The following information was delivered by a essence/spirit personality known as Elias, who is no longer living but who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  To read many other interesting Topics/Transcripts click on the 'Elias Sessions/Transcripts' link at the top of this page. 



Elias: Every aspect of your reality, no matter what it is, is a reflection to you, of some energy that YOU have projected. Whatever you see, whatever you engage in your reality, you have already projected an energy that created that in your reality. And from that reflection, what you see in your reality, you either react to it or recognize it as a reflection, and you also also recognize that you have choices, regardless of what it is. Every aspect of your reality, all around you, including other individuals, are all reflections. Not mirrors, but reflections of what YOUR energy IS and has already been expressed.

Jason: A few weeks ago I was trying to pay attention to my energy on a more continuous basis, and I really had a lot of synchronicity--I noticed a lot of synchronicity that occurred, and I’ve also noticed that generally my mood improves. Are you able to sense whether I am being correct in my impressions here or if I am misreading.

Elias: You are. Yes you are, most definitely my friend. I would express that when you are paying attention to your energy, when you are paying attention to what you are projecting by paying attention to what you are doing, it allows you the freedom to actually generate what you want, and not only that, but you can actually see, you can physically witness and observe how your projection of energy draws to you what you want, for it draws to you what matches it. And even if you draw to you what you do not want, you can see that also by paying attention to what type of energy you are projecting--that it will seek what matches it! And this is what you view as synchronicity. It is a very natural, automatic action, and it occurs continuously every moment of your existence. You are always projecting energy outward, and it is always seeking what will match it, and in that, as I have expressed many times, energy is not concerned with good, bad, right, wrong, comfortable, or uncomfortable. It only seeks what matches it. Therefore, it is you that creates the intention that motivates it in relation to what you want or what you do not want, for energy itself is not concerned with those factors. It only is concerned with what will match it. Therefore, you have the choice of how to manipulate that to project that energy, that it will seek out what matches it in a manner that you want, or in a manner that is satisfying to you.

Jason: How does this relate to what you talk about as presence?

Elias: In what capacity of presence?

Jason: Well, in the past you have talked about most people not even noticing that they are present, or presence, or that there I drawing a distinction where there isn’t any?


Elias: It is a factor, for in that, when you are genuinely paying attention to what you are doing and you are genuinely paying attention to what you are projecting, you are being present, but there is another aspect of presence, of being present, in the genuine recognition of your existence, that you are not merely moving through this reality, or that reality does not merely occur around you. You are actually a physical presence in it, and you are actually moving it and manipulating it. It is a matter of recognition of your own existence and how interconnected that existence is, rather than merely viewing reality as an action that is occurring all around you, but that you exist in that and you are actually manipulating it, and you are interconnected with all of it. Every aspect of reality that you engage in any form, in any capacity, you have drawn that to yourself--you have chosen that, that it is not an accident. It is not merely randomly occurring around you. 


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