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ALZHEIMER'S  (part one)

Taken from session # 307


SALLY:  I think that the most troublesome relationship that I have in my life is with my mother.  All my life I’ve had this difficult relationship with my mother.  Presently she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and all the personality traits that I feared as a child and disliked in her so much are now twice as intensive, and that troubles me very much because I always feel off-balance in my relationship with her. 


ELIAS:  And this offers you the opportunity to be viewing this aspect of relationship and examining your participation in alignment with the belief system, and offers you the opportunity to be more accepting of this situation as you offer yourself more information as to what is occurring within this situation and how you view this situation in relation to the belief system.  This offers the situation of what you term in physical focus to be an aspect of illness within relationship. 

Now; I shall express to you that this is NOT an illness.  It is held within belief systems within your societies — some of your societies — as an illness or a dis-ease or a dysfunctioning of individuals.  In actuality, what is being created by the individual is a moving into the action of transition within physical focus fully.  In this, the individual experiences, within physical focus, simultaneous time. 

     Therefore, to YOUR objective viewing and lack of understanding, you witness a bouncing of the individual’s consciousness in objective awareness.  The appearance is a lack of coherency, a lack of understanding of objective reality, for there seems to be a lack of focus within the individual.  In actuality, what the individual has created is a choice to be engaging the action of transition BEFORE disengaging from physical focus. 

     Each individual disengaging from physical focus automatically moves into an area of consciousness, which I have expressed to be that of Regional Area 3, which is designated for an action that we term to be transition.  In this, the action is a re-acclimation to simultaneous time, for within consciousness non-physically focused, there is no linear time framework. 

     Therefore, although this be familiar to you within essence, as you choose to focus within any particular physical dimension, you also choose and agree to be experiencing within the creation of that particular dimension. 

Within THIS dimension, you have created linear time within a specific movement.  In this, you also choose to be focusing your attention quite singularly, that you may experience the fullness of this particular creation within this dimension.  Therefore, you choose to not hold the remembrance while participating within an individual physical focus. 

     As you move into non-physical focus by disengaging physical focus, you enter into an action which is termed to be transition.  In this action of transition, you shed the belief systems that you have held within the physical focus and you engage the remembrance of simultaneous time.  You also engage the remembrance of essence.  In this action you present yourselves with all of your focuses simultaneously, that you may view them all, and this offers you the remembrance of essence; the REALITY of essence, not merely the concept. 

     Therefore, you are participating in all time frameworks simultaneously, but within physical focus you remain within the reality of linear time physically.  Therefore, although your consciousness is participating in many different time frameworks simultaneously, objectively what is expressed outwardly seems to other individuals to be gibberish, for the individual is expressing thoughts and experiences of many different time frameworks simultaneously.  Therefore, within one statement may be several different actions.  To your viewing — outside, so to speak — this seems to be quite confused, and nonsense.  To the individual expressing, it is all quite sensical, for they are not merely viewing different time frameworks, but are participating within different time frameworks. 

     The beginnings of the full throttle, so to speak, of this action address[es] to the individual focus, the present individual focus in which the individual’s attention is focused.  Therefore, they shall be experiencing all of the time frameworks within this one particular focus simultaneously.  To your objective viewing, at one moment they are addressing to you as though you be a child.  Within the next moment, they address to you as you are within your present objective awareness now.  Within the next moment, they are participating in a conversation with you that you held the age of twenty years previous.  They are not merely recalling all of these experiences, but participating within all of these experiences simultaneously.  Therefore, they view the reality of all of the aspects of you before them, and interact with all of these aspects simultaneously. 

     I have stated previously, you are much more multi-dimensional than you view yourselves to be.  You look to yourselves; you view one physical form, one solid body.  You are much more than this one form, for each and every experience and age that you have created within this physical focus exists simultaneous with you presently, and continues.  You merely focus your attention very singularly.  Therefore, you view one body, one singular thought process, one you.  But you are much more than one you, for each moment does not disappear.  It is continuous.  Just as you have not begun and shall not end, each moment has not begun and shall not end, for this is the nature of consciousness.  It is only your perception within this dimension that creates the camouflage of a progression of successive moments.  In actuality, all moments are now, and there is no other but now.  There is no future; there is no past.  All is present. 

     Individuals engaging transition participate in an objective awareness of this simultaneousness of time.  Therefore, you view them as quite confusing, but they do not view themselves as quite confusing UNTIL they are confronted with the onslaught and the strength of the energy of the belief system concerning their behavior and choice.  And in this, as the judgment is created that the behavior is unacceptable, the energy is projected and the individual questions themselves and creates in like kind a judgment upon themselves, for they accept the belief system which is projected to them, in alignment with it.  Therefore, they reinforce their own belief systems of duplicity, for energy is also projected to them that their behavior is unacceptable and that their choice in engaging their creation within physical focus is unacceptable. 

     In this, you offer yourself, in the area of this aspect of relationship, the opportunity to examine this energy and this aspect of relationship, recalling other aspects that move in conjunction with this aspect, for you have held other aspects of the belief system of relationship in what you view to be acceptable and unacceptable and what you view to be right and adequate, as the presentment of the parents’ relationship with respect to the child. 

     Therefore, in this viewing of the aspects of the relationship of your parents, do not merely focus upon the confusion that you view presently — although this be a fascinating creation to be viewing — but also allow yourself to be viewing other aspects of this relationship that have moved you in their influence into the area of creating a judgment upon other individuals’ choices, and this shall be helpful to you in allowing you the movement more into the area of acceptance.  And the point of acceptance is that you shall eliminate your own conflict and allow yourself the freedom of joyfulness, and not hold to your own conflict and confusion.  I wager to express to you that your mother experiences far less conflict within her choice of expression than you experience in the viewing of expression! 

     I shall express that there IS held confusion, for within physical focus it is unfamiliar to be moving into the direction of transition and simultaneous time, although this becomes acclimated to quite quickly in this particular choice of manifestation.  But temporarily, there is an element of confusion, but not quite the conflict that individuals create around her!  (Grinning) 


SALLY:  Interesting! 

ELIAS:  And the point is to be addressing to your OWN conflict, and eliminating of that! 


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