The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  


Q:  One of the examples I’ve used when I’ve been talking to people lately was the differences in dieting since I’ve been alive. First it was like count your calories, calories are bad, and then it’s like fat is bad, everything is low fat and no fat, and now it’s carbs are bad, it has to be low-carb. Could you kind of tell me a story or something to say how the next thing could come about?

ELIAS: As I expressed to you in that conversation, you are all quite suggestible. You incorporate this quality naturally, which does offer you some expression of less separation, but any belief may become a mass belief or a mass movement merely by its expression and whether there is a significant number of individuals that agree with its direction. This is how truths are formed, in expressing any belief and incorporating enough individuals in agreement with its expression, and thus it becomes absolute.

In this, the example of dieting is an interesting example, for it offers an avenue in which you may view how often facts change and how any of the facts that are presented are not actually true. For facts change, and they are not absolutes. In this, as one individual generates what they believe to be a new discovery concerning diet and health and weight, as masses of individuals are continuously moving in a consistent direction of questioning and following the lead of any individual that may present a new direction to be accomplishing one particular action, there is a willingness with individuals en masse to be accepting and generating agreement temporarily with any new discovery in relation to diet.

Now; it also is associated with how you view authority and which authorities you value and trust more than others. In this time framework, are you not incorporating an action of exploring another of your planets?

BEN: Yes.

ELIAS: The individuals that are engineering that action as scientists and engineers and researchers you view as valued authorities, and you trust them. You trust their movements, you trust their opinions, you trust their actions. Therefore, you generate an energy of agreement with them, which generates a mass expression. Therefore, what you create en masse is the configuration of this planet in a manner in which you want it to be — in a manner in which you believe it to be — and therefore it is.

Previously, your scientists expressed that there was no possibility of similar elements in association with that planet as to the familiar elements of your own planet — one quite significant element being water or any form of water. But in your tremendous desire to be discovering what you term to be some form of life in association with another planet, especially one that you view to be close to your own planet, you have altered the facts and altered the reality. Now the reality stands that you create this planet to be incorporating some form of a familiar element to your own planet.

Within your beliefs, the only manner in which life may be generated is if there is a certain combination of elements to generate it, for that is what is familiar to you. Therefore, you are constructing a planet now that incorporates some similar elements and that is expressed in conjunction with your beliefs en masse of how life is designed. That may and in most likelihood of potential will change futurely, for you shall expand your awareness and not confine yourself to merely what is familiar within your beliefs presently, recognize that they are not so absolute, and therefore offer yourself more leeway in what you create and perhaps discover a planet which incorporates no elements that are similar to your own and that shall generate life, as you term it to be, in some form.

It is not so dissimilar with any of your mass beliefs. They move in conjunction with your motivations, with your explorations, with your agreement or your disagreement, and with your suggestibility.

BEN: That’s an interesting image. That’s sort of abstract, in the sense where I know what you’re saying. It’s like if I were to hear on the media that there’s life on Mars, I’d be like, “Oh, great, there’s life on Mars — what’s for breakfast?” (Elias chuckles) It’s different than the idea of something that’s more affecting of me directly, like in the example of dieting.

One of the examples that I like to use is Grady’s example of walking through walls. Once they start telling me on TV that scientists now know how to walk through walls and whatever else, that anyone can walk through a wall and that kind of thing, suddenly we start to believe that we can walk through walls, instead of how it is right now, which is that we don’t.

ELIAS: Correct. In association with dieting, temporarily you believe what other individuals that you consider to be authorities have discovered, and therefore temporarily you incorporate different directions and incorporate the set methods. But the underlying expression, the reason that the methods continue to change, is that individually and en masse you are continuously striving to discover the one true method.

BEN: For me, it’s just the fact that the truth behind it is that it doesn’t make any difference what you eat, that your weight is created in a different way.

ELIAS: Ah! But this is tricky also, for that is, in a manner of speaking, the same statement as what I have expressed, that you are continuously looking for the one true method, which implies that there is one absolute true method to be incorporated in association with dieting and health. In your statement, you are also implying that there is one true expression, and in that, it denies the choice of the individual and the uniqueness of the individual, for what may be your truth may not be another individual’s truth. The point is is that you continue to move in a direction to discover the one true truth that shall apply and hold absolutely to all individuals, and that is the point, for there is no one true truth. #1503


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