Wednesday, June 14, 2000   session #640

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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Anonyme. 
Elias arrives at 5:07 PM. (Arrival time is 34 seconds) 

ELIAS:  Good afternoon! (Smiling) 

ANONYME:  (Softly)  Hi. 

ELIAS:  Welcome! 

ANONYME:  Thank you. 

ELIAS:  And you have inquiries this day? 

ANONYME:  Have what? 

ELIAS:  Inquiries. 

ANONYME:  Inquiries — yeah. (Sighing, and Elias chuckles) 

I’ve been ill for some years with M.E.  I’ve been better recently, and I’m beginning to work with that, but I’m not very well at the moment.  I’m very anxious, in a general way, about resources — you know, energy, and if I don’t have the energy, then how I’ll earn a living.  I’m aware, to some extent, what trips me off, but just at the moment, I can’t get a handle on it.  An emotional situation has triggered me on this again, and I’m feeling so exhausted that I’m finding it difficult to function, and yet I love the work I’m doing.  I like it better than I ever have. 

ELIAS:  And what is the nature of your question in relation to this creation? 

ANONYME:  Just if there’s some way that I could understand it better and work with it, or get myself better. 

ELIAS:  Interesting terminology — quite common terminology, but interesting — that you choose to express that you be “better.” 

What you are expressing is that your desire objectively is to be creating an expression within your reality differently than you are expressing presently, but you hold confusion in this creation, for you are not entirely clear as to why you are creating what you create. 

First of all, let us be recognizing that YOU are creating this, and you are not merely creating it, but you are CHOOSING to be creating this. 

I am understanding that within physical focus, it is quite easily expressed that individuals hold a thought process that they understand and accept that they are actually creating certain identifications of what you may express to be illness or malady, and that they are choosing to be creating this. 

But in actuality, underlyingly, they are not entirely accepting that they are in actuality choosing to be creating this, for you also create an objective thought process that separates. 

You think to yourself that there is some other aspect of you, some subconscious or unconscious or hidden part of yourself — even terming it to be subjective awareness, which are terms that I have offered — that appears to create elements within your reality that you do not control or that you are not actually choosing, for your objective choice within your thoughts is to NOT be choosing this. 

Therefore, a key element in these types of situations — or in this creation that you engage — is not merely to be recognizing in some theoretical fashion that you are creating your reality, but that you are actually CHOOSING to be creating in this expression. 

Now; let me also express to you, the glory of widening your awareness is the discovery objectively that YOU HOLD CHOICE. 

As you realize that you are CHOOSING to be creating certain expressions in genuineness, you also begin to realize that you may choose other choices and create other expressions or avenues within yourself and what you express. 

The reason that you do not alter your choice is that you do not in actuality view that you are choosing it.  For if you are choosing, you hold the power of your direction, but if you are not choosing, you are powerless.  If you are not choosing, then you are being dictated to and you are being manipulated by another force. 

In this, you view the dis-ease to be its own force.  It is its own entity, and therefore it creates the choices for you.  You are not creating the choices of it.  It is itself, and it is creating the choices for you and dictating to you. 

Now; this is the belief and the strength of the belief, and this belief limits your choices and creates an ineffectiveness in your movement, in relation to what you are creating and in relation to your wants. 

Now; I shall express to you, choice is a wondrously empowering expression.  I shall also express to you, quite definitely, that there are no victims — not within this dimension, not within any dimension, not within any expression of consciousness.  A victim is any expression that holds little or no choice, and you are not this. 

Let me also express to you that the dis-ease is not separated from you.  It is not its own entity.  It is not an element that is produced and thusly attacks you.  It IS you. 

Therefore, what I am offering to you in information is a manner in which you may allow yourself to turn your perception ever so slightly and allow yourself to recognize that the malady, so to speak, IS you.  It is not your creation — an entity or an expression that is projected outward — but it IS you.  You ARE it. 

In this, if the dis-ease is you, you are directing you.  Therefore, you are directing it, for it is not an it!  And in that understanding of what you are and what you are creating, you may open yourself in the realization that you may also choose other expressions. 

Now; let me also express to you, every expression that you create is manifest through the choice of a probability.  Every probability is chosen and actualized in the moment. 

Let us speak quite physically, for you are expressing concern of physical expressions.  Therefore, let me offer to you, in relation to the creations of probabilities, an example of a physical exhibition of an energy affectingness. 

Allow yourself the visualization that within this moment, you have broken your arm.  The bone — one of the bones — within your arm is physically snapped into two pieces. 

Now; within your belief system, this bone shall require a physical manipulation of some outside force to place the pieces, so to speak, together, and once the pieces are together, it shall require a time framework to mend and to knit itself, in healing, into one piece once again.  Correct? 

ANONYME:  Um-hmm. 

ELIAS:  This is the method that you incorporate within your beliefs concerning a physical action such as the breaking of a bone. 

Any other physical creation that you choose — any dis-ease, any illness, any malady, whichever you choose to identify — moves in the same manner, for you believe that there is a process to be engaged in its repair, or to be “fixing” it. 

You view the bone which is snapped within two pieces to be broken.  You view yourself in the exhibition of dis-ease to be broken.  I express to you a different manner of perception. 

The bone is not broken.  The bone is merely exhibiting a different configuration, and is not functioning in the manner of your objective expectation.  It is not in actuality broken.  Therefore, it is not in actuality requiring of fixing. 

This is an important key in relation to perception.  Your perception is all-encompassingly powerful.  It is the expression that actually creates all of your reality.  Every element of your reality is created by and through your perception. 

Now; as you view the bone to not be functioning in the manner of your objective expectation, you identify or define or label this particular expression in brokenness, and as I have stated, thusly needing of repair. 

Now; this is the point in which the turning of your perception becomes quite valuable, for the bone appears in this manner momentarily, as you perceive it to be in this condition, but this is one choice of probability. 

Within ONE moment, you create the separation of two elements of the bone, what you identify as the break.  This is created within an instant — one moment. 

The incorporation of dis-ease is created within ONE moment, and in like manner to the bone, you view that once it is created, it is requiring of extensive convalescence, but it is not, for it continues to be created in that exhibition of the break each moment, as you choose to continue to focus your attention in that manner. 

Therefore, moment by moment, you choose to be creating the break.  Moment by moment, you choose to be creating the dis-ease. 

Let me express to you quite literally, this be the explanation of your miracles.  Individuals are not healed by waters or by prayers or by expressions of what you deem to be holiness, or even faith.  Individuals are healed, so to speak — which is merely the action of returning to your natural state — by turning their attention. 

Some individuals turn their perception through the focal point — or the tool — of what they perceive to be an object, an element of their environment, their faith, their will.  But in actuality, what is occurring is, the individual is choosing, within a moment, to turn their perception and their attention, and not be creating that expression within that moment. 

Once you have chosen not to be creating that expression, even within one moment, you have returned your expression, your state of being, to its natural projection. 

Therefore, in the example of the broken arm, so to speak, you may create this break within one moment.  Each moment subsequent to that moment within your linear time framework that the break continues, you are creating that choice to be continuing the break. 

But within one moment, in what you term to be suddenly, it is healed miraculously, sewn together once again, with no explanation, with no action, with no physical contact to it, but it miraculously heals in a moment. 

The reason that this is possible is the expression of the power of perception.  Your perception is so very incredibly strong that it holds the power to continue creating the dis-ease, moment by moment by moment by moment, in equal strength, and at times in increased strength. 

Now; at times it may decrease in strength, as you are not paying as close of attention to it.  As your attention begins to drift and other explorations become more prominent in your attention, the dis-ease subsides, for you are not offering it the concentration of your attention. 

You move in the familiarity of the attention.  If you are creating fatigue, you pay attention.  If you are creating pain, you pay attention.  I shall express to you also, you much more easily pay attention to expressions that you create that you define as negative. 

The exhibition of energy that you, in a manner of speaking, must be displaying in what you identify as a positive expression is far greater, to gain your attention and turn it away from what already holds your attention in the negative. 

In this physical dimension, the expression of negativity, in all of its facets, is fascinating to you.  It is familiar to you objectively.  It is easily created objectively, for it is reinforced continuously, within yourself and within the expression of mass energy, for the belief system of duplicity is very strong. 

Within consciousness, there is no actual expression of negative outside of the configuration of certain physical realities. 

Therefore, within this physical reality, there is a fascination with what you identify as any aspect of any creation of negativity, for although it may be familiar within your dimension objectively, it is unfamiliar within essence.  It is an area to be explored. 

Now; I am not discounting of your desire to be discontinuing your expression.  I am recognizing of the strength of your desire.  I am also recognizing the strength of your expression, which moves in a lack of motivation — in a manner of speaking, of resignation — and this creates the struggle. 

For in creating the expression of malady for an extended time framework and expressing a tremendous energy to be creating of this — for it is requiring of much more energy to be creating of this type of expression than you shall express in what you identify as pleasure or positive — in this, you have fatigued yourself.  You have wearied yourself, and in this weariness, you have also moved your expression of yourself into a projection of resignation, in part. 

ANONYME:  Um-hmm, in part. 

ELIAS:  You continue to move in the expression objectively of a want to be altering your expression.  Inwardly there is also an expression of what you commonly term to be “giving up.”  It is difficult to battle.  It is wearying.  There is confusion as to how to turn your attention and your perception, or to be uncreating of this particular choice.  Therefore, there is also created an underlying expression, in part, of resignation. 

Now; this is not to say that this situation is hopeless, for it is quite not! (Chuckling) 

I express to you, you may begin in addressing to what you have created by practicing with your attention, holding your attention within the now.  Discontinue your projection of what you desire to be created futurely in your process.  Stop your thought processes concerning how you shall proceed, and allow yourself to hold your attention within the now. 

You have created a cycle.  You have created a type of hamster wheel, in a manner of speaking, and you are continuing to be spinning, spinning, spinning, and this hamster wheel has become very familiar to you, and in this, it is quite easy to continue in that creation. 

Therefore, I do not express to you what you may identify as the “cure,” although I shall express to you that quite literally, the cure may lie in what I am offering you now. 

Practice, within yourself, holding your attention within the now, regardless of what is occurring.  Each time you recognize, each time you notice that you are projecting your thoughts, your emotions, even your sensing in anticipation future — or projecting pastly into the reinforcement of what you have already created — allow yourself to STOP. 

In that moment, you may choose to be initially distracting yourself, for this may prove to be more difficult than you realize! (Grinning)  Or, you may merely allow yourself to be noticing what is occurring within this present now.  Allow yourself to recognize YOU.  Allow yourself to become familiar with your energy and your being. 

In this, as you experience the familiarity of your creation, turn your attention to self in the now, and allow yourself to notice all of yourself.  Allow yourself to notice your emotions, your thoughts, your physical body.  Allow yourself to pay attention to your energy centers.  Turn your attention to each of your energy centers. 

This may also be helpful to you, for in these moments in the now, as you turn your attention to your energy centers and you allow yourself genuinely to visualize each of your energy centers, you shall also allow yourself to view where you are directing your energy, which energy centers are moving out of alignment. 

This shall gain your objective attention and it shall occupy your objective attention, and as you have configured your objective attention within this physical reality to be singularly focused, you shall recognize — as you practice — that it becomes more and more difficult to be holding your attention in the dis-ease if you are turning your attention intensely into another expression of yourself. 

Do not concern yourself presently with the why.  Concern yourself with the what and the who. 

I express this to you quite purposefully, for you may turn your attention into the why, and in that action, you merely perpetuate your hamster wheel, for you discount yourself.  You express that you are not accomplishing well enough.  You should be accomplishing better.  You wish to be better.  And these are all expressions of discounting, and that merely reinforces the turning of the wheel and the expression of dis-ease. 

Therefore, do not concern yourself with the why.  Do not be attempting to be finding the beliefs that are so very influencing of you that are creating this situation.  Turn your perception.  Turn your attention to the WHAT of your creation, the what of your energy.  What is your energy doing?  What are you creating within the now?  And to the who, the YOU, recognizing that the expression of the dis-ease IS you — not created BY you, but IS you. 

ANONYME:  Yes, I think it’s triggered by disappointment. 

ELIAS:  Within this now, what do you experience in disappointment? 

ANONYME:  You mean that’s triggered my illness at the moment? 

ELIAS:  Within this present now, within this very moment, what do you experience of disappointment? 

ANONYME:  No, I take the point that it’s not here if I don’t choose to experience it.  It’s not here. 

ELIAS:  Within this now, you interact with myself, and you are not experiencing disappointment or fear or anxiety.  You experience calm and a focused attention, and therefore your attention is not in the projection of past or anticipation of future, and is not creating the expression of dis-ease. 

This is a moment-by-moment creation, but you have practiced long and hard in your continuation of it, and in the strength of the beliefs of processes, most probably you shall not instantaneously alter your creation, but you shall offer yourself the method of a process of moving yourself out of the expression or the continuation of the expression, which is acceptable, and is not wrong and is not bad. 

It is not “better” to be instantaneously creating a different expression!  Allow yourself the acknowledgment of this, and permission to be creating in the manner that you ARE creating.

In this, you relax your energy.  You do not hold so very tightly to your energy, and as you relax your energy, you do not project as often, and as you do not project as often, you hold your attention more within the now, and in the now, you may express to yourself the acknowledgment that those projections, those anxieties, are illusions. 

You DO hold this ability.  You hold a tremendous strength within you.  You also hold a tremendous ability to be focusing your attention.  Now find your motivation, for your motivation has become confused. 

ANONYME:  Well, I feel motivated, more motivated than I have been for a long time, and I love what I do. 

ELIAS:  Find your motivation within you to be turning your perception, not merely within your outward expressions. 

Finding your motivation is the expression of finding your worth and finding your trust, your trust in your ability, not merely to be doing what you do outwardly, but your ability to be creating any expression that you choose — the powerfulness of that knowing. 

Finding your motivation is remembering you and your movement, your tremendous expression of value of self, your worth of self, and your offering of that expression, which lies much more strongly within than the outward expression of what you do. 

Turn what you do inward.  In like intensity of love and passion that you express outwardly — in what you do, in what you offer to other individuals, in how you present the persona of yourself outwardly — turn that intensity to yourself, and offer this expression and gift to yourself.  You are quite busy “doing” outwardly, and in this outward projection, you are not paying attention to what you are NOT offering to YOU. 

ANONYME:  It’s difficult to do. 

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is unfamiliar.  You do not view yourself in the same manner that you view other individuals.  It is quite easily expressed, the projection of value to performances or productions or other individuals.  You allow yourself to view other individuals and all of the wondrous qualities and potentials that they exhibit, and you express a tremendous appreciation and love, but you scrimp upon this expression in turning your attention to yourself. 

ANONYME:  Well, I suppose everybody does, don’t they? 

ELIAS:  No. (Smiling)  But you are correct, many, many individuals do, and many, many individuals also create conflict, and many, many individuals create dis-ease or confusion or trauma, and many individuals inquire as to how they may be discontinuing creating those expressions. 

ANONYME:  And you say, by making a different choice. 

ELIAS:  Correct.  But you may not be creating a different choice if you are not recognizing that you hold the ability to create a different choice!  If you are not viewing that you are creating choices in themselves, you shall not create a different choice. 

ANONYME:  But I think sometimes we do, and I do recognize my own part in creating it, but getting to the root of why is very difficult. 

ELIAS:  Ah!  And what have we expressed this day? 

ANONYME:  The difficulty.... 

ELIAS:  Not to be concerning yourself with the why! 

ANONYME:  Um-hmm, okay. 

ELIAS:  This is the perpetuation of the hamster wheel.  You create a trap in your examination and your analyzation of why, and in that, you continue to be creating what you are creating while you are searching for your why.  But if you are turning your attention to the what, you address directly to the energy that you are expressing. 

ANONYME:  But I suppose the why happens because there is a lack of awareness of what’s being created.  So, in my own experience, I’ve been feeling well.  An event has happened that didn’t seem important or especially important, and suddenly I’m ill, and then it takes me some time to realize what happened.  I wasn’t expecting it, and.... 

ELIAS:  At times, it may be valuable for an individual to be looking to the questioning of why.  In the expressions of some individuals — perhaps many individuals — it may be informative to them and offering them helpfulness to be asking this question of why, and seeking out the answer, so to speak, of this question. 

I may also express to you, in recognition of some individuals’ energies — of your energy — this type of direction, in your physical terms, is nonproductive, to a point, in what you want to be accomplishing, for it merely holds your attention in what you ARE creating, and perpetuates it. 

I express to many individuals to be examining the why of their behavior or their creations.  I quite purposefully express to you not to be concerning yourself with the why. 

You automatically look to the why.  You shall automatically move in the inquiry as to why you are creating a particular movement.  You automatically are creating an analyzation of your behavior, of your expressions, of your creations.  This is a very familiar expression that you create. 

In this, I am expressing to you to turn your attention to the unfamiliar.  Many, many times with many, many individuals, the expression of the familiar is quite influenced by their beliefs in strength, is easily perpetuated and creates obstacles, and the point of this shift in consciousness which is occurring presently is to be moving your awareness into the unfamiliar. 

In your terms, in the expression of linear terms, eventually the unfamiliar shall become familiar, and you shall allow yourselves the expression of this great freedom, which is the incorporation of KNOWING of choice, not merely holding the concept of choice, and the accomplishment of this shall move in your expression of holding your awareness within the now, and allowing yourself to relax your energy. 

ANONYME:  Um-hmm.  That’s true. 

ELIAS:  A great expression to be practicing with. 

ANONYME:  What, the now or it’s true? 

ELIAS:  The now! (Chuckling) 

ANONYME:  Because I’m involved in something that is relating back to something that happened to me, and it continues to take up a lot of my time, and I think it’s got a lot to do with this. 

ELIAS:  You offer yourself the example presently, in the projection of past and the anticipation of future and the loss of present. 

ANONYME:  Yeah, the struggle between those two others.  It’s like trying to make the past better in the future, but the sacrifice is the now. 

ELIAS:  And the now is what creates the past AND the future. 

Therefore, in your very physical terms, incorporating this terminology of “better” ... although I shall express to you quite literally, there is no better, for there is no element that is worse to become better! 

But temporarily, momentarily, in compliance with your terminology of better and your thought process, in identifying what you wish to be creating better, this shall not be accomplished in your bouncing between the projection of past and the anticipation of future, but shall be accomplished in holding your attention within the now and recognizing what you are creating in the now, for this creates both. 

ANONYME:  So what happens when you’ve exhausted yourself? 

ELIAS:  The exhaustion is physically, emotionally, and mentally expressed in response to your fatigue in continuing to be creating this same type of expression in its monotony. 

You are creating an outward expression of this fatigue.  You gain your attention, as I have stated, with this type of expression.  You shall pay attention to your creation if you are expressing tremendous fatigue in any of these types of expressions, and you shall motivate yourself to move into avenues of seeking out other choices.  Fatigue is a bordering upon boredom. 

ANONYME:  But I don’t feel bored. 

ELIAS:  The expression has become boring, the continuation of the exhibition of this expression. 

ANONYME:  Boredom with it, yeah.  So you don’t believe that we can exhaust our spirits if we make a choice not to? 

ELIAS:  (Firmly)  No.  This, in a manner of speaking, is not even a question of choice.  Energy is limitless.  The availability of energy is limitless.  Therefore, you may not be dissipating your energy. 

This also is an element of perception.  You perceive that you are depleting or exhausting your energy, and therefore you create that as your reality objectively.  But in a manner of speaking, as to energy and your identification of quantity, there is limitless expression of energy.  You are not limited within your supply, so to speak.  Energy generates energy ... even energy that is exhausting! 

ANONYME:  I agree.  Maybe we call it fatigue, and that’s not what it is.  Sometimes maybe it’s grief, or something else that we describe as energy, or lack of energy.  Or shock — shock is instant. 

ELIAS:  All of these are identifications of creations that are expressed within a moment, but continue within a process. 

ANONYME:  But don’t those processes affect our being? 

ELIAS:  No.  They are affecting of you within your perception — they are affecting OF your perception — but they are not affecting of your being.  They are not altering of your being and they are not altering of your energy. 

ANONYME:  The perception is important, isn’t it? 

ELIAS:  Exceptionally, for as I have stated, it is the element that creates all of your reality. 

ANONYME:  So, holding positive perceptions.... 

ELIAS:  Temporarily, as a practicing in your process and movement into acceptance, yes, it may be quite beneficial; not that positive is better than negative, but it is different. 

ANONYME:  So there isn’t a better. 

ELIAS:  No. 

ANONYME:  But there is a better in terms of experience. 

ELIAS:  No. 

ANONYME:  More enjoyable, then. 

ELIAS:  Yes, you may express that one experience may be enjoyable and one experience may not be enjoyable.  This would be identified by preference, and yes, you do create preference, but one preference is not better than another.  One expression that you prefer is not better than another expression.  They are both merely expressions.  You merely prefer one.  One object is not better than another object, but you may prefer one to another. (50-second pause) 

Practice with your exercise. 

ANONYME:  Um-hmm.  Alright, I will. 

ELIAS:  You hold much to be assimilating. 


ELIAS:  You hold much to be assimilating within this present now.  Allow yourself a relaxation to be accomplishing of this, and you may engage myself futurely, if you are so choosing. 

ANONYME:  Thank you. 

ELIAS:  And I shall present my energy to you also, in helpfulness. 

ANONYME:  Thank you. 

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  I shall express my affection to you, and I shall take my leave. (Smiling) 

ANONYME:  Thank you again. 

ELIAS:  To you, au revoir. 

ANONYME:  Bye-bye. 

Elias departs at 6:22 PM. 

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©2000 Mary Ennis / Vicki Pendley. All Rights Reserved.

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