​The following transcript was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’. For a more in depth explanation please return to my home page by clicking on the HOME button at top of this page





Taken from session #889


Thursday, August 23, 2001 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Leslie (Margaret)

Elias arrives at 10:49 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)


ELIAS: Good morning, Margaret!


LESLIE: (Laughing) Good morning!


ELIAS: (Chuckles) How shall we proceed?


LESLIE: Oh, I don’t know ... a couple of things. (Elias laughs) Let me ask you, am I toying with the idea of disengaging?


ELIAS: Not presently.


LESLIE: Really? (Laughs with Elias) Oh, it’s so frustrating! I need a crystal ball, Elias!


ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckling)


LESLIE: (Laughing) Sometimes this isn’t so fun! You know, isn’t it supposed to be?


ELIAS: (Laughs) It is what you create it to be! Ha ha ha ha!


LESLIE: Yes, I know, but it isn’t. You make it sound so easy!


ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckling)


LESLIE: It’s not! It’s only easy for YOU. You already know the game! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) Oh! Well, shoot. Not at the present time, huh? Not even toying with the idea? (Elias continues laughing) Gee! Gosh, I’m never right about these things, Elias! (Laughing) Remember about my guessing? I don’t know - I never guess right! What am I doing here? (Elias chuckles)


LESLIE: My dream - was the dream provided as an example of what happens when you disengage, for me?




LESLIE: It was WAY cool!


ELIAS: This in actuality is your presentment of imagery to yourself of the ease of movement.


Individuals within your physical dimension hold quite strong beliefs in association with death. One of these associations is that it is not a choice, another is that there is an incorporation of difficulty associated with death, and also that there shall be a dramatic alteration of yourself and your experience in engaging this action of death. In actuality, as you have offered to yourself within your imagery, it is merely a movement from one area of consciousness to another, which, as I have stated previously, is quite similar to physical movement that you create within your physical dimension. As you move from one physical location to another physical location, you are not necessarily altering all of your reality. You are merely moving from one location to another.


In very similar manner, the movement associated with the action or the choice of death is merely a movement, in a manner of speaking, from one location to another; but you move yourself with yourself from that one location to another. You continue to be you.


LESLIE: In the dream - it was really, really very short - but I was, my mind was like it is right this second, for instance, and just the body collapsed, and I thought, ’Oh! Like that!’ But you know what? The fun part about it was there was no regret, like I didn’t want to leave or anything else like that. It was just like you move on. (Begins laughing) Well, you know the next thing I said was, ’Elias? Where are you?’ kind of like let’s go play now! Like I’m done with that, so let’s go play!


ELIAS: Quite! It is merely...


LESLIE: But as you get older, too, you realize ... because I don’t know what I thought happened, you know, when I was younger. I don’t think I understood what ’old’ meant. I guess I still don’t, really, because your mind never gets old; nothing changes there.


ELIAS: Correct.


LESLIE: So it’s kind of a trick! (Elias laughs with Leslie) But now, people who are senile or ... is that what the bonking in and out is?


ELIAS: This is a manifestation of transition within physical focus, expressed in what you may term to be extreme.


LESLIE: So it’s a preparation for disengaging?


ELIAS: Not necessarily a preparation. It is a choice to be incorporating transition to a point, while continuing to engage physical focus.


LESLIE: Okay, but I don’t ... I’m having a hard time understanding what is the point of hanging out here if you’re going to be zoned out somewhere?


ELIAS: Individuals many times choose to be incorporating the action of transition while continuing to be occupying this physical focus, for the action of transition that they incorporate, in a manner of speaking, in imagery is less rapid, and in that movement it is expressed in more of a singularity. For as you engage the action of transition within physical focus, you continue to incorporate the design of this physical dimension and its expression, which is expressed in singularity. Therefore, it is expressed in a manner in which the attention is directed in a singularity of expression.


For example, within nonphysical expression of transition subsequent to disengagement of this physical dimension, you no longer incorporate the design of the physical dimension. Therefore, the attention is expressed in many directions simultaneously, for it is no longer adhering to the design or the blueprint of this physical dimension. Therefore, it is allowed to move in many directions simultaneously.


Many individuals choose to be incorporating the expression of what you term to be senility for it allows their attention to continue to function in association with the design of this physical dimension in singularity, but also allows them to be incorporating a type of ease into familiarity with the expression of transition.


An individual incorporating transition within physical focus and incorporating the expression of transition in the manner of senility allows themselves to be projecting their attention to other focuses or to other aspects of this particular focus; at times they incorporate an interaction with other aspects of essence that are not physically focused. But each movement that they create shall be a direction of their attention to that one expression, such as one other focus within a particular moment, or interacting with another aspect of essence in another particular moment, and they do allow themselves periodically to be turning their attention momentarily once again to THIS focus and this present now. Therefore, the attention moves easily but singularly to different experiences and different expressions of their essence.


Within the action of transition in nonphysical expression, the attention is no longer confined, so to speak, by the design of this physical dimension. Therefore all of the expressions of physical focus - beliefs, experiences and objective awareness - are being explored and addressed to simultaneously. This is what I have expressed in the analogy of placing yourself within a room and surrounding yourself with hundreds of your televisions.(1)


Now; in the action of engaging transition within physical focus, you are surrounding yourself, figuratively speaking, with these hundreds of televisions, but you are merely engaging one singularity of programming in any particular moment. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you are tuning in one television in one time framework, whereas within nonphysical transition, ALL of your televisions are engaged simultaneously. They are all on simultaneously, and all programs are being expressed simultaneously, and your attention is focused in all of them simultaneously.


Many individuals choose to be creating what they perceive to be an ease into that expression of transition by incorporating the singularity of transition within physical focus, in your terms incorporating time. They perceive this action to be prior to their movement into the simultaneousness of attention.


LESLIE: I don’t feel grounded anymore. I don’t feel any attachment anymore to anything. I don’t care whether it’s watching television, particularly ... it doesn’t matter what it is. My arts and crafts that I’ve always been into, nothing seems to be holding my attention. I keep flitting from one thing to another, and it’s making me crazy! I don’t understand what’s going on. It’s almost like I’m trying to grab onto something and I just keep whizzing by everything!


ELIAS: Many, many individuals are experiencing a very similar expression as yourself and what you are describing, for this in actuality is another aspect of movement of this shift in consciousness: moving yourselves from the familiar into the unfamiliar.


As I have expressed previously, you have moved into your new millennium and you are now inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, and in this, you are redefining all of your reality. As you engage the action of redefining your reality, you are in actuality ALTERING it, and in that alteration, your movement is also altered. Your attention is moving from the familiar into the unfamiliar, and temporarily you experience what you associate within your beliefs as a lack of balance or a lack of grounding, in your terms a scatteredness, difficulty in directing your attention in any particular singular direction. For in the action of this shift, you are, as I have stated previously, dropping the veils of separation, and in that you are also altering the direction of your attention to not be incorporating this extreme design of singularity.


The evidence or the temporary manifestation in expression that reflects your movement outside of the singularity of attention is being expressed in what you may view as a lack of grounding, a lack of balance, a scatteredness, distraction. At times, it may translate into an expression of a lack of motivation or confusion, and as you continue in this type of expression you generate frustration, for you are also attempting to force yourself and your energy into familiar expressions. But once again, the familiar does not quite fit any longer within your reality, for figuratively speaking, my friend, what you have created, in a manner of speaking, is reshaping your reality.


Therefore, the shape of your reality now is becoming round, and the familiar of your reality incorporates angles. The angles do not quite fit any longer within the round of your reality now. Therefore, as you continue to force energy and attempt to force the familiar to fit into the expression of your reality now, it does not fit, and this generates frustration within yourself.


LESLIE: Hmm. Okay then, what’s the answer to get through this with ease? Just to let go?


ELIAS: To allow yourself to flow with your natural expression of energy presently, to relax. Allow yourself permission to merely be expressing what you are expressing within the moment, without judgment and without forcing yourself into expectations of what you should or should not be expressing or creating.


In this, as you allow yourself a temporary respite, so to speak, allowing yourself to relax and not express the judgments, you may be creating much more of an ease within this time framework which is creating, in a manner of speaking, the manifestation of the emergence, the actual BIRTH of the new reality and new direction of attention.


Previously, I have expressed to you all that you were, in your linear time framework, experiencing the pangs of labor, so to speak, in the analogy of giving birth or the emergence of this shift in consciousness. Now, in the objective insertion of this shift in consciousness into your physical reality, you are, figuratively speaking, creating the actual manifestation, the actual birth or emergence of this shift. Therefore, in similar manner to physical birth within your physical dimension, you create much more of an ease in that action as you allow yourself to relax and not to be creating tension or forcing or pushing your energy. Correct?


LESLIE: Okay, so is that what all the little physical things that are going on, is my pushing?


ELIAS: Correct.


LESLIE: Ah! Okay ... so where is this going? (Laughs)


ELIAS: Into the expression and manifestation of this shift in consciousness in your individual expression and experience.


LESLIE: That didn’t tell me anything, Elias!


ELIAS: You are opening the door!


LESLIE: (Laughing) Oh lordy, lordy! I’ll have to think about all this, Elias; you realize that, don’t you? (Laughs with Elias)


ELIAS: As always! Ha ha ha!


LESLIE: You always give us homework! (Elias chuckles)

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