​The following transcript was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’. For a more in depth explanation please return to my home page by clicking on the HOME button at top of this page


"Dire Financial Circumstances"    "The First Step in Offering Yourself Freedom"



Excerpt from Session #1089


Thursday, May 23, 2002 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Katya
Elias arrives at 1:13 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KATYA: Good morning.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Welcome!

KATYA: Thank you.

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

KATYA: I have specific questions. I’m 30 now, and ever since I left my parents at 18, I have always created my financial circumstances to be rather dire or always one step away from sleeping in my car or living on the street, or at least that’s how I made sure it always felt, even when I made pretty good money. So, I’m starting to realize that I’m creating this, and mostly I want to stop. I want to know how, why, information so that I can stop doing that.

I’m naturally, I think, a happy person, but especially lately I’ve been so worried, thinking I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. If you could tell me what beliefs are creating it or really how I can stop doing that?

ELIAS: First of all express to myself, what do you view in what you are creating and how you generate this type of situation?

KATYA: I’m not sure, is that a question?


KATYA: How do I create it? Well, I just feel like there’s not enough money and I can never buy anything. Basically, I can’t buy clothes because I either have debt and I shouldn’t be doing it, or it just isn’t right. At the moment, I’m not sure what kind of a job to get, how to earn money, or that anyone would give me a job even though I have college education.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; what do you assess within yourself that you continue to deny yourself?

KATYA: I’m not sure. I think... I don’t know.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, within your energy expression, I may say to you that you are discounting of yourself and not allowing yourself to generate what you want for you do not trust your ability to actually create what you want.

Now; in this, you also express an influence of a belief that if you are expressing suffering, you shall be perceived by other individuals in a specific manner; but you also project your attention outwardly to an extent in which you do not allow yourself your own choices.

Now; I may express to you that this type of manifestation is quite common. Individuals are quite unfamiliar with paying attention to themselves, listening to their own communications. Even within the moments that they may allow themselves to be paying attention, the influence of the beliefs that individuals incorporate generates restrictions in which you do not allow yourselves to actually create what you want. Also, thus far, the concept of creating all of your reality and choosing those creations is not yet actually a reality, for there continues to be influences of beliefs that suggest to you that you are not creating all of your reality, that in some situations other individuals or circumstances create your reality and you are not choosing this.

I may express to you, the first step in offering yourself freedom is to be genuinely recognizing that you literally do create all of your expressions, all of your situations, all of your reality. In this, you also generate choices. Many times the choices that you generate are automatic responses and therefore are quite limited, for you are not paying attention to you.

Now; there are many beliefs that are influencing of what you have created. One concerns the belief that you acquire finances from other individuals, that you do not generate this yourself or create this yourself, but that you acquire it from other individuals. Another concerns worthiness and the value of yourself; another concerns your actual abilities to generate what you want. You also incorporate beliefs in association with what is acceptable and what is better. I may also express to you, within all of these beliefs the intertwinement of expressions of duplicity is quite strong, and in this, you do not offer yourself permission to choose and therefore you become a victim to yourself.

Now; the manner in which you may begin to allow yourself the freedom to generate what you want is to allow yourself the recognition that you do incorporate choice.

KATYA: But I think I do that... I’m not sure how.

ELIAS: At times, yes. But many times no, for you allow other individuals and situations to dictate your choices for you, rather than directing of yourself.

Choose any example of a situation in which you assess that you are not generating enough money. Offer to myself any example, and we shall examine it together.

KATYA: Well, it’s more like looking over a whole span of my grown-up life. First, I was going to college but I wasn’t making any money. Then when I graduated from college and started making very nice money, I had a husband who spent it all and put us into debt. So again, even though I was generating income, I was constantly feeling that I had no right to be spending any money because we had to pay off the debt first. Then I left my husband, and then I couldn’t spend any money because I had to pay off my debt.

Now I don’t have a job and I don’t want to be an engineer anymore, and for the life of me I can’t think of what I want to do instead. I don’t feel like I’m good at anything. I’m thinking right now of getting into real estate sales, but I’m thinking this is going to be a complete failure because I can’t imagine selling anything, and why would anybody want to give me money anyway?

ELIAS: Ah, and are you listening to what you are expressing?

KATYA: When I hear that I think, okay but how do I change it?

ELIAS: By listening to you and recognizing how often you discount yourself.

Now; I shall offer you an exercise, which I shall suggest to you that you allow yourself to incorporate this exercise each of your days for a time framework of one week, consistently. Each time you discount yourself in ANY manner, note it. Incorporate writing of each time you discount yourself and your abilities.

This exercise is quite purposeful, for it offers you the opportunity to actually notice and recognize how often you deny your choices through the action of discounting of yourself. I may express to you, in the incorporation of this exercise you shall begin to notice that this is unnecessary to be discounting of yourself, and you shall also automatically begin to open an avenue within yourself to listen to yourself and view more of your choices.

Now; this does require you to pay attention in the now to yourself and what you are expressing and what you are generating, what you are doing. In this, you may also allow yourself to begin to view how often you deny your choices in relation to the choices of other individuals. Other individuals do not create your reality, and they do not generate your choices. You may limit your choices in relation to the expressions of other individuals, but you create this for it has become very familiar. In this, you have become so very familiar with this role of being a victim that you are not even noticing that this is what you are creating. Therefore, this exercise shall be quite beneficial, if you choose to be engaging it.

Once you recognize that you are generating this type of expression - discounting of yourself, projecting your attention outwardly, and generating this role of a victim - this generates a tremendous opportunity, my friend. For how may you cease the expression of being a victim if you are not recognizing that you are generating it? Once you recognize this, you may offer yourself choices and therefore generate new freedom.

Do not concern yourself with the expectations of other individuals or establishments. Allow yourself to pay attention to what YOU are expressing inwardly and listen to yourself. Allow yourself to discover your preferences. Regardless of whether you assess that your preferences may generate income or not, merely allow yourself to familiarize you with you. For I may express to you quite genuinely, you may generate finances in association with ANY of your preferences. It matters not what they are.

It is quite interesting that within your societies and your reality in this time framework, so very many individuals hold the belief that money is so very difficult to generate. I may express to you, this physical manifestation is not a difficult manifestation to create. It is the acceptance of your ability that presents the tremendous challenge. (Pause)

You do not allow yourself what you want, for another individual has created debt and therefore you assume personal responsibility for the choices of another individual and deny yourself your choices.

You do not allow yourself the freedom to create what you want, for you project your attention outwardly to the expectations of establishments within your society and succumb to the demands that you perceive of these establishments.

You consistently deny your choices in projecting your attention outwardly to the choices and expectations of other individuals. In continuing to generate that action, my friend, how may you listen to what you want or what you are expressing to yourself in your communications to yourself?

KATYA: You’re talking and I’m thinking, but I don’t even know what I want or what I am telling myself. I have no idea! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Quite, for how may you identify what you want if you are not listening to yourself? If you are not paying attention to yourself, how may you hear your communications and objectively offer yourself information concerning what you want?

This is the point, to be paying attention to you, to quiet yourself, to allow yourself not to concern yourself with outside expressions, and allow yourself the freedom to listen to you and therefore to direct you."    Elias:

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