The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  

Elias' perspective on what is taking place in the United States presently -

Civil War? A Revolution? or?


Session date. May 30 2020

ELIAS: I would say to you, my friend, your country (pause)… your country is (pause)… figuratively already in the throes of a civil war. It isn’t an actual, physical civil war; it is an energetic and expressional civil war. But your country is so divided—and it has been moving more and more and more in that direction—that what I would say to you at this present time framework, you are not moving in a direction of creating an actual physical civil war, but you are creating a situation in which the energetic expression and tension in your particular country is so stretched, it is so inflamed that it will be interesting to observe what you do with it from this point forward.

This is a significant year in your country, and not that by the end of this year [2020] that you will move in one direction or another. That is unlikely, but I would say to you, realistically by the end of this year it is likely that you will move in a direction of either escalating to a significant degree, which would be very similar to pouring gasoline on a fire, or you will begin to pull out the hoses and be dousing the fire with some water. Not that it will quell it entirely, but it is possible to dampen it somewhat. I would say this is a pivotal time in your country. It is a difficult time in some countries, but your country is very volatile presently. You have been moving in this direction for approximately the past five years intensely, and it has been building and building and building on a daily basis. And in that, I would say that the racial tensions have been building considerably for approximately the past ten years. They have moved in significant directions.

But what I would say to you in that is, very similar to this mass event, this is what you do as humans. This is how you change, is you don’t generally change easily. You create significant difficulties, and you continue to do that until it is not bearable any longer. You paint yourselves into corners. And you do this throughout your world; it isn’t only your country. It simply is that your country presently is very much moving in a direction of being a powder keg.

And let me say to you that historically, you could actually express that this is something that was somewhat to be almost anticipated, and then when you add to that this shift in consciousness, you definitely have created a significant powder keg. Most countries generate revolutions approximately once every two or three hundred years, some even less time frameworks. But your country is a new country, and in that, your country has not generated a revolution since its birth, which is unusual. And in that, especially in relation to the diversity in your country, that your country was not built on indigenous people. The indigenous people were either moved out or were moved to designated small areas, and peoples from many, many, many other parts of your world then took over that land and created your country.

In other countries, the countries are generally occupied by the people that had been there for centuries, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, maybe even thousands of years. And when countries begin that are pushing out indigenous people and then building a country, it isn’t that that can’t be successful. There are countries throughout your world that have done this and that are successful, but they also have revolutions. They go through revolutions in which the people mass together to create significant changes in the government, in the manner in which the country is expressed and how the people are expressed in that country and how they integrate with each other—not in relation to races, but in relation to their cultures.

Now, in that, in YOUR country, you don’t simply have cultures, you also have many different races that your country was established with. It isn’t that there aren’t many races of people in other countries, but they weren’t all together establishing that country from the onset. But yours was. Therefore, you have a tremendous amount of diversity in your country that isn’t recognized, because a country generally wants to generate one culture that is the same. Your country doesn’t have that. And the more time that is expressed, the more people move in the direction of raising their voices and wanting to be recognized and wanting to be heard. And that is and has been creating a significant difficulty with your country.

In this, what has created a tremendous divide is… I would say that the people in your country, the divide is more so between black and white than between other races and white. Not that there hasn’t been conflict between any race and Caucasians or European descendants, let us say. There has, but the main divide in your country is black and white. And the reason that that is, is because the black and white have been in existence with each other with your country almost from its inception—not quite, but almost.

Therefore, in that, there is this almost balance of these two races, not in relation to how you interact with each other – most definitely not – but in relation to, I would say, energetically, your claim to this particular country. But in that, the difficulty has been and continues to be, to your present time framework, the very unrealistic mindset of both races. The unrealistic mindset of the Caucasian race or the white race in your country of the country belonging to them and of being (pause) somewhat superior, and the black race and the mindset of being unendingly oppressed but also incorporating a perception that the country is equally theirs.

Therefore, in this, it creates this tremendous struggle, because you have a perfect dynamic of the victim and the perpetrator. And no matter how loud the victims become, they continue to cry victim, and that fuels the perpetrators. It gives them power. It gives them the impetus to continue to BE the perpetrators. And in that, there is a continued perception of matching energy.

Now, I would say to you that you incorporated a brief moment in time, a brief moment in history, twice in the history of your country, in which you incorporated one white man and one black man at different times that championed being one, being together. And for a brief moment in your history, there was a blink of moving in that direction, but it was so brief, both times, that it was never kindled enough to become a flame. It remained only a spark.

In that, I would say that it was enough of a spark at both times to make an impact and to be remembered. But in this, I would also say that at this point, the direction of both of those individuals that moved in the direction for togetherness has now, in a manner of speaking, fueled the necessity of change and how important it is and that you cannot continue to maintain what you have maintained previously, because fear has become rampant. The perpetrators are terrified, and therefore they are fueled to more violence. The victims are terrified, and therefore they become more victims. Therefore, in this, you cannot maintain that dynamic for much longer. It is simply waiting for a spark to explode.

And in that, as I expressed, your country is actually, historically speaking, due for a revolution, and that is the direction you are moving in. And I would say, in a manner of speaking, rightfully so, because revolutions are for the people, not for the authorities. And the people in your country are finding their voice. And in that, I would say that this past five years has fueled that tremendously, tremendously. And that leaves you in the position that you are now.

And I would say to you in encouragement, generally the changes that come from revolution are—in your terminology and in your perception—good, but they are won at a high price. And in that, that is what you are generating presently.

Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that you aren’t engaging a civil war; you are. You simply aren’t doing it with guns. You are doing it in many other manners, and sometimes with guns, but you aren’t facing each other in armies. You are definitely, though, engaging each other in violent pursuits of freedom, and freedom is a state of being that generally comes at a high cost and is hard won. Not that it has to be, but generally that is how you do it as humans.

And in that, my encouragement to you is that it likely won’t last long, this civil war, because it has already been raging for years. And because you are also being fueled by this shift in consciousness, it likely won’t continue for a tremendous length of time from this point onward, but there is a considerable potential that it will be more physical than it even has been."  ELIAS:

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