FRANK:  ……. This may be kind of a dumb question at this point, but would you define ’belief’ for me in the context that we’ve been discussing it? (Pause)


ELIAS: Beliefs in themselves are merely associations with your physical reality. They are objective expressions, explanations so to speak, of the interpretation of your physical reality, of every aspect of your physical reality.


FRANK: For how the world works?


ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, and beyond. They are objective explanations of your physical reality in every aspect of it.


Now; you also incorporate the belief system of duplicity, as you are aware, and this belief system has been created also as an explanation of your physical reality in a type of expression to be categorizing. It is an organizational belief system, and throughout your history of physical manifestation in this physical dimension, in a manner of speaking you have moved this particular belief system in a type of developmental manner, expressing it more and more precisely in more and more of an expression of separation; which has been purposeful to this point, but no longer serves you for you have explored the expression of separation in fullness.


Therefore, collectively you have chosen to be creating this Source Event of this shift in consciousness and inserting this master event into your objective reality, altering the direction of your reality, recognizing that the expression of separation is becoming obsolete, so to speak, and has offered you the opportunity to be exploring certain expressions within this physical reality, but has become limiting. And in the design of consciousness and essence, your natural action of continuous exploration and continuous becoming is being stifled now in the expression of separation. Duplicity has been designed to facilitate separation.


Now; duplicity also, as you are aware, is a belief system; therefore it also is an intrinsic expression in the design of this physical reality. Therefore, you are not eliminating this belief system, either. You are merely recognizing that you do incorporate the associations and the expressions of duplicity, but that you are not locked to it and that the expressions of it are not absolute, which therefore alters the expression of duplicity, eliminating the judgments but continuing in the recognition of preference.


FRANK: But there is a difference between preference and the concept of something is good, something is bad.


ELIAS: Correct.


FRANK: Okay, that’s the realization that I need to come to.


ELIAS: Correct, and you already are moving in some expressions in which you have allowed yourselves to know genuinely, inwardly, the reality of this difference and allow yourselves to objectively express a movement in perception, therefore generating a different expression of reality.


FRANK: In terms of physical objective time, when will all of this sort of be generally accepted?


ELIAS: As I have stated previously, now that you have moved into your new millennium in objective terms of time, you are inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, and in this the time framework which you incorporate to be objectively inserting is less than the time framework which you incorporated to be subjectively generating this movement.


Within your previous century, collectively you have afforded yourselves an entire century to be subjectively moving in association with this shift in consciousness. In this century you shall accomplish its insertion approximately within three-quarters of this century.


FRANK: So it’s still a while, from my point of view.


ELIAS: Within association of time, merely in your physical dimension. This is relatively quite short.


FRANK: Well, depending on how old you are. (Both laugh) The shift, will it be sort of progressive? In other words sort of continuously progressive, or will it happen in sort of jumps and leaps? Or does that question make any sense?


ELIAS: I am understanding. And this is your choice. It already moves progressively and at times in leaps.


In this I may express to you, this is not an event and it is accomplished by each individual. Therefore, YOU may accomplish what you term to be the completion of this shift in consciousness in your individual focus within any time framework, and that may be expressed quite prior to the time framework in which the entirety of your globe shall be expressing the insertion of this shift. For it is an individual movement, and each individual may be accomplishing the insertion in different time frameworks.


My response to your question is that within probabilities that you all collectively are generating and in agreement with, every individual throughout your globe in that time framework shall have accomplished this movement.


FRANK: So the world will be a much different place then.


ELIAS: Quite. (Pause)

Excerpt from session #975


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The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.

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