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ARMAGEDDON? OR NOT ARMAGEDDON? - That is the question. 

Interesting that this session with Elias took place eight years ago, 2013, and appears to me to be setting the stage, so to speak, to what we have all been witnessing in just this past year or so, 2020/2021 ???


I often think that Elias sometimes, in his answers, is presented in such away to prepare us for what is coming. Also taking into account the simultaneous timeness of how past - present and future events actually operate.  I think also this session will give many a sigh of relief that we are not actually moving into a direction of creating an Armageddon. Phew!!


PAUL: Hi, Elias. This is Paneus. What I’m noticing is that around the planet—the globe—there is a lot of political frustrations in many people with governments, policies, and it seems like that has worked its way, coming up to a peak of frustration. Will there be a seminal event that will occur that will bring this frustration to a head, or will this be a matter of isolated feuding of different policies and different pockets around the globe?


ELIAS: Excellent question. I will express to you that it is not a coincidence that your arts are, as always, reflecting your times and reflecting your fears, and one of your arts is your cinema. And in that, there is great stories of apocalypse and all of the different ideas of how that will appear.


Now; in relation to your question, the reason that you generate these ideas of apocalypse is that, at this present time framework, it is very difficult for most, if any, of you to imagine how you can generate what seems to be such an enormous leap from what is familiar into what you will be accomplishing in relation to this shift in a relatively short amount of time. You are already at the end of your thirteenth year in your new millennium, and you are increasing time each year, and it appears to be very confusing and unimaginable how you will alter these tremendous structures of exchange—money, government—in such a short time framework. And in that, you imagine that the only manner that you can do that is to create some type of apocalyptic event—one enormous event—and begin again.


I will reiterate what I expressed at the onset of this forum, in your terms, many years ago. Continuing to this day, you continue to not be choosing that direction. You are not choosing the destruction of your planet or your race. In actuality, in recent time framework, in your terms in recent years, individuals are becoming more and more and more self-aware, and they are becoming more and more aware of occupying your planet and moving in directions to not be destroying it.


Presently, you are experiencing a time framework that is very similar to a birth. Significant change is difficult for you, and throughout your history, as a species, what is familiar to you is when significant change is upon the horizon, that you turn to conquering. You turn to dominance. You turn to violence, to control. These are expressions that emphasize control, and when you feel threatened collectively, and when you are uncertain collectively and individually, your automatic fallback, so to speak, is control, not trust.


In this, you are not moving in the direction, at this present time, of generating some type of apocalyptic action or event. You are not moving in a direction of involving most of your world in some tremendously violent action or tremendously destructive action. You are moving in directions of asserting control based in fear and apprehension, and that generates a discomfort, and when you are discomforting, you turn to control.


In this, what is occurring is, there are many, many, many factions, many groups, many areas throughout your planet that are expressing considerable unrest. They are afraid. They are apprehensive in relation to change. They are uncertain, and they do not know what to expect, and very similar to most of you in this present room, in your individual lives, in mass scales, collectives are experiencing very similarly. What is the next step? You have already moved in the direction that we have discussed many times in relation to not continuing in familiar expressions of plans.


Therefore, many individuals are uncertain. They do not know what the next expression is. They do not incorporate the goal. They do not know what the goal is yet. And in that, they are not even certain of the method. All that they are certain of, and all that you are certain of is that change is happening. It is imminent, and what do we do? And this is what you have been moving towards in relation to those terms that I have expressed thousands of times in trusting. Now is your genuine opportunity to exact that, and it is not only your opportunity to enact it, but you are moving yourselves in directions to offer yourself fewer and fewer choices, other than to trust, for you are clinging to the control, but the control is not accomplishing.


In your very simple terms, control is not working. It is malfunctioning. Therefore, you are placing yourselves intentionally, regardless of whether you are objectively aware of it or not, you are doing this intentionally. You are placing yourselves in positions in which you will force yourselves to trust, for that is the option of this shift. Control will not be successful with this shift, therefore, you will try and try and try and try, and what have we expressed about trying? Trying is not doing. Trying is moving in a circle and frustrating yourself. Trusting is the direction that is required, but it is very unfamiliar, even to this present time framework.


In this, I expressed previously a very simple example of allowing yourselves an example of what trust is to help you to recognize it and whether you are expressing it or not. You all express trust every day. Every day, in your lives, throughout your day, you are expressing trust. You are merely not necessarily paying attention to it as being trust. What is important is for you to use your examples of trusting yourself to become familiar with how that feels, what it is when you trust, and therefore, you can translate it into other directions.


I have expressed, previously, most individuals operate vehicles, correct? Most of you operate motor vehicles, or even if you do not, you understand how. In this, the operation of your motor vehicle is an excellent, easy example of trust. When you want to transport yourself from one location to another location, you step into your vehicle. When you step into your vehicle, you are not sitting within your vehicle for one-half hour, or an hour, or four hours, or three days analyzing how shall I engage the engine? “What action should I do now to begin the movement of my vehicle? Am I doing it the right way? Am I sitting in my vehicle wrong?” No, you step into your vehicle, you engage your keys, you place them in the ignition, you turn on your vehicle, you use the pedals, you use the wheel, and you drive. You know how to do it; you trust that you can do it, and you do it, and you do not think about it. You do it. You transport yourself from one location to another location. You understand the workings of the vehicle to the extent, not that you understand every component of the engine, or all the mechanics of this vehicle, but you understand that it goes, and that it takes you with it, and that you direct it. This machine that outweighs and out powers you physically by a considerable percentage, you direct, and you trust that you can, and you trust that you do. For many individuals, at times, you trust this action so much that there are time frameworks in which you transport yourself from one location to another and when you arrive at your location, you may actually step out of your vehicle and express to yourself, “The vehicle drove itself. I do not even remember driving.” For you trust that action. You trust yourself generating that action to a complete extent. You do not doubt yourself or how you do it.


In this, it is a matter of incorporating an action such as that or engaging your coffee maker. You do not stand in front of your coffee maker and ask it how it operates or question whether it is brewing your coffee correctly or not. You merely place the pot in and allow it to do what it does and enjoy the result. This is another action of trust. These are actions that you do on a daily basis that can offer you an example of what the feeling of trust is and what you are engaging when you are trusting. What is missing when you are trusting? What is missing? Doubt and thinking. Doubt is missing, and thinking is missing when you are trusting, for you are not analyzing; you are merely doing. This is an important factor, and it is a practical expression that you can use as an example in your daily activity to remind yourself, “Am I trusting, or am I controlling? Am I attempting to control, or am I actually trusting what I am doing?”




TERRI: Okay, so in both of those examples, there was something you could see. Even if I can’t see my car, I can generate getting from A to B. With the coffee maker, you have something you can see, and you know it’s possible to make it work because you’ve seen it work before. You’ve seen the car work before. You’ve seen people give you rides before. But, with my campground, there’s nothing I can see. There’s nothing that’s telling me that’s absolutely coming, that’s absolutely something that I can make happen because I haven’t seen it happen before. So, how do you find the trust?


ELIAS: In what you are doing now, with the coffee maker, with the vehicle, you are not anticipating engaging it, you are engaging it. You are in the now. The trust is what you are doing now. With the campground, it is a matter of recognizing, just as with your vehicle, when you engage your vehicle, you incorporate an idea, an intention of a destination. You are not there when you begin to engage the vehicle. You are at the beginning of your journey to that destination, but you are trusting what you are doing in the moment in driving that vehicle that it will move you to that destination. In very similar manner, in a plan, or an intention, when you want to create some expression, some manifestation, and you are generating an intention, “This is what I want. I want to create this job. I want to create this campground. I want to create a gallery.” It is not present physically in your reality, but it is the same action as the driving of the vehicle to reach your destination. It is a matter of paying attention and trusting what you are doing now that is moving you in that direction towards your destination.


TERRI: I feel that I’ve been doing that more and more, but it’s challenging when so many moments pass. It’s been over a year, and it just doesn’t seem any closer than it is. I do...I’m still just as excited about it. And I still hold onto the trust that I’m creating it, but it’s very challenging when you can’t see anything. You know, even if your car is not working, you can see it there, and you know that it’s going to get you there. You’re going to get it fixed or you are going to call somebody. But I just don’t know—


ELIAS: These are all the actions that you engage just as you engage the action of driving. You are in the moment. You are in the present. You are in the—


TERRI: And I feel like I’ve really been doing that, so why is it still so invisible?


ELIAS: I would express that perhaps it merely seems invisible to you for that is your present perception. I would express that it may be closer than you actually see that, but perception is also a very significant part of any subject, for your perception is what creates what is occurring. Remember in some manifestations that you want to create, for most individuals, their process involves addressing to different aspects of themselves to accomplish this, just as you and I have discussed previously. In that, it is a process. #3194


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