The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) And who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  View video of Elias introducing himself at,



DEB: Well, I have a lot of questions then! How about Jesus? Was he just a part of our belief systems? Or what about the devil?

ELIAS: Jesus was a physically focused essence. This is not only a belief; he was of true existence. A devil was not! (Laughter)

CHRIS: So that means if we are physically focused, we can do as Jesus did with miracles?

ELIAS: You already possess this ability. There is no difference of essences.

JULIE: Is the bible fiction, or ... ?

ELIAS: There are ... Excuse me. This will upset many beliefs. Do you believe you are ready to accept truth? (Looking at each person, as each of us acknowledges)

BILL: Well ... (Laughter)

ELIAS: The bible is a compilation of books written by essences in a physical focus. In regards to its truth, as opposed to not truth, it is a story. It was a magnificent accomplishment of the collective imagination; a tremendous tribute to your creating essences.

CHRIS: So if we were to truly believe that we can do or get anything we want, then that would be a shift?

ELIAS: Yes; but this is much more complicated than you realize. You may think you believe something, when in reality, there is hiding a conflicting belief. To materialize things, you must believe them with no doubt.


CHRIS: Is that what Jesus did?

ELIAS: To an extent. He was a great teacher. He did not physically accomplish all things that he is reported to have done, but the beliefs collectively, of the people of that time, were of such strength that it did not matter whether he physically accomplished a thing or not. They created the reality for him. In another sense, he did possess the ability to create whatever he wanted, in your terms, and he did just that, by manipulating mass belief systems. In teaching truth, he did accomplish everything he wanted. Is this clear? (Pause, as we all nod)

Theoretically, if you wished to walk through a wall, you could accomplish this, if your beliefs had no conflict. In reality, your wall is no more solid than your air! #7

ELIAS: You will find, as I have stated, that there are quite a few “truthfulness” elements in many of your religious focuses. We have not expressed in depth, to this present moment, ideas and concepts of individuals such as Jesus or Buddha or other essences, but I will express that the message that they were expressing contained more truth than you realize. It has been quite distorted. Also, elements of these individual’s physical lives, as you would term them, have been quite distorted through religious information; but as I have also expressed, this was quite purposefully done. It was an imaginative creation of your collective consciousness designed to give you an explanation of separation, and I will also express that this was quite beautifully and artfully accomplished. #25


Q: I had a perception that Jesus was only a channel, and God was the essence that was channeling through him. Lawrence seems to think that the only reason that I’d bring that up is because of a belief system that … We never really connected on our thoughts, but I wanted to ask you about that particular thing, just to see if you had any input. 

ELIAS: I will discuss this issue with you further, and you will be understanding of my meaning, but I will give you now a very simplistic answer. First of all, there is no “god” in which you think of this, this being only a belief system.

RON: I understand that.

ELIAS: As to the issue of the individual of Jesus being engaged in the phenomenon of channeling, I will express to you that he was not incorporating this phenomenon. This was an individual who was very connected with essence. This individual incorporated some, but very few, separations. In this he was enabled, through essence, to be speaking to the masses without the aid of another essence. This individual was actually physically focused from one essence into three physically focused individuals within the same time period; for this one essence, physically focusing, could not manifest within only one physical form and incorporate all that he was needing to deliver. This had been stated previously by others besides myself, this being a truth. This essence was what you might term as chosen, through collective agreement, to be representative of a new age, which was to incorporate your time and focus until your shift; this task being too great for only one individual to accomplish in physical focus. Therefore, it was divided into three physical manifestations, which delivered the concept and artful creation of Christianity. Is this helpful?

RON: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Who were the other physical manifestations?

ELIAS: One being Saul, one being John; one preceding, one coming after, all within the same time period. Connection with the center focus of Jesus, as you know him, was made only with John within physical focus, but connection was also made with Saul, in initiating the new focus and awakening the mission, so to speak; these all being manifestations of one essence, and all incorporating one ultimate personality. (Long pause) #35

NORM: There was a prediction. The third part of Jesus Christ supposedly has been born on this earth. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: The third focus of the one essence which focused three manifestations to be accomplishing of a shift, so to speak, unlike this shift in consciousness, moving into your religious focus, was already manifest. All three have been manifest within the same time period, in your terms of time.

It has been stated that this manifestation shall remanifest within the element of your shift. As to this manifestation, I shall offer a partial yes; #140

DALE:  Well, I have kind of a follow-up for that one too.  Recently I read a book by Jeff Stern about Taylor Caldwell, and under hypnosis, she said that during the stoning of Mary Magdalene, Jesus said, “Let him who had not lain with this woman throw the first stone.”  If this is true, there was no implication of man as a sinful self.  Is that true?  I mean, was that a distortion?


ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Ah, you incorporate two different subject matters within this questioning!  First of all, in the direction of the truth of the statement as an expression of actual occurrence, I shall express to you that this is a story.


DALE:  Oh, okay.  I get that.


ELIAS:  As to the concept in your reference, there is no sinful self.  This is a belief.  This is a religious belief that stems from the idea of the projection of a mirror image of self, which has created a separate being of God, which resides outside of yourself and holds all of the power that you do not hold, and also holds the judgment that you DO hold.  This is a projection concept which mirrors what you know subjectively, but what you do not allow yourself to remember objectively.  Therefore, you create this projection.


You project yourself into the image of this god, and you attribute to this god all that you know within your subjective awareness, that this god holds all of these abilities.  But you also project what you know objectively, and you attribute your objective qualities to this entity that you have created.


In actuality, this is merely a projection, a concept of yourselves, as you have created this separation of objective and subjective awarenesses.  It is, as all other belief systems, another explanation to yourselves of that which you have forgotten.


DALE:  So that’s why it seemed so relevant to me?  Actually, I want to make sure that I’m getting this correctly.  The reason why this seemed so relevant to me is because I was ... not because.  I am projecting subjectively what I know, but also objectifying it in my belief systems too?


ELIAS:  Correct.


DALE:  Okay.


ELIAS:  You are correct.


DALE:  It was very relevant to me!


ELIAS:  These are very strong aspects of belief systems that you hold, in expressing to yourselves this element of duplicity: that you hold this aspect of self that is glorious, but you also hold this very distasteful element of self, this base instinct which is quite lowly and an aspect of self that must be attended to, to be eliminated.  This be the sinful self, and this....


DALE:  That doesn’t get rid of it ...




DALE:  ... right?  It’s accepting it instead of....


ELIAS:  Your attention in this direction merely is perpetuating! (Pause, staring at Dale)


Each time that you are placing a judgment upon yourself in ANY area, you are perpetuating the belief system of duplicity, and you are reinforcing your own strength in energy in holding to this belief system.  You are not accepting of this belief system. (Pause)


DALE:  Isn’t even rejecting it giving it power too?


ELIAS:  Absolutely, for you are continuing to be creating of a judgment.


DALE:  So is it more like acknowledging, and then letting go?


ELIAS:  Quite, recognizing that this is a belief system, that you hold choices within this belief system, that you are not eliminating this belief system but that you are placing no judgment upon this belief system or its expressions.  You may continue to create within the belief system, and you SHALL continue to create within the belief system, for you create your reality within this dimension with belief systems!


I have expressed over and over again, you shall not be eliminating your belief systems!  This dimension that you have created within a physical focus is based in your belief systems.  It is an intricate element of your physical manifestation within this particular dimension.  It has been created purposefully.  If you are eliminating of your belief systems, you are also eliminating of this particular physical dimension expression!  Therefore, this is not the point.


Your belief systems within themselves are not bad or good.  They merely are.  They are your own explanations.  They are influencing of your perception, and your perception is your tool that you use to be creating of your reality within this dimension. #331

JOANNE:  When I was younger, I think I was about nine or ten years old, I know I was in touch with my essence.  Now I know what that feeling was that was going on, when I would wake up in the morning and feel that energy.  I didn’t know what it was at the time.  But there was one particular time when I woke up and I saw Jesus.  I was very religious when I was little.  I very much believed in God and Jesus.  And I know I woke up one morning and he was there, and I was really happy, and I just rolled over and went back to sleep, and I just knew that we had had this conversation about things, and things to come, and everything was just wonderful, and I’ve always kind of wondered what that was all about.

ELIAS:  In relation to your beliefs in that time framework, you presented yourself with a viewing of your own expression of divinity, and in this, you image this in the form that you associate with this religious figure.

JOANNE:  That makes a lot of sense, because I wouldn’t have thought that was me that was so divine at that particular time! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Correct. (Laughing)  Therefore, you offer the presentment in relation to your beliefs.

JOANNE:  Right.  I picked the one person I knew was really divine!

ELIAS:  Quite! (Laughing) #730

Howard:  Wendy has engaged me in a discussion about Judas. I told her that it was my impression, my understanding that Judas did not exist, but was invented for the story. She responded by saying that Seth said that Judas was ... well ... In her words, “I remember this part when Seth was talking about how Jesus didn’t get crucified and he said that Judas was in the know and that he kissed the look-alike to point the soldiers to the wrong guy. So in that sense he was a more enlightened disciple.”

And I guess I’d like to know ... there’s also a book coming out regarding Judas’ writings, that was discovered recently and translated. I’d like to know whether Judas himself did actually exist?


HOWARD: Where did I get the idea that he was made up?

ELIAS: Many of the stories concerning this individual did not actually occur in the manner that they are expressed, but that holds also in regard to the individual of Jesus.


ELIAS: They existed and participated with each other and other individuals, but most of what you know of these individuals or the followers of Jesus or the occurrences associated with him or with any of his disciples, so to speak, are for the most part, stories. They have been expressed to create a basis for a philosophy and to create a new direction in the religious era.

HOWARD: Yes. Well there’s an image I have in my head of looking across a kind of a chasm at what I would take as the character Judas, either tied to a tree or hung from a tree, a dead tree actually. Is that an accurate image?


HOWARD: And it was soon after the so-called crucifixion also.

ELIAS: Correct.

HOWARD: That wouldn’t ... Judas wouldn’t be me would he?

ELIAS: No ... but you do incorporate counterpart action.

HOWARD: Yeah. I see him and it’s not quiet like out of body experience or anything. Apparently I witnessed it.


HOWARD: OK. Did he hang himself? He wasn’t hung by others, but did he actually hang himself?


HOWARD: OK. (pause) #1984

JIM: A quick question about religion, Elias. After reading (inaudible), and I see the growing fundamentalist beliefs in Islam and Christianity as the last throes of this. I’ve been hearing a very popular televangelist named Joel Osteen, who is probably the most popular televangelist in the country right now. His entire message seems to be more New Age and the kind of material that you create your own reality. He uses God and Jesus and the Bible to do it, but his whole method seems to be virtually one with what we believe here today, and he’s becoming more and more popular. Is his attraction to the masses the beginning of a time of recognition, that people are starting to recognize and are attracted to?

ELIAS: Yes. I would express that this shift is not an action to undermine religions. In this, it is not a matter that they will be extinguished. They will, and are, changing, but it is not a matter that they will become extinct. They will merely change, and they already are.

In this, many individuals are more comfortable with offering themselves information concerning shifting in familiar manners, in familiar expressions. Therefore, that may be a significant appeal to many individuals. It does not invalidate the information. Whether you express a belief that there is an outside God or you believe that you are God, you can engage the concepts the same. You can empower yourself the same, and you can shift.

JIM: It seems to me he talks in terms of an outside God, but mostly it’s about you empower yourself, that you are the one to change. (Inaudible) The message, the theme for his Christian followers, is seeping through that you create your own reality, and even though he speaks of an outside God, he still speaks of you as God.


JIM: The reason he has massive appeal is that he’s preaching about us shifting...


JIM: ...but he’s using Christian religion in a way to aim at the masses and make them responsive.

ELIAS: Yes. Individuals throughout your world will be shifting, ARE shifting. They will offer themselves information in many diverse manners, but they are shifting, regardless of how they present information to themselves. #2377

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