The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’. 




CAROLE: Elias. Do you have any little tidbit on parallel realities? I was listening to a tape from this person, Ken Parker, who was really involved in the Seth material, and he had split off. He was leaving from the IRS, because they were after him, and he went to Mexico, and he says he knows about all of his different realities, what happened to each one of them. I've had similar experiences but it started me thinking about it, and that's where I got the tree trunk analogy too, with the final focus, which I thought was an interesting way of putting it.

But parallel realities — I have seen some realities of mine where I continued in relationships that I was in before.  I just wondered if there’s anything you can think of that you haven’t mentioned on that subject.  It’s a very interesting, intriguing subject, parallel realities; you know, choices that we didn’t make that continued on.


Now, there’s the earth that we’re familiar with, and there are, as I understand it, just at different vibrational rates — correct me if this isn’t right — other earths, but just at different vibrational rates, so there would be different dimensions, and that our parallel realities have existences in those, such as the one that the person on the bus saw of me in Italy going up the road there?


ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking.


CAROLE:  Okay.  And obviously, it’s all occurring simultaneously.


ELIAS:  Correct.  In actuality, I may express to you that we may engage an entirety of an interactive session, so to speak, merely discussing this subject! (Chuckling)


CAROLE:  Yeah, I know.  It’s a big subject, especially to open at the end of a session! (They both laugh)


ELIAS:  But in a manner of speaking, I may express to you that your association of other earths, so to speak, is correct.  There are many, many, many parallel universes, so to speak, that all occupy this space arrangement and are all very similar configurations.  In your physical viewing of them, they may appear almost identical, but the interactions may be quite different, for each is being configured, in a manner of speaking, as a type of alternate choice from this reality; this being, in your modern terminology presently, your “main frame,” and other parallel realities being those that have sprung from this reality.


CAROLE:  Is this a main frame?


ELIAS:  As to this particular physical dimension, yes.  You are not participating in your identification of an alternate reality ... although to the alternate reality, you are an alternate reality! (Chuckling)


CAROLE:  I remember being twenty years old and talking to my then sister-in-law and saying to her, “I feel like I’m not awake.  I can’t understand it.  It just feels like there’s something holding down on the top of my head that I want to burst out of, because it feels like I can’t experience everything that I know is here, and it’s driving me crazy.”  Of course, she just looked at me like I WAS crazy, but I just knew that.  It felt like if I could just take my head off, take the top of my head off and get out and push out, I would understand it all, but it felt like there was this thing that was tight, holding me in, and I really hated that feeling.  So, Elias, I really want to thank you for helping to take the top of my head off! (Laughing)


ELIAS:  HA HA!  And you continue to be expanding, my friend, in widening your awareness and allowing yourself experiences that you may now recognize as merely different aspects of your reality.  I shall express to you encouragement in your continuation in your movement, and I shall continue to be participating with you.


CAROLE:  Ah, thank you.  Thank you very much.


ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I anticipate our next meeting, and our continuation in interaction.


CAROLE:  Aye, that we will, and I will see you at the group session!


ELIAS:  Very well!  To you in tremendous affection, I express au revoir.


Elias departs at 1:07 PM.




  *The following is a question relating to someone this person has lost as in death.*


PATRECIA:  I see.  Okay, now all systems being open, is it possible for me in this reality to move sideways into a parallel universe where he is still in existence?


ELIAS:  Yes.


PATRECIA:  So that’s possible, but not likely, because I don’t know how to do that.


ELIAS:  Ah!  I am not expressing that it is not likely!  You do hold this ability and you may be creating of this type of action.


Now; I shall express to you, you shall not move into a parallel reality in that manner and continue in that parallel reality.  But you may offer yourself the opportunity to be engaging that action periodically, so to speak, in temporary expressions, and you may continue to be engaging that action in different time frameworks if you are so choosing.  You may not be moving your entirety of your attention into a parallel reality and discontinuing this reality.


PATRECIA:  I thought that’s what would happen.


ELIAS:  If you are creating that type of action, you shall disengage this reality.  But you may continue within this reality and not be disengaging, and you may allow yourself interaction with a parallel reality within different time frameworks, in like manner to your creation of your dream state.  You do not engage your dream state continuously throughout your focus, but you do create that action frequently.

PATRECIA:  What I thought happened is, if I went into a parallel state, then a person like me would come into this state to take my place.


ELIAS:  No.  What shall occur is that you shall allow yourself to move your attention, in the primary aspect of yourself, into a parallel reality, and allow yourself a limited time framework in which you engage activity and interaction in that parallel reality.


What is occurring in this reality is that another aspect of yourself shall be allowed to move into the primary position temporarily, and as you move your attention back to this reality, that aspect which is assuming the primary position of aspect shall once again move out of that position, in a manner of speaking, and you shall replace it with your existing primary aspect of you.


Now; as I have stated, you do have the ability to be moving your attention entirely into a parallel reality, but if you are engaging that action, you shall disengage from this reality, for you shall be applying all of your attention in the parallel reality.


Let me also offer to you, parallel realities — probable realities — are parallel, but they are not identical.  Therefore, the expression of an individual may be similar in a parallel reality, but it shall not be identical.  You shall immediately recognize the differences of the expression of the individual within the parallel or probable reality from that which you have known of the individual within your reality, for each expression, each manifestation, is individual and unique, and therefore not re-created into the expression of any other manifestation.


PATRECIA:  Does this happen very often, that people do that?


ELIAS:  That they are moving through different realities?  Yes!  Many individuals allow themselves to be piercing these veils, and you all hold this ability.


You have merely created a type of reality that sets these veils in place, in a manner of speaking, that you may allow yourselves the purity of your individual experiences and that you shall not threaten your individual identity in your particular reality, for as you engage other realities, you may temporarily become confused, and this threatens your individual identity within this particular reality.


This be the reason that many times individuals block this type of movement also, for they create an element of fear, that shall they be engaging this type of action, they shall not return to their focus of attention, which is incorrect.  They shall, for this is an automatic action that you create.


But that element of fear which is created is quite purposeful, to be encouraging your attention to continue to hold within your reality, and therefore not confuse yourself or threaten your identity.


But you may — as you allow yourself to become more and more familiar with yourself — you may allow yourself to freely move between different realities and interact with different realities as freely as you allow yourself to view and participate temporarily within other focuses of your essence.


PATRECIA:  So this will be easier because of the shift?


ELIAS:  Yes, quite.




Now this is kind of related.  You may have answered it already, but I was wondering, if I’m with people, like relatives of mine, who do not want to experience the shift, and I do, do they move into a parallel universe where there isn’t the shift?


ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  Some individuals may objectively express that they wish not to be participating in the action of this shift, and this is an objective expression of fear in an unfamiliarity and an automatic movement into the holding to the familiar elements of your reality.


Those individuals that genuinely choose not to be participating within the physical action of this shift in consciousness shall disengage, and as you may allow yourself to be noticing, within recent time framework of your physical dimension, many, many, many individuals have chosen to be disengaging, individually and en masse.


PATRECIA:  Yes.  So the people who are here are choosing the shift?


ELIAS:  Yes.  The individuals that choose to be disengaging are also lending energy to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness.  They are merely choosing not to be physically participating in the action within this time framework, in conjunction with many elements of trauma which are associated with this shift in consciousness. #565



JOE:  Elias, today, if it’s alright with you ... I know a lot has been written and explained by both Seth and yourself about probable selves, but I’m still in complete limbo as to probable selves.  So, if it’s alright, could we have a discussion about probable selves?

ELIAS:  Very well, and which direction would you be choosing to proceed within initially?


JOE:  Well, it’s my understanding — and correct me if I’m wrong — that probable selves originate within an individual focus.  Correct, incorrect?


ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.


JOE:  Okay.  Where and how do these probable selves branch off?  Exactly how do the alternate realities that these probable selves inhabit work in relation to this reality?  How does one keep track of the other, or how do they share information, or in what ways do they relate within an individual focus?  And from your perspective, how can you pick one self that is me from another probable self that may have branched off?  Or am I way off base?  Maybe that’s not how it works at all.  I really don’t have much of an understanding, even though there has been a lot explained by you and by others.


ELIAS:  Very well.


First of all, I shall express to you a distinction between probable realities and alternate realities.  I express this distinction for the reason that alternate realities are occurring continuously within your actual reality and your individual dimension that you occupy within this one focus.


Alternate realities are a continuous action that are occurring involving all of the different aspects of you as this one focus, which all occupy this one dimensional reality.


A probably reality holds a difference, for a probable reality and probable selves move into the position of what you may term as a parallel reality.


Now; first of all, let me also express to you that there are many more parallel realities than merely probable realities, but as we shall confine ourselves to this one subject matter of probable selves and probable realities, we shall direct our attention into this one area in this discussion, and not be involving all of the other parallel realities which are also created and within existence, in your terms.


In this, as you look to an individual focus, such as yourself, you choose within essence to be manifest as a focus of essence, a focus of attention, into one particular manifestation, one time framework, one location, one particular objective reality, and as you move through that one particular focus, you create lines of probabilities.


As I have expressed previously, as you choose to be manifest within physical reality, you enter that physical reality holding what may be termed as a pool of probabilities that you allow yourself to draw upon, and in this, there are many lines of probabilities that you allow yourself to choose from, in a manner of speaking.


This is quite figurative, for be remembering that all probabilities are created and actualized within the moment.  They are not an element or a thing that is set before you or in front of you that you choose from.  But in this, as you enter into a physical manifestation in one focus, you hold this pool of probabilities, and in this pool of probabilities, there are, as I have stated, many different lines of probabilities that you choose.


Each line of probabilities that you choose to be actualizing in this particular physical dimension and objective reality creates a specific direction, and as you choose a specific direction, you also are NOT choosing to be inserting into this objective reality many other choices, but all choices are actualized.  They are merely not all actualized in this one objective reality, for this is the manner in which you have created this particular physical reality.


Therefore, as you move through your individual focus and you create what you view as large or direction-altering choices within your focus, you also are creating, simultaneously, probable realities.


Now; these probable realities are directly related to the physical reality that you are experiencing, and they are actualizing the choices that you have chosen NOT to be inserting into your physical objective reality.  Therefore, as an example, as you choose to be actualizing one probability of engaging an intimate relationship in partnership with another individual and you choose to be moving in a direction of probabilities with that individual, you each also are creating probable realities with probable selves that are creating many, many different choices that you have NOT chosen to insert into your objective physical reality.


This creates a type of parallel dimension in which you have created another you, which shall continue and shall be creating different choices from the choices that you view that you choose, but shall appear almost identical to you.  Certain qualities of the probable self shall be different, but many of the manifestations of the probable self shall be the same as you.


In a manner of speaking, this is a type of action that you create within your physical focus which may be likened to the creation of clones.  You create a clone of yourself and insert this into a probable reality, which becomes a probable dimension or parallel dimension to the dimension that you are experiencing, and from that point, that probable self holds its own individual identity and reality.


Now; realize that to that point, prior to that point, that probable self was not a probable self yet.  It was an element of you, an aspect of you, an alternate self of you.  At the moment that you choose an alteration in your direction within your physical reality, within your focus, you also create, figuratively speaking, a type of split, and in this split, you create the movement of a particular aspect of yourself, of this individual focus, which moves away from you — or what you recognize as you — and is inserted as almost a separate entity into a parallel reality.


Now; this parallel reality parallels your reality in the existence of its past, for its past shall immediately and simultaneously be created within that moment, for it has already experienced its past, for it is you.  Its future and its present may deviate and may not necessarily continue in a parallel line, for at the moment of the choice or the figurative split, the probable self now holds its own reality and it creates its own choices, and it moves futurely within linear time framework into its own reality and shall hold its individual free will and personality and choices.


Therefore, this would be the distinction that is created between an actual parallel dimension, which is not a probable dimension, and a probable dimension holding probable reality and probable selves.


In this, the probable reality holds the ability to be moving away from a parallel line in its creations, and may be creating choices that in actuality are quite different from your choices, and in this, in like manner to yourself, it may also choose to be quite altering of its individual choices and personality expression, dependent upon its individual creations.


Are you understanding thus far? #481



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