The following information was delivered by an essence/spirit personality known as Elias, (no longer focused in physical dimensional realities) who delivers the information via an energy exchange with a woman named Mary Ennis, or what is more commonly known as ‘channeling’.  View video of Elias introducing himself, and the Shift at,

"You project a physical form that incorporates physical functions in keeping with your physical reality. But essentially, the uniqueness of you and what is you as being the observer which creates the physical reality, that element of you is not physical. That is not what your sciences attribute as the observer, as the brain. That is not what the observer is; YOU are the observer.

All that you manifest in function of your physical body consciousness is being directed and created by you. You, that essence of you, is the observer and is not physical, and is not actually even an entity; it is an action". :Elias


(One of my favourite session)


More to come,.....


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