The following transcript was delivered by an energy personality essence known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channelling’.

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Taken from session #1789

AXEL: I understand. I would like to ask you another question. I believe that I create my reality, but I have a very, very strong belief in co-creation. This belief stops me from doing a lot of things, and I don’t offer to myself a lot of choices because of this belief of co-creation. I’m going to give you one example, and I’ll give you another one so that you can try to explain.

I’m looking for a job at the moment, and to me, the belief that I have is that someone is going to create this job and someone is going to give me this job. For example, if I go for an interview for a job, when I see this person in front of me and he is asking me questions to give me this job, I have the feeling that this person is going to create the job and this person is going to give me the job. That’s why I have to think of this to trust myself, that I have this strong belief in co-creation.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This, my friend, is not unusual. But I may express to you, this is another element of this shift in consciousness, redefining your reality and generating a clearer objective understanding of how you actually create your reality and what occurs within it. That empowers you to be creating intentionally what you want.

Now; in this, all that exists within your reality is an expression of you. You do interact with other individuals, but all that you physically view and all that is within your physical reality is a projection that you have created in translation of energies. Therefore, although you may be interacting with another individual that you perceive to be interviewing you, you are interacting with that individual’s energy, but you are creating the actual physical reality of that. In this, you create constant reflections of what you express within your energy. Other individuals reflect to you what you are projecting in energy.

Now; let me explain. This is an amazing, precise action that you all engage. There is no accident in all of your interactions. It is not a situation in which you are manipulating another individual. What actually occurs in your reality is that every individual that you present to yourself within your reality, you have specifically drawn each individual, to be reflecting. Therefore, the important element is that you be aware of what YOU are projecting. It is important that you are paying attention to YOU and acknowledging YOU and appreciating YOU, for that is the energy that you shall project. Therefore, you shall precisely draw to yourself individuals that shall accurately reflect that to you.

If you are engaged in an interaction with another individual as in this example, and you are generating this interview, the interview and the outcome of it shall be determined by you, not by the other individual. For dependent upon what type of energy you are projecting, you shall draw to yourself a specific individual to be engaging that scenario of the interview that will reflect whatever YOU are projecting. Therefore, in a moment you may be engaging an interview with one individual and perhaps the outcome shall not be favorable, in your perception. But in that moment, you drew that particular individual rather than countless other individuals, for that particular individual shall reflect what you are projecting, that being a lack of confidence or trust in yourself or perhaps a lack of appreciation.

Now; you can practice with experimenting to reinforce your trust of your ability to be actually creating your reality and to offer you validation that this is actually what occurs. The manner in which you can practice and experiment is to be expressing some genuine appreciation of yourself and viewing what type of response you receive from other individuals, if that is what you are expressing — not necessarily verbally, but genuinely acknowledging some element of appreciation of yourself. It matters not what you are appreciating concerning yourself. It matters not whether you assess it to be a small element or a large element. Regardless of what it is that you choose that you can genuinely appreciate concerning yourself, that action automatically expresses a very powerful energy which projects outwardly from you, and other individuals shall notice.

As an example, you may be in a moment genuinely acknowledging some element of appreciation of yourself — perhaps your eyes, that you genuinely appreciate the color of your eyes, and you genuinely incorporate that appreciation as a strong preference of yours. In that moment, you may encounter another individual and they may express to you that your appearance is somewhat different or that you appear more attractive in that moment or that they are noticing some difference of you but are not quite clear what the difference is, but they are noticing. This is a validation to you of the energy that you are projecting. It allows you to experiment and also generate feedback in reflection, which reinforces your trust of your ability.

If you are generating an experience such as your example, as you are interacting with the other individual, temporarily, in your terms, imagine that the other individual disappears but you continue to be interacting and you continue to be discussing, but there is no other individual any longer for you have imagined the individual to disappear. Now replace the individual with an image of yourself. Now you are conducting the interview between you and you.

AXEL: I understand; I think I understand. But there is something that I don’t understand. For example, if I go to an interview for a job, what happens if I want this job, not because I think that having this job is better than not having one, I just want to experience this job, but what happens if the interviewer doesn’t want to give me this job? Will what I experience and what he experiences in his reality be totally different?

ELIAS: That is a possibility. As I have expressed previously, at times this does occur, in which two individuals may be interacting with each other and creating two very different realities. Generally speaking, that is not what you actually create. You may create that in moments, which is not unusual, but generally speaking, in a scenario such as the one that you are presenting, you are interacting with each other’s projection of energy in the same subject, and in that interaction, you are each generating what you have drawn to yourself, as I expressed to you previously.

You may be engaging an interview concerning a particular form of employment, and you may want this employment or you may think you want this employment, but you may not be trusting of yourself and therefore projecting that type of energy and creating an outcome in which the other individual does not want to offer that particular employment to you. But the point is is that you have drawn that particular individual to you in that moment for that is the type of energy that YOU are projecting.

AXEL: I understand very well. It means that now, if I turn the attention to myself and in the now if I trust myself, the interviewers that I will draw to myself will offer jobs to me?


AXEL: Okay, I understand. I have this belief of co-creation; it was difficult for me to understand it, but now I understand. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Very well.

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