tremendous individuals, quite crediting. They also are not self-sacrificing, for they are quite understanding that this is defeating; for in being the good tree and exhibiting the example for their young, they produce individuals who possess an understanding, realistically balanced, of how to incorporate physical life. They also possess, within this balance, a great fairness.

Many do incorporate bearing of these young quite easily, and produce many. You will find many of these individuals possessing, so to speak, eight or twelve or fifteen young ones within one family. They also are great believers in extended families, incorporating all aspects of family living to be allowing the experience, to the small ones, of all others within the family unit that may be contributing. Many of your cultures that you view to be undesirable or backwards incorporate many individuals of this family. You will find, within these cultures, that they do not express irritation with small ones. They do not block impulses. They are not concerned with “right” behavior. They are allowing of experiences. They direct, but they are not intrusive. (Pause)

Therefore, you have now incorporated all nine of your essence families, eight of which are represented within your game. (Pause) Such quietness! My pipe, Holmes! (Ron hands over the pipe) Thank you!


[The 'game' is in refference to a game that was created for the members of the group attending the Elias sessions back when Mary Ennis was living in Castaic, California. The 'Game' that is often mentioned in many of the Elias transcripts, are in refference to it.]

VICKI: There’s nine essence families, period?

ELIAS: Correct.

CHRIS: Eight of which are represented by a color? 

ELIAS: Correct.

CHRIS: One is not?

ELIAS: One being the Sumafi, which is you; therefore this not being represented within your game. (Pause, and then to Vicki) As to continue with your question, (Here, he turns and extends the pipe out to Ron) It is not lit, Holmes! (Laughter, as Ron takes the pipe) Thank you. (To Vicki) These essence families are focused within this dimension of this manifestation physically. They interact with this creation. You are within this dimension, upon thisplanet, within this focus. Therefore, you have directing essence families which manifest within this dimension. (Ron hands the pipe back) Thank you.

RON: You’re welcome.

ELIAS: (Looking directly at Vicki, and puffing on the pipe) Are you understanding of this? (Vicki loses it, and you can hear her and Elizabeth cracking up) I see nothing humorous within this discussion! I am missing the joke! (You know, he really is a funny guy!) (1)

RON: I don’t think Michael will! (Much laughter)

VICKI: (Still cracking up, trying to be serious) These nine essence families pertain to this physical creation we’re experiencing now?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And other physical creations have other essence families, so to speak?

ELIAS: Correct; within other dimensions. Within other focuses of other dimensions, other essence families align with other intents. These are not important for your knowledge, for you do not interact with these, and they do not affect your dimension. Therefore, I offer you those which are affecting of your reality. Of these, there are nine.

Session #67 (Group/Castaic)

* * * *

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